Prillamen general oders part 4

  1. Who may check on Members on sickleave in order to verify compliance
  2. Who is responsible for authorizing long distance phone calls to monitor sickleave
    Battalion Chief
  3. Who are authorized to make visits to members home in order to monitor sickleave
    Battalion Chief, visits will be coordinated with deputy chief
  4. Employees are required to notify supervisor how far in advance of anticipated pregnancy delivery date
    60 days
  5. Members are authorized to take sickleave in increments of
    1/10 of hour
  6. Employees accrue sickleave how fast
    • 15 days for each year
    • 4.616 per pay period for 40hr employees
    • 13.848 per pay period for employees on 24hr shift
  7. Vacation days in excess of _____days will be lost
  8. Vacation schedules will be completed and distributed by
    September 15
  9. Vacation will be taken in full shifts exceptions may be granted by Who
    Battalion chief
  10. Member serving on jury duty while on vacation leave may have vacation rescheduled by who
    Battalion Chief
  11. Members on injury leave will provide a physician statement to safety and training coordinator how often? It will contain what?
    • Every 45 days
    • Members physical condition, limitations, diagnosing, rehab member is doing, length of disability, determination if surgery is required
  12. Members on the fire control and rescue division when excused by court authority will report back to duty when as much as how many hours remaining of shift
  13. Hours for jury duty or subpoena testimony are not counted as working hours for overtime unless
    Subpoena is on behalf of the city
  14. An employee may be granted how much bereavement leave for death of a member of his immediate family in one fiscal year
    Three working days 1 1/2 shifts
  15. All request for bereavement leave must be approved by who
    Chain of command and fire chief, Chief may request documentation
  16. Leave of absence may be authorized by who? And what for?
    • City manager
    • Extended illness of employee or a family member, pregnancy
  17. Leave is considered a break and service for stability pay if the leave is more than how many days
    30 continuous days
  18. Maximum of what will be granted for a leave of absence
    6 months
  19. In the event that employee is certified to return to work by physician and does not do so within how many days they will be terminated
  20. Military leave without loss of pay and one calendar year
    15 working days for 7 1/2 shifts
  21. If member takes military leave for weekend drill he may report back to duty by____ or remain off duty for entire shift
    2000 hrs
  22. Reinstatement of member will take place for military leave within how many days after receipt of request
    10 days
  23. If employee does not request reinstatement for military leave within_____ days they will have been deemed resigned from city
  24. Sub calls between members of department are authorized by who
    Chief of Department
  25. How many members of a company may be on sub call at a time
    One member unless given permission by Battalion Chief
  26. Request of more than hours____ of sub calls must be submitted in writing and approved by____. Sub calls for more than____ shifts will not be approved except in emergencies
    • 72
    • Battalion chief
    • 5
  27. Sub calls must be approved no later than when
    • Shift prior to occurrence
    • Approval from on-duty officer may be obtained in case of emergencies, a memo explaining circumstances will be forwarded through channels to Battalion Chief by officer approving sub call
  28. Sub calls will be of equal rank except when approved by
    Battalion Chief
  29. Sub calls involving how many parties may be approved
    No more than three
  30. If supervisor relieves a member from duty for disciplinary reasons what will happen
    Notify Battalion Chief who will notify the deputy chief, notified member being relieved to standby at residence until contacted by deputy chief, compose a letter of charges and forward immediately to Chief
  31. Non-compensated day off
    Kelly day
  32. City of Wichita Falls may grant up to___ weeks of family or medical leave during any 12 month period to eligible employees
  33. Emergency FMLA provides employees____hours for COVID-19 time off
  34. Readiness inspection and inventory will be done by when each shift
  35. Television during departmental time will be allowed for what
    Training, weather, special occasions approved by Battalion Chief
  36. Beds will be made and, fold down beds will be kept in the up position between
  37. Who will agree how daily work schedule will be scheduled?
    Who will approve?
    • Captain
    • All three Battalion Chief
  38. Station maintenance request will be channeled through who?
    Administrative offices who will notify deputy chief who will submit work order to building maintenance
  39. In the event of emergency station maintenance after normal working hours who will notify on-call building maintenance personnel?
    Battalion Chief will have Dispatcher notify
  40. Apparatus will not be cleaned after what time
  41. Apparatus will not be washed when temperature is below
  42. When will apparatus be waxed
    April and September
  43. What oil is used in mowing equipment
    HD 30
  44. All reserve units must be driven a minimum of what on Tuesdays
    5 miles with a total minimum runtime of 20 minutes, if not driven due to bad weather do not start motor until next Tuesday
  45. Never slow auto unit set throttle at
    1200 rpm
  46. Apparatus pulled out of station for morning cleanup will be fast idled for
    5 minutes
  47. All small motors will be ran for how many minutes on Tuesday
  48. A variable of how many psi is acceptable
    + or - 5 psi
  49. Pumps on fire apparatus shall not exceed
    300 psi at discharge
  50. Missing or damaged tools will be noted how
    In RMS, report to Battalion Chief and they will complete a form 20 and forward it to deputy chief
  51. If tools and equipment not being clean is a reoccurring problem what will be done
    Recorded in RMS and Station captain will be notified
  52. Small handle tools will be marked how?
    1/4 in band
  53. Long handled tools will be marked out
    2 in band on opposite end of metal head
  54. Wooden handles will have what done to protect wood
  55. Tools such as axis and pike poles will have metal heads unpainted, what will be done
    Thin layer of oil on metal to prevent rust
  56. Should any problems arise concerning corrective action for station inspection what will be done
    Memo written to Battalion Chief
  57. Captains Will inspect each station under command how often
    Once a month
  58. Battalion Chief will inspect stations how often
    Once a year
  59. Last three annual inspection forms for each station will be kept where
    Battalion Chief office
  60. Who will determine who will activate overhead door? who is responsible to ensure it is done without incident?
    • Officer
    • officer
  61. Parking lot gates will be secured at the discretion of
    Station officer
  62. A list of gate lock combos will be maintained where
    Battalion Chief’s office, a copy will be kept in deputy chief office
  63. Nomination form for awards will be submitted to
    Chief, forwarded to awards committee chair
  64. Awards committee will vote on nominations, They will be approved for an award by
    Majority vote
  65. Awards committee consists of who
    2 representatives from each shift any rank
  66. Awards committee chair will be elected by
    Majority vote of committee members
  67. Awards committee shall meet as needed with at least one meeting_____ days prior to award ceremony
  68. Who will closely monitor condition of flags
    Station officer
  69. Saluting in uniform
    Come to attention and render salute
  70. Saluting out of uniform
    Place right hand over heart
  71. When displaying a flag indoors how will it be positioned
    To the right of speaker or staging area
  72. What will be done when flag becomes worn or damaged
    Memo requesting new flag forwarded to admin office
  73. Who will dispose of old flags
    Deputy chief
  74. Attitude of Wichita Falls fire dept
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