Administration - Safety

  1. Which program promotes a command culture that leverages the fundamentals of ORM to identify hazards and mitigate risks, enabling safe and effective mission execution while preserving valuable human and material resources?
  2. For what sole purpose are all mishap investigations conducted?
  3. Who is ultimately responsible and accountable for command safety?
  4. The ultimate goal of an effective safety program is to deliver what?
    Enhanced combat readiness
  5. Which instruction extensively covers safety program specifics?
    OPNAVINST 5100.19
  6. Which tool is used at every level of a command to identify and control risks?
    Risk management
  7. The risk management stages are: identify hazards, assess hazards, make risk decisions, implement controls, and what else?
  8. Which series provides general shipboard safety precautions and specific occupational health program guidance?
    OPNAVINST 5100.19
  9. Which series encompasses all safety disciplines, such as systems safety, aviation safety, weapons/explosives safety, off-duty safety (recreation, public, and traffic), and occupational safety and occupational health?
    OPNAVINST 5100.23
  10. Ships’ Safety Bulletin is published how often by the Naval Safety Center?
  11. How many different safety practices should always be observed by personnel?
  12. Which series outlines the safety program and the safety organization?
    OPNAVINST 3120.32
  13. Which publication provides general welding safety precautions?
    NSTM 074
  14. Which magazine contains the most accurate information on the design, construction, conversion, operation, maintenance, and repair of naval vessels and their equipment?
    Sea and Shore
  15. Which publication provides a summary of research from selected reports of submarine hazards to assist in the prevention program?
  16. Warning plates for electronic equipment are installed in small craft to warn against the energizing of electronic equipment until ventilation blowers have been operating a minimum of how many minutes to expel explosive vapors?
  17. Shock Hazard warning signs are required near the entrance areas of compartments and walk-in enclosures that have equipment with voltages in excess of how many volts?
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