Training 3

  1. What is SKU?
    Stock keeping Unit (Merchant assigned string to identify a particular product)
  2. 3 Steps to add an Image to a product page
    • 1 under Inventory select Manage Inventory
    • 2 click arrow on the Edit button and chose Manage Images
    • 3 Add image and click Save and finish
  3. What is a parent ASIN?
    • Amazon catalog uses parent listing to establish relationships between the child products.
    • But the parent ASIN is not related to any product just to the child ASINS.
  4. Name 4 product Barcode types
    • ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
    • UPC (Universal Product Code)
    • EAN (European Article Number)
    • GTIN 14 (Global Trade Item Number)
  5. With which tool do you find out wether a an ASIN matches with a EAN ?
    The CSI tool
  6. What does a seller have to do to list a product with has no barcode?
    Apply for a UPC Exemption (in seller central)
  7. What kind of seller has a Contribution Rating of 20?
    Individual seller
  8. What type of seller has a Contr. Rating of 30?
    Professional seller
  9. Up to what Contribution Rating are we allowed to update without asking for permission?
    Under 45 because 45 is the Andon Cord Rating
  10. Which Contr. Rating has the Gold/Platinum group of sellers?
    39-40 / 35-41
  11. Which Contr. Rating group is just above Gold / Platinum ?
    Seller Support 49
  12. Wich is the Bullet Points/ Category in the Contr. Rating pyramid?
    Query Editor 52.1 / 100
  13. Wich contribution rating has Brand Registry?
    52 ( Andon Cord EU Rating 52.2)
  14. What does SOP stand for?
    Standard Operation Procedure
  15. With which tool can we investigate and compare if anything does not match ( stock with what’s live ) and what the original ASIN creation looked like?
    Time machine
  16. Which option do we take in time machine to show live contributions showing on detail page?
    Simple reconciled product view
  17. Which option to we take in time machine to show all live but also some secondary attributes and also the contribution rating?
  18. What does IIDP stand for?
    Incorrect Information on Detail Page
  19. What is our main rule with respect to IIDP?
    We only make requested changes in order to protect the buying experience.
  20. Where does a seller need to go to contact an IIDP associate?
    Fix a Product Page in the Contact Us Menu
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