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  1. A type of laminate or glue
  2. Vantage point
    The location from which an inspector visually examines a system.
  3. Deflections and depressions
    Sagging or sinking seen in the ceiling of an attic
  4. Fastener
    An item that connects two or more items.
  5. Items to look for when inspecting the roof are: 

    Improper __________
    Curling of ____________
    Swelling of ___________
    ________ Asphalt shingles
    • Flashing
    • Shingles
    • Shingles
    • Bare
  6. In Texas SOP, an inspector is required to note any ______ to the roof-covering materials. They do not have to marked efficient, but must be noted.

    Even if the repairs were professional, they will need to be noted.
  7. A space that puckers or bulges where shingles should be lying flat indicates an issue with ____________.

    • Nails can pop or become exposed and break the seal between the courses.
    • This needs to be reported. One or two is not a big deal. A lot of nail pops indicates a possible fastener issue.
  8. Loss of granules.
    Asphalt shingles or roll roofing loses granules over time. Why is this important to note?
    Moisture and sun can enter the mat and cause breakdown. The surface becomes dull and begins to deteriorate.
  9. Buckling and wrinkling areas wear out faster because granules are lost at the wrinkles. What casuses this.
    Ongoing expansion and contraction.
  10. Lifting laps. This occurs with roll roofing at the seams. It's likely that water (especially wind-driven rain) is leaking into these places. What should be checked?
    The roof should be checked from underneath to find signs of water penetration.
  11. Tearing or cracking roll roofing. What does this indicate?
    Movement or warping in the roof sheathing or structure.
  12. Inspectors must examine flashings used in the roofing system. The inspector is required to identify the materials used and report the ________ of flashings.
    • Condition. 
    • Are they rusted, UV-damaged, bent, loose, leaking, improperly installed or missing.
  13. When flashing are covered with tar, how should they be reported.
    Not visible.
  14. When inspecting skylights and other roof penetrations, the inspector should inspect for condition. The inspector may note cracked or broken __________ or condensation between the panes or bubbles.
  15. The inspector is not required to observe attached accessories such as antennae, satellite dishes, etc. However, if they have a ____________ effect on the roof, that fact should be reported.

    These accessories may also cause a potential issue with regard to access or visibility of the roof suface.
  16. Accessories that are mounted to the roof should be checked for proper _________.
  17. When heavy accessories such as rooftop package HVAC units are present the inspector should:
    Check the attic to see if the roof's structural members can support the weight or if there is evidence of failure of framing components.
  18. The inspector is not required to inspect the roof from the roof level if, in the inspector's reasonable judgment:
    The inspector cannot safely reach or stay on the roof; or
    significant damage to the roof covering materials may result from walking on the roof;
  19. An inspector is not required to determine:
    The remaining _______ __________ of the roof covering or;
    The number of _______ of roof covering material.
    • Life expectancy
    • Layers
  20. The inspector is not required to inspect or examine all _________ and adhesion.
  21. The inspector is not required to identify latent ______ __________;
    hail damage
  22. The inspector is not required to provide an exhaustive list of locations of ________ and water ________.

  23. Inspectors must not damage the property. If the inspector believes that they will damage the property by walking on the roof, they must include the that they did not and the reason in:
    The departure statement
  24. Texas inspectors must be aware of the aggressive UV light from the sun. Roofs should be inspected closely to ensure that roof coverings and _________ are not deteriorating. Inspectors should let their clients know if their roof covering is "_______"
    Nearing the end of its useful life span.
  25. Identification of hail damage is not required because it can be hard to immediately identify right after a hailstorm. Look at the lip of the roof and any _______ or _______ for dents and pings
    • metal vents 
    • metal

    You can also look to see if several neighboring houses have new roofs which could indicate a hailstorm had occured.
  26. An inspector is not required to note EVERY example of deficiencies in: 

    _________ ___________
    • Fasteners
    • Water penetrations

    Once an issue such as water penetration has been identified, the inspector can recommend that a specialist investigate the issues.
  27. To make sure a roof inspection is complete, it must also be inspected from the ______.
  28. Fasteners barely penetrating the roof decking should be noted as:
  29. Broken or separating roof rafters and _________ roof rafters are indicators of:
    • Twisting
    • Structural Movement
  30. The ridge board must run the full length of the _______ of a roof rafter.
    cut end.
  31. An inspector is not required to enter an attic if the opening to the attic is less than ____ by _____.
    22 inches by 30 inches.
  32. There must be a minimum of ____ headroom in an attic for an inspector to be required to enter.
    30 inches.
  33. Inspectors are required to report on Attic Ventilation. A lack of ventilation causes heat to build up. Heat buildup can cause the glue on the roof to start to fall off. What is an indication of this?
    Wavy shingles on the roof.
  34. Inspectors must locate and identify the type of vents. The vents should be checked for _________ and ________.
    condition and blockage
  35. The inspector should also identify any improper venting of plumbing and _________ ________ fans.
    house exhaust
  36. Deflections and depressions can be seen in the attic by looking at the ceiling. The ceiling will look as if it is _________ or sunken.

    This is a clear sign of deflections and depressions.
  37. If _________ is missing, inspectors must note this as deficient in the report. Improper _______ can cause structural issues in the home.
  38. The minimum opening required for attic access is ______ by______
    22 by 30
  39. The attic opening must be big enough to remove any mechanical device that may be in the attic. If the device cannot be moved without __________________ the inspector must note this in the report.
    creating a new opening
  40. Inspectors are _________ required to attept to perform any part of the inspection when doing so could cause ________ to the home, _______, or the inspectors themselves.
    • Never
    • damage
    • structure
  41. If inspectors are not sure where the rafters are, they _____________
    Should not walk on them.
  42. A __________ light source needs to be near every attic access.
    Switchable, if it is not there, it must be noted as deficient. 

    Inspectors should write a comment stating that it is recommended.
  43. Inspectors are not required to operate __________ ventilators.
  44. An inspector is not required to create a long list of every deficiency. If several deficiencies are noted, the inspector should recommend that a ___________ take a closer look.
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