Masonic Fellowcraft Degree Work

  1. Are you a fellowcraft Mason?
    I am, Try me!
  2. How would you be tried?
    By the square
  3. Why by the square?
    Because it is the principal working tool of the Fellowcraft Mason
  4. What is a square?
    An angle of 90° or the fourth part of a circle
  5. What made you a fellowcraft Mason?
    My obligation
  6. What induced you to become a Fellowcraft Mason
    That I might receive wages to enable me to support myself and contribute to the relief of all worthy, distressed, brother fellowcraft Masons wherever I may find them
  7. Where were you made a fellowcraft Mason
    Within a legally constituted and duly opened fellowcrafts lodge
  8. Where were you prepared?
    In a room or place adjoining the same
  9. How were you prepared?
    I was divested of all metals, neither naked nor clad, barefoot nor shod, hoodwinked, with a cable tow wrapped twice around my naked right arm… in which condition, I was conducted to the door of the lodge where I was caused to make the regular alarm by giving three distinct knocks on the door without which was answered by a like number within accompanied by the question, who comes here?
  10. Your answer?
    Brother __________, who has been regularly initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason, served a time as such and now desires to receive more light by being passed to the degree of fellow craft if found worthy
  11. Then what was asked?
    If it was of my own free will and accord that I made this request, if I was duly and truly prepared, and if I had made suitable proficiency in the preceding degree to entitle me to this, all being answered in the affirmative, I was asked by what particular right or benefit I expected to obtain so important a privilege
  12. Your answer?
    By the benefit of the password
  13. Had you the password?
    I had it not, but my conductor gave it for me
  14. Give it
  15. What was then told you?
    To wait until the Worshipful Master could be informed of my request and his answer returned
  16. What was his answer?
    Let the brother enter and be received in due and ancient form
  17. Describe that due and ancient form
    I was received on the angle of a square presented to my naked right breast, the moral of which was explained to me
  18. How were you then disposed?
    I was conducted twice regularly around the lodge, the the Junior warden in the south, senior warden in the West, and the worshipful master in the East where the same questions were asked and answers given as at the door with the additional question from the worshipful master, whence comes the brother and wither is he traveling
  19. Your answer?
    From the west, traveling towards the East
  20. What was then asked
    Why I again left the west and traveled towards the East
  21. Your answer
    In search of more light
  22. What was then ordered
    That I be reconducted to the senior warden in the west, who would teach me how to approach the East in the proper manner to receive more light
  23. Describe that proper manner
    I was caused to take my second step in masonry by advancing my naked right foot, placing the heel of the left in the hollow of the right, feet forming right angles, body erect before the alter facing the worshipful master in the East
  24. What was then done with you
    I was made a fellowcraft Mason
  25. How
    In due and ancient form
  26. Describe that due and ancient form
    I was caused to kneel upon my naked right knee, my left extended forming a right angle. My right hand resting on the holy Bible, square and compasses, my left raised in a vertical position, my arm forming a right angle in which position I took upon myself the solemn oath or obligation of a fellowcraft mason.
  27. Have you that oath or obligation?
    I have
  28. Give it
    I, __________, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God and this worshipful fellowcrafts lodge erected to God and dedicated to the memory of the holy Saints John do hereby and hereon sincerely promise and solemnly swear that I will not reveal the secrets of this degree to a brother of the preceding degree, nor to any person in the world, except it be within a legally constituted and duly opened fellowcrafts lodge, or to a brother of this degree, and not unto him until by due trial, strict examination, or legal information I shall have found him as lawfully entitled to the same as myself. I furthermore promise and swear that I will not cheat, wrong, or defraud a fellowcrafts lodge or a brother of this degree, nor will I permit the same to be done if within my power to prevent. I furthermore promise and swear that I will not traduce the good name of a fellowcrafts lodge or a brother of this degree, nor will I permit the same to be done in my presence without vindicating them so far as I may be justifiable in so doing. I furthermore promise and swear that I will help, aid, and assist all worthy, distressed, brother, fellowcraft Masons wherever I may find them so far as their necessities may require and my means of relief permit. I furthermore promise and swear that I will answer and obey all due signs and summonses sent to and received by me from a fellowcrafts lodge, or given me by a brother of this degree if within the length of my cable tow. All this I sincerely promise and solemnly swear without the least hesitation, equivocation, or mental reservation, binding myself under no less a penalty then that of having my breast torn open, my heart and vitals taken thence and suspended from the highest pinnacle of the temple, there to become a prey to the vultures of the air should I knowingly violate this my solemn oath or obligation so help me God and keep me steadfast in due performance of the same
  29. After the obligation, what were you ordered to do
    To detach my hands, and in token of my sincerity, kiss the holy Bible
  30. In my present condition, what I most desired
    More light
  31. Did you receive it?
    I did
  32. How?
    By the order of the worshipful master and the assistance of the brethren
  33. On being brought to light, what did you first behold?
    The three great lights off Masonry, which are the holy Bible, square and compasses and also the representative of the three lesser lights placed in triangular form around the altar, all which had been previously explained to me, but on this occasion, I noticed the marked difference that one point of the compasses was elevated above the square which was to teach me that freemasonry is a progressive moral science and can be attained only by degrees
  34. What did you next behold?
    The worshipful master approving me from the East with the step, due guard, and penal sign of the fellow craft Mason, extending to me his right hand in token of continued friendship and brotherly love and raising me from a right angle to a perpendicular, he proceeded with the assistance of the senior deacon to invest me with the grips and words of a fellowcraft Mason and ordered me to salute the Junior and senior warden as such and approach the East
  35. On your approach to the East, what was left in your keeping?
    A lambskin, or white leatheren apron which I was ordered to take to the senior warden in the west who would teach me how to wear it as a fellowcraft Mason and return to the East for further instructions
  36. On your return to the East, in what were you instructed?
    The working tools of a fellowcraft Mason which are the plumb, square, and level, the uses of which the worshipful master was pleased to explain to me
  37. How were you then disposed of?
    I was ordered to return to the room or place whence I came and there be invested with that I had been divested and in due time return to the lodge
  38. On your return to the lodge, how were you disposed of?
    I was caused to pass through a long porch or gallery to ascend a flight of winding stairs consisting of three, five, and seven steps to pass through an outer and in to an inner chamber representing the middle chamber of King Solomon’s temple where I was taught the wages of fellowcraft masons and had my name enrolled as such
  39. What are the wages of fellowcraft Masons?
    Corn, Wine, and Oil… Corn of nourishment, wine of refreshment, and oil of joy
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