Young Scientist Book 2

  1. A cactus stem is thick and filled with _________.
  2. Name a tree with tap roots.
    Durian tree/ Flame tree/ Angsana tree/ Sibiria Elm
  3. Name a tree with fibrous roots.
    Banana tree/ Maize tree/ Mustard leaf/ Coconut tree
  4. What is an ovum?
    An ovum is an egg inside the body of a woman or a female animal.
  5. What is a sperm?
    A sperm is a cell from a male that joins with the egg inside a female and makes her pregnant
  6. Referring to Page 31, how did the lady lift the crown without stepping onto the carpet?
    Answer is found on Page 57.
  7. Based on Page 32, What is the price of the bag?
  8. Can you solve the questions on page 33 - 36?
    Answer Page 36
  9. Name the 4 different breathing organs.
    Answer page 43
  10. Give 3 characteristics of the Rafflesia.
    Answer page 46
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