1. Achemy
    A form of chemistryand speculative philosophy; black magic; witchcraft
  2. Emblazoned
    To decorate with brillant colors
  3. Ascension
    Climbing, escalating, rising
  4. Lore
    The body of knowledge; learning the process of/or teaching
  5. Conjecture
    An opinion or theory; guess; speculation
  6. Forlorn
    Unhappy; miserable; lonely & sad
  7. Sage

    "The president should be a sage."
    A person famed for wisdom, judgement and experience
  8. Apotheosis
    The elevation for exaltation of a person to the rank of a God
  9. Homogenize
    To form by blending unlike elements
  10. Breadth
    Broadness; diameter, distance across
  11. Reacted

    "I reacted 27 NCOER's before they got sent up."
    To put into suitable literary form; revise; edit
  12. Scythe

    "I used a scythe when I first landscaped my backyard."
    An agricultural tool consisting of a long curving blade at an angle for cuting grass, grain, ect.
  13. Pallid

    "I'm very pallid after getting out of the swimming pool."
    Pale; ashy; bloodless
  14. Averse
    Having a strong feeling of opposition; afraid; contrary
  15. Incredulous

    "Some Soldiers are incredulous about their leaderships decisions."
    Indicating or showing unbelief; doubtful
  16. Phalanx

    "Our unit is considered a phalanx."
    Anybody of troops in close array
  17. Enraptures

    "The welcoming we received enraptured us."
    Delight beyond measure
  18. Genial

    "Walmart greeters tend to be very genial when you pass them."
    Warmly and pleasently cheerful; nice and happy
  19. Affable

    "Southern people can be some of the most affable people in the country."
    Friendly; cordial; warmly polite
  20. Lithe

    "You can become very lithe from doing yoga."
    Limber; flexible; agile
  21. Respository
    a receptacle or place where things are deposited or stored; archive; storeplace
  22. Quell
    To suppress; put an end to; overpower
  23. Opulent
    Abundant, extravagant
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