Word List 39

  1. quash
    to subdue; crush; squash
  2. cow
    to frighten; overawe; intimidate
  3. quay
    a dock; landing place
  4. queasy
    easily nauseated; squeamish
  5. quell
    to extinguish; put down
  6. querulous
    complaining; whining; fretful; peevish
  7. quietude
  8. quintessence
    the most perfect embodiment of something
  9. quip
    sarcastic remark; taunt
  10. quirk
    an unexpected twist
  11. quisling
    traitor who aids invaders
  12. quixotic
  13. quizzical
    mocking and questioning
  14. quorum
    a number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
  15. rabid
  16. raconteur
  17. ragamuffin
    person wearing tattered clothes
  18. raiment
  19. rakish
    stylish; jaunty
  20. ramble
    to wander aimlessly
  21. ramification
    branching out; consequence
  22. rampart
    a wall of earth or other material built for defense; bulwark
  23. ramshackle
    loosely held together; rickety
  24. rancid
    having unpleasant, stale, rank odor
  25. rancor
    hatred; bitterness
  26. haphazard
  27. rankle
    to irritate; fester
  28. rave
    to rant
  29. rapacious
    plundering; greedy or grasping
  30. rapport
  31. rapt
    absorbed; enchanted
  32. raspy
    grating; harsh
  33. ratify
    to comfirm; approve
  34. ratiocination
    process of logical reasoning
  35. raucous
    harsh and strident; disorderly
  36. despoil
    to ravage; plunder
  37. ravel
    to unravel or untwist; to confuse or perplex
  38. ravenous
    extremely hungry
  39. ravine
    a narrow steep-sided valley
  40. raze
    to destroy completely
  41. reactionary
    opposing change; ultraconservative
  42. reaper
    one who harvests grain
  43. rebuff
    to reject; snub
  44. rebus
    puzzle in which pictures stand for words
  45. recapitulate
    to summarize
  46. recast
    to reconstruct
  47. recession
    withdrawal; retreat
  48. recidivism
    habitual return to crime
  49. reconnaissance
    survey of enemy by soldiers; reconnoitering
  50. recount
    to narrate or tell
  51. recourse
    resorting to help when in trouble
  52. recrimination
  53. recumbent
    reclining; lying down
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