Chapter 8

  1. Brainstorming
    Involves generating ideas through "Freewheeling" and without criticism.
  2. Centralized Communication Networks
    Link group members through a central control point.
  3. Consensus
    Is a group decision that has the expressed support of most members.
  4. Decentralized Communication Networks
    Members communicate directly with one another.
  5. Delphi Technique
    Involves generating decision making alternatives through a series of survey questioners.
  6. Diversity-Consensus Dilemma
    Is the tendency for diversity in groups to create process difficulties even as it offers improved potential for problem solving.
  7. Effective Groups
    Achieve high levels of task performance, member satisfaction, and team viability.
  8. FIRO-b Theory
    Examines differences in how people relate to one another based on their needs to express and receive feelings of inclusion, control, and affection.
  9. Formal Groups
    Are officially designated for specific organizational purposes.
  10. Group Dynamics
    Are the forces operating in groups that affect the ways members work together.
  11. Groups
    Involves two or more people working together regularly to achieve common goals.
  12. Groupthink
    Is the tendency of cohesive group members to lose their critical evaluative capabilities.
  13. Informal Groups
    Are unofficial and emerged to serve special interests.
  14. Intergroup Dynamics
    Are relationships between groups cooperating and competing with one another.
  15. Nominal Group Technique
    Involves structured rules for generating and prioritizing ideas.
  16. Restricted Communication Networks
    Link sub groups that disagree with one anothers positions.
  17. Social Facilitation
    Is the tendency for ones behavior to be influenced by the presence of others in a group.
  18. Social Loafing
    Occurs when people work less hard in groups than they would individually.
  19. Status Congruence
    Involves consistency between a person's status withing and outside a group.
  20. Synergy
    Is the creation of a whole greater than the sum of its parts.
  21. Virtual Groups
    Work together via computer networks.
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