General orders

  1. Is authorized to make temporary transfers of personal on their shift for up to 30 days duration
    Batalion Cheif
  2. Information bulletins must be posted for how long
    30 days
  3. Who can override a dispatches order
    Batalion Cheif or officer that is on scene
  4. How many hours of shift or available for a member development
    12 hours
  5. The hours of duty of all members will be regulated by who
    Chief of the department
  6. Members who feel they have been discriminated against because of race color religion sex or age my follow the grievance procedure report their concern directly to the fire chief bypassing the chain of command or take the grievance directly to the equal employment officer of the city
  7. Who can approve a ride out
    Far chief
  8. Visitor Will not be allowed to stay past blank hours
  9. Off-duty members will not remain at Fire Station’s or sleep at stations without the
    On duty officer’s approval
  10. Minimal staffing is how many people
  11. The combine staffing at station five and six will not fall below a level of blank personnel
    10 personnel
  12. There must be at least blank hazmat personnel between station six and five
    Seven personnel
  13. There must be blank hazmat personnel at station six
  14. Level one Hazmat what units you get
    First due engine and squad five
  15. Hazmat with Fire. you get a box alarm engine five engine six fills in station five if not first due
  16. Level two hazmat
    First due engine squad five engine 5 63 battalion one amr engine six to fill-in at Station five if not first due
  17. Level three hazmat
    Any additional units will be special called by the request of the Ic
  18. If a brush unit is special called the engine company will remain in service with as few as blank members
  19. Transfer request will be determined in the following order
    Seniority and rank dance and you writy on the department
  20. If a member refuses a transfer request assignment the member will be removed from the list and will not be able to to submit a transfer request for a blank months
    Six months
  21. Any member being transferred will be told
    Told in person
  22. The head of the fire department may suspend a fire fighter for violation of civil service rule for a period Not to exceed blank days
    15 calendar days
  23. Oral counseling can be given for minor offenses occurring up to how many times
    One to three times
  24. The supervisor will forward a memo to the Batalion Cheif outlined the details of oral counseling the memo will service proof of counseling and will be maintained by the Batalion Cheif for a period of blank
    One year
  25. What is a P7
    Disciplinary counseling
  26. Where do the four copies of a disciplinary counseling go
    The original will be signed by the supervisor and the member and the member will keep the original copy One copy will be kept by the supervisor one by the chief of the department and one copy will be forwarded to human resource director
  27. First level of official disciplinary action and therefore can be appealed
    Letter of reprimand
  28. How long do you have to appeal a letter of reprimand
    Five business days from the receipt of reprimand
  29. Two an appeal a letter of reprimand it must be submitted in what
  30. An expression of dissatisfaction by a person with our performance lack of performance or the conduct of members
  31. A question asked regarding our performance service or conduct as a department
  32. complaint against a member that is put in writing with a specific allegation regarding performance or conduct signed by a person as a complaint
    personal complaint
  33. Personal compliance will not be excepted more than blank days after the alleged incident
    30 days
  34. Willfully falsifying an official city document in the form of a statement to the chief of the department is grounds for what
    Indefinite suspension
  35. Warning or statement of accuse members rights and members obligation to answer questions during administrative investigation
    Garrity warning
  36. Division heads will submit budget request to the fire chief by no later than
    February 15
  37. Battalion three functions under the direction of
    Chi for the department
  38. Ride out should be limited to a shift of no longer than blank hours unless permission is granted by the fire chief or deputy chief
    12 hours
  39. Vacation will be scheduled by who and we done by when
    Batalion Cheif prior to September 15
  40. Leave will not be accumulated and carried over from year to year except with approval of who
    Chief of the department
  41. Under no circumstances will a message taker have a call for more than blank sa seconds after answering the telephone until it calls past to the fire dispatch
    45 seconds
  42. The battalion chief and safety and training Coronator will automatically be dispatch when more than blank fire units are assigned
  43. Arson investigators will wear a minimum of
    Bunker coat boots helmet and gloves
  44. How tall must leather boots be for wildland
    8 inches
  45. What must be worn when operating in an aerial platform
    Class two harness
  46. All members are to check what each morning
  47. When proceeding against a red light or stop signal driver show slowed vehicle to blank miles an hour
    15 miles an hour
  48. When turning corners driver shall not exceed blank miles an hour
    15 miles an hour
  49. If DISPATCH tells you that your fires report out you shall proceed to location how
    Code 1
  50. Companies responding to automatic fire alarms who were advised by the dispatch we have been advised this is a malfunction or test the system shall continue how
    Code 1
  51. When two or more companies proceed on the same street to an emergency they shall be at single file at least blank apart
    150 feet
  52. Apparatuses that are not pumping Or otherwise needed in the operation should be parked towel
    Out of the way with the engine turned off
  53. Who investates all major and minor accidents involving fire department equipment
    The safety and training Chief
  54. Shall be notified of all accidents but only respond to major accidents unless requested by the officer in charge of the accident scene
    Deputy chief
  55. The driver of a fire department vehicle involved in a traffic accident shall submit a city of Wichita Falls form blank through the chain of command
    P 39
  56. The fire department will not reset or silence for make an attempt to repair or disable any fire alarm system
  57. How long should you remain on scene of a fire alarm if you can’t get into the building
    15 minutes
  58. Confined space is defined as
    Space large enough for person to enter space not designed for continuous employee occupancy and area with limited entry and egress
  59. During confined space operation atmospheric motoring Shall be done continuously and recording Shall be communicated to rescue sector at least every blank minutes
    Five minutes
  60. Can find space PPE shall include helmet gloves proper footwear goggles turn out or other approved PPE in a class three harness at a minimum
  61. A command team for a structure collapse should include a minimum of a
    Chief officer technical advisor and safety officer
  62. Remove all non-essential civilian personnel at least blank feet away from hazards zone perimeter
    150 feet
  63. To be considered a trench during trench rescue it has to be how deep
    4 feet
  64. Apparatus shall remain blank feet away from the location of a trench failure
    50 feet
  65. Level one staging should take place at least blank feet from the trench failure
    150 feet
  66. Shut down all heavy equipment operating within blank feet of a collapse
    300 feet
  67. Reroute all nonessential traffic at least blank feet from a trench collapse
    300 feet
  68. There should be at least two ladders placed in the trench no more than blank feet apart
    50 feet
  69. Water rescue team members will it receive a minimum of blank hours of CE every year
    16 hours
  70. What are the three domains of water rescue
    Highwater open water and swift water
  71. A personal flotation device will be worn by each member coming within blank feet of the edge of the water
    10 feet
  72. Fire helmets will not be used for water rescue
  73. fire department personnel operating from watercraft should enter the water only as a last resort
  74. Fire pumps and piping should not be drained unless ordered to do so by whom in cold weather
    Batalion Cheif or fire department mechanic
  75. Tar chains will be checked by win
    November 1
  76. Broken tire chains will immediately be reported to the
  77. The second arriving unit on a code 10 will establish a commands post outside the structure or location at a safe distance
    300 feet
  78. If a time of death nation was given vacate area blank minutes before that time if possible and no less than blank minutes
    30 minutes 15 minutes
  79. The fire apartment will not declare an area safe even though no explosive material or device was found during the search
  80. At any working commercial structure fire electric provider will be notified immediately
  81. Electric meters that have been pulled need to be brought where
  82. What radio channel will be used for entry team is working in the hot zone while wearing proper hazmat PPE
    8 call 90 D
  83. What are the components of a strong ICS
    Effective tactics workable plan and safety
  84. There are two reasons to create branches in the ICS system
    To solve span of control issues and provide better supervision to highly technical activities
  85. Primary mission of the fire department
  86. What size should an exposure line be
    No less than an inch and three-quarter
  87. And exposure line should not be moved unless order to do so by whom
    Incident command
  88. Upon receipt of a Mayday instant command should what
    Order an extra alarm signal 1:03 atleast and designate a staging area and staging area manager
  89. If a company has not been accounted for in at least blank minutes while on air a par will be requested for that company
    15 minutes
  90. Command will try to raise the missing company blank times by radio and if no answer will call a Mayday
    Three times
  91. Knox box Key Shall be located where
    Oh further than 6 feet laterally from the door
  92. Knox boxes shall not be mounted blank feet higher or lower than above the ground
    5 feet higher or 2 feet lower
  93. Missing master keys were reported to the
    Immediate supervisor and the supervisor shall notify the on-duty Batalion Cheif and Fir Marshall division
  94. The fire marshals division is required by the state statute to investigate all fires for cause and origin where there is blank or more dollars in damage
  95. Juveniles are considered legal adult under the following circumstances
    They are legally married they are active member of the military they are pregnant they are legally emancipated from their parents
  96. What forms do you feel out for an exposure
    P 40 and 17 – a
  97. The department safety officer should be contact as soon as possible after an exposure how long
    Within three hours
  98. All request to attend any outside training shall be done and written on their crest for training form they must be turned in no later than blank to the Batalion Cheif
    14 days
  99. One instructor to each functional crew not to exceed blank students
  100. Hey NFPA 1403 pre-burn plan will be filled out for every evolution
  101. There will be no more than blank consecutive evolution start cooling down the burn room
  102. No vehicles she’ll be allowed within blank seat of the building during live fire training
    15 feet
  103. Temperature shall not exceed blank degrees at the highest sensor
  104. NFPA 1971
    Structural firefighting PPE
  105. NFPA 1977
    Wildland PPE
  106. If you were in within blank feet of a waterline you should be wearing a pfd
    10 feet
  107. Advance inspections on PPE Shall be performed by a certified technician and shall be conducted at a minimum
    12 months
  108. How many advance cleanings in a 12 month period for PPE
  109. All damaged PPE will be properly documented and submitted to the
    On duty safety officer
  110. Burnt or melted portions of reflective marking should not exceed blank of the total area of reflective markings
  111. Hydrostatic test date on composite bottle
    Three years
  112. For 100 foot sections of 5 inch hose number shall be located where
    5 feet from each coupling at midsection on both sides
  113. 5 inch hose 50 feet and shorter it shall be marked
    3 feet from each coupling on both sides
  114. New hose taken to a station to replace other hose shall be properly marked and placed in-service within blank calendar days
    Six calendar days
  115. Complete host in Shelby accomplish four times per calendar year once during the months of
    March June September December
  116. An inch will be put back and service as soon as how many feet are 5 inch has been reloaded
    700 feet
  117. Engine companies will not be reported back in service until they have at least what
    700’5” a high-rise pack and at least two cross lays or pre-connects
  118. Who maintains a true and accurate record of all hose in appliances
    Deputy chief
  119. Booster hose test pressure
    250 psi
  120. Inch and a half an inch and three-quarter test pressure
    300 psi
  121. 2 1/2 inch 3 inch hose test pressure
    250 psi
  122. 5 inch test pressure
    200 psi
  123. Soft suction test pressure
    200 psi
  124. The pressure shall be raised slowly when testing hoes no more than blank PSI per second
    15 psi
  125. Halyardsare made of what kind of rope
    3/8 number one grade manila
  126. Life safety rope is in white color bag
    Red or Orange
  127. Annual rope inspection of all ropes but will be performed by members of station what during what month
    Station five during the month of January
  128. If the integrity of a rope harness and or related hardware becomes into question who is notified
    Safety training coordinator
  129. What form is filled out for loss or damage to minor tools and equipment
    Form 20
  130. What is the minimum length for utility rope
    75 foot
  131. How many fire hydrants are in The city
  132. Who coordinates the hydrants maintenance program
    Captain at one a
  133. You are to close hydrants at a pace no quicker than blank seconds and preferably closer to two minutes
    90 seconds
  134. The fart apartment will maintain intest for hydrants when
    Once each fiscal year
  135. Flow testing a fire hydrants should be completed when
    Once every five years
  136. Fire hydrant work order number
    WFFD form number 38
  137. If the fire hydrant is dry or inoperable the dispatcher will Notify who
    Water department and all first and second alarm companies
  138. Red hydrant
    0 -9 psi
  139. Orange hydrant
    10 to 35 psi
  140. Green hydrant
    36 to 79 psi
  141. Blue hydrant
    80 and above psi
  142. Who must approve personally owned the items
    Written permission of the Fire Chief
  143. How department issued clothing uniform article or equipment may be used or worn while off duty unless authorized by who
    Fire chief
  144. Apparatus pump test she’ll be done when
    Once each year or after any major repair
  145. As a general rule the safety training coordinator will devote blank amount of time each shift at the public safety training center
    Eight hours
  146. Who is the hazmat coordinator
    Safety and training Chief
  147. Who is the health and safety officer
    Safety and training chief
  148. HCN monitors will be kept on
    63 squad two and squad five
  149. Hydrogen cyanide is blank times more dangerous than carbon monoxide
    24 times
  150. HCN is how many parts per million
    5 ppm
  151. Post exposure medical evaluation will be provided within blank hours or singer of the report exposure or suspected exposure
    24 hours
  152. Hazmat exposure form
    Form 31
  153. A form 31 shall be maintained for how long
    30 years after the member leaves department
  154. City of Wichita Falls employee injury report form
    P 40
  155. The completed P 40 is to be submitted to who
    Risk management division within 24 hours of the injury
  156. If a member is injured on duty and requires medical attention at the time of the injury or in the future the member shall have a blank form
    P 10
  157. A P 10 is required every time that remember receives medical attention
  158. Return to work form
    Policy 31
  159. Who is responsible to make a local declaration regarding a line of duty death
    Fire chief
  160. Serious injury Shall be communicated by phone in never face-to-face
  161. Diffusing should take place within blank hours of the incident
    8 to 12 hours
  162. Typical diffusing’s last how long
    30 to 45 minutes
  163. Can you change of address home telephone number and or part-time job telephone number will reported to the department when
    Within 48 hours using the employee update form
  164. You cannot sleep or occupy beds between the hours of
    0 700 through 1700
  165. Private vehicles and trailers will not be parked or stored on department property for longer than blank days without permission of the Fire Chief
    Five days
  166. Any delayed response or failure to respond will be explained in a memorandum through the chain of command to The Who
    Assistant chief
  167. Call E Signia will be oriented along the access the intersection with the point of the collar in the base of the insignia perpendicular to the axis the base shall also be position quarter inch from the point of the collar
  168. When I dress shirt is worn as outer garment the nameplate will be worn on the flap of what
    Right pocket the top of the nameplate will be centered horizontally a quarter inch below the top seam of the pocket
  169. Use the service pin Shelby worn on blue and white dress search the pin shall be placed where
    Centered between the top edge of the left pocket in the bottom of the shirt badge
  170. Sleeves may be turned up how many folds
    Two folds
  171. The department will issue one type of shoe
    Hi gloss Oxford dress shoe
  172. Whenever any of the department uniforms are worn and socks are visible above the boot or shoe top the shocks I’ll be black or dark navy white socks may be worn during physical fitness with boots under black socks and after 2000 hours
  173. Men’s hairstyles will not exceed greater than
    One and a half inches from the head
  174. Women’s hair may touch but not extend
    Bellow The top of the shirt collar when standing
  175. Ribbon bars will be warm on the uniform coat where
    Centered horizontally parallel in immediately above the nameplate
  176. Fire department patch will be sewn on the left shortly with the uniform shirts the patch will be
    Centered three-quarter inches below the shoulder same
  177. EMS patch will be sewn on a
    Right sleeve 3/4 “ below shoulder seam
  178. On uniform coats patches will be sewn
    Inch and a quarter below shoulder seam
  179. A member may use a maximum of Blank hours per calendar year in sickleave to care for a member of the immediate family
    36 hours
  180. Members are authorized to take sickleave in increments of
    Tenths of an hour
  181. Members assigned to fire and rescue division on sick leave for more than blank shift provide a physician statement no later than
    More than three shifts will provide a physician statement no later than the fourth shift
  182. When physician statement estimates at the member will be off for as long as blank weeks the supervisor will notify the deputy chief by memo through the chain of command
    Three weeks
  183. What are the hours to report off sick
    • 7 to 730 morning of their shift or between the hours of 1800 2100 the shift before
    • E
  184. Are responsible for authorizing long distance telephone calls that may be necessary to monitor sick leave introduce the possibility of sick leave abuse
    Batalion Cheif
  185. Generally he at least blank days notice should be given before the anticipated delivery date
    60 days
  186. Employees will increase sick leave at a rate of blank days for each for your unemployment
    15 days
  187. Employees working 24 hour shifts will be credited at a blank hours per pay cycle
    13.848 hours
  188. Civil service employees May accrue a blank amount of sickleave
  189. Non-civil service employees may accrue a sickleave to a maximum of
    720 hours for 90 working days
  190. Members on injury leave must provide a physician statement to their cyft safety and training coordinator every
    45 days
  191. All members except members the fire control and rescue division when excuse by the proper court authority will report to their assignment when as much as blank hours work time remains
    Four hours
  192. Our a fire and rescue division with an excuse by the court of authority will report back to their assignment when it as much as blank hours of shift remains
    12 hours
  193. An employee may be granted bereavement leave with pay for not more than
    Three working days or one and a half shifts
  194. While on leave of absence employees make keep their health dental in life insurance by making payments of monthly premiums to whom
    Human resource division
  195. A maximum of blank months will be granted for leave of absence
    Six months
  196. In the event and employee is certified to return to work by the physician and does not do so in blank days the employee will be terminated and paid for any benefits due
    10 days
  197. Should be granted military leave without loss of pay for a maximum of in one calendar year
    15 days or 7 1/2 shifts
  198. If a reservist works shiftwork and takes military leave for a weekend Rios he may report for station duty at blank hours to complete the remainder of the shift
    2000 hours
  199. If an employee or military leave does not request except an offer of employment in the same or comparable position within blank days of the day of discharge Mac to duty an employee or military leave shall be deemed to have resigned from the city
    90 days
  200. Sub calls between members of the department authorized by whom
    Chief of the department
  201. Only one member of a company may be off with a sub call except By permission of whom
    Batalion Cheif
  202. Request for more than blank consecutive hours of sub calls must be submitting a writing an approved by the
    72 hours battalion chief
  203. Sub calls for more than blank she’s will not be approved except in cases of emergency
    Five shifts
  204. If a member who is subbing does not report for work remember who is subbing off will be counted as
    Absent without pay
  205. I said call must be approved no later than
    Shift prior to its occurrence
  206. Is a policy of the city of Wichita Falls to green up to blank weeks a family or medical leave during any 12 month period to eligible employees
    12 weeks
  207. The emergency FMLA provides employees up to blank hours for COVID-19 related time off
    80 hours
  208. Standard beds will be made with linen and I need an orderly manner and fold down beds will kept In the position at all times between the hours of
    0800 and 1800
  209. Station personnel will clean apparatus as necessary after each run prior to blank hours to maintain a state of cleanliness
  210. All apparatus will be wax twice a year in the month of
    April and September
  211. Never slow Adelina unit reserve our in-service at Station said throttle to
    1200 RPMs
  212. Apparatus pulled out a station for morning clean up will be fast idle for
    At least five minutes
  213. Pumps on fire apparatus shall not exceed
    300 psi on discharge gauge
  214. Each battalion chief will inspect each station in the city once a year
  215. Nomination form
    1200 b
  216. The awards committee shall meet as needed with at least one meeting blank days prior to a scheduled award ceremony
    45 to 60 days
  217. Awards committee shall consist of two representatives from each shift both of which can be any rank from fire fighter to Batalion Cheif and the Batalion Cheif of training and safety
  218. Old flags will be sent to her for disposal
    Deputy chief
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