Training 1

  1. What does AHD stand for?
    Average Handling Time
  2. What is Paragon?
    Is the main App for communication with sellers
  3. What is ASPECT?
    Software for personal and group schedule issues
  4. Which mechanism can associates use to report defects to CIM?
    Readiness ticket
  5. Associate Change Adoption is an…
    Open Book Assessment
  6. A Cim ticket will always remain in…status
  7. How many days does CIM monitor a launch for?
    60 days
  8. What is ACA?
    Associate Change Adoption is a mechanism that helps the CIM Team understand the level of adoption for launches of new products, policies, tools and marketplaces.
  9. What is CIM?
    Change Intergration Management
  10. What you do before contact CIM with questions or feedback?
    • -speak to your supervisor
    • -check if any material is available to solve
    • -read the communication provided in overview
    • -check if someone else has raised the question you have
  11. What is a readiness ticket?
    Are attached to all launch announcements. Associates can use it to post questions.
  12. Lifecycle of a CIM
    • 1 upcoming launches impacting associates and selling partners
    • 2 identify changes that require training
    • 3 launch change
    • 4 monitor feedback
    • 5 handover to ops
  13. What are tenets?
    Beliefes like Customer obsession, seller interactions are opportunities, trust building, quality and motivation, perfect seller experience, anticipate if you can not eliminate, ownership and sincere, concise and useful.
  14. What’s to link in the seller central to contact amazon?
    Contact US
  15. With what does the perfect seller exp begin?
    No Help Needed
  16. Which Categories do you know that need approval?
    Beer and Wine, Apparel, Automotive, Baby, Beauty, Jewellerey,Health and personal care, Watches, music dvd
  17. What is a Brand Approval?
    Amazon may restrict specific ASINS within a Brandfamily
  18. Where do you look for approvals for restricted products?
    Catalog tag - view selling applications-check the status approved, declined or draft
  19. 4 types of Gates
    Brand, ASIN, Category, Subcategory
  20. What is Fulfillment Type Gating?
    Amazon indicated the mode of delivery. (FBA or Merchant Fulfillment Channel) Some can only be sold through FBA in cases where sellers don’t seem to able to satisfactory fulfill their own orders.
  21. What it condition type gating?
    Expl apparel prohibits the sale of used clothing.
  22. give an expl for Brand Only Gating
    Seller is approved to sell Apple brand software but unable to list brand iPhones
  23. Give an example of Brand Aware Gating
    Seller is unable to list any Gucci brand Products
  24. Give an example for Hot ASIN Gating
    Seller is unable to list new iPhone on date of release even though he has approval for Apple
  25. Give an example for gl product group gating
    Seller is unable to list sanitary hand cream
  26. Give an example of restricted product group gating
    seller is unable to list a lego toy
  27. What does a seller need to do in order to be able to sell Jewelry on amazon?
    Upgrade to professional selling Plan
  28. What is ACES?
    Amazon Customer Excellence System
  29. SOP ?
    Standard Operation Procedure
  30. PWF
    Paragon workflow
  31. TOD
    Test on demand
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