Sophmore Vocab List 3

  1. Acquiesce
    • to give consent
    • Syn accede, assent, concur
    • Ant stand firm
  2. Arid
    • having very little rainfall
    • Syn Parched Lifeless
  3. Benign
    • having a kind disposition, gracious
    • Syn benevolent, salutary
    • Ant harmful, deadly
  4. Cognizant
    • aware
    • Ant unaware, without knowledge
  5. Combustible
    • capable of taking fire and burning, easy to burn, burnable
    • Syn flammable, excitable
    • Ant not flammable
  6. Coalesce
    • to grow together
    • Syn fuse, consolidate, merge
    • Ant scatter, disprese
  7. Contrite
    • broken in spirit by a sense of guilt, penitent
    • Syn repentant, sorrowful, humbled
    • Ant without sorrow, without remorse
  8. Crass
    • gross or stupid, dense
    • Syn obtuse, oafish,thick, coarse
    • Ant wise
  9. Culpable
    deserving blame, blameworthy
  10. Dapper
    • neat, trim, spruce
    • Syn smart, natty, small and active, brisk, nimble
  11. detrimental
    • causing loss or damage, harmful, injurious
    • Syn hurtful, disadvantageous, handicap, hidrance
  12. enervate
    • to lessen the vigor or strength of, weaken
    • Syn debilitate,
    • Ant make stronger
  13. equitable
    • fair, just, right, reasonable
    • Ant.. unfair
  14. fabulous
    • too extraordinary to seem possible, beyond
    • Syn belief, amazing, incredible, astonishing, legendary
    • Ant common, ordinary
  15. facetious
    • having the habit of joking, being slyly humorous
    • Syn waggish, jocular, jocuse
    • Ant serious, solemn
  16. flippant
    • smart or pert in speech or manner, not respectful
    • Syn impertinent, saucy, nimble, limber, pliant, talkative, voluble
    • Ant serious, respectful
  17. Futile
    • not successful, useless, vain, not important, trifling
    • Syn ineffectual, profitless, frivolous, idletrivial
    • Ant useful, effective
  18. Garroulous
    • talking too much about trifles, talkative, wordy, using too many words
    • Syn loquacious, verbose, long-winded
    • Ant silent, taciturn
  19. Glut
    • to fill too full, a full supply, great quatity
    • Syn excessive, gorge, superfluity
    • Ant paucity
  20. Intractable
    • hard to handle or manage, stubborn, not easily treated
    • Syn. unruly, perverse, uncontrollable, refractory
    • Ant, not stubborn
  21. Indolent
    • disliking work. lazy, idle
    • Syn slothful, sluggish, listless
    • Ant busy, industrious
  22. Insipid
    • without any particular flavor, tasteless
    • Syn flat, stupid, vapid, lifeless
    • Ant interesting
  23. Lucid
    • easy to follow or understand, clear in intellect, sane, rational
    • Syn plain, pellucid, limpid, shining, bright, luminous
  24. Maladorous
    • smelling bad
    • Syn unsavory, fetid
  25. Obtuse
    not sharp or acute, blunt, slow in understanding, stupid
  26. Officious
    • too ready to offer services or advice, minding
    • Syn meddlesome, intrusive
  27. Opulent
    • having wealth, rich
    • Syn affluent, profus
    • Ant poor, scanty
  28. Palpable
    • readily seen or heard and recognized, obvious
    • Syn perceptible, plain, evident, manifest
    • Ant unnoticiable, unobvious
  29. Paucity
    • a small number, fewness, a small amount, scarcity lack
    • Syn dearth, scantiness
  30. Prudent
    • planning carefully ahead of time, sensible, discreet, good management
    • Syn judicious, wise, cautious
    • ANt Rash, sudden
  31. Rove
    • to wander, wander about, roam
    • Syn ramble, range, cross, transverse
    • ANt stationary, stay in one place
  32. Sanguine
    • naturally cheerful and hopeful, red color, ruddy
    • Syn optimistic
    • Ant fearful, pessimistic, apprehensive, confident,
  33. Scanty
    • existing or present in small or insufficient quantity, not enough, not abundant
    • Syn: Paucity, meager, not ample, not copious
  34. Sedentary
    used to sittin still much of the time, inactive
  35. Tenuous
    thin or slight, slender, not dense, rare, rarefied, not substantial
  36. Viable
    • able to keep alive
    • Syn vigorous, active, workable
  37. Virulent
    • very poisonous or harmful, deadly, severe malignant or infectious disease,bitter, or spiteful
    • Syn noxious, harmful, acrimonious
    • Ant helpful, beneficient
  38. Wan
    • lacking natural or normal color, pale, looking worn or tired
    • Syn faint, weak, dark-hued, dusky, gloomy, partially obscured, dim
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