English Vocab

  1. Acquisitive
    Characterized by strong desire to gain and possess.
  2. Arrogate
    To claim or seize without justification; to have undue claims.
  3. Banal
    Lacking originality
  4. Belabor
    To verbally attack
  5. Carping
    To find fault or complain querulously; criticism.
  6. Coherent
    Logically or aesthetically ordered or integrated; having clarity
  7. Congeal
    Solidify by cooling; to make viscid or curdled; coagulate; to make rigid, fixed, or immobile
  8. Encomium
    Glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise
  9. Eschew
    To avoid habitually especially on moral or practice grounds
  10. Germane
    Being at once relevant and appropriate; fitting
  11. Insatiable
    Incapable of being satisfied
  12. Intransigent
    Characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or attitude; uncompromising
  13. Invidious
    Tending to cause discontent, animosity, or envy; envious of unpleasant or objectionable nature
  14. Largesse
    Liberal giving (money) to or as if to an inferior; generosity
  15. Reconnaissance
    A preliminary survey to gain information
  16. Substantiate
    To support with proof or evidence; verify. to give material form to; embody.
  17. Taciturn
    Habitually untalkative
  18. Temporize
    To act evasively in order to gain time, avoid argument, or postpone a decision.
  19. Tenable
    Capable of being maintained in argument; rationally defensible, capable of being held against assault
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