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  1. Vitalism?
    The idea that organic compounds arise only in organisms, was disproved when chemists synthesized these compounds
  2. Mechanism?
    The view that all natural phenomena are governed by physical and chemical laws
  3. Hydrocarbons?
    organic molecules consisting of only carbon and hydrogen (fats have hydrocarbon components); can also undergo reactions that release large amount of energy (reacts vigorously w/ oxygen)
  4. Aromatic hydrocarbons?
    special class of hydrocarbons (ex: Benzene C6H6), have a smell, atoms arranged in a ring; used to produce polyester and nylon (industrial uses); aromatic amino acids: Phenyalanine, Tryotophan, Tyrosine
  5. Isomers?
    compounds with same molecular formula but different structure and properties
  6. Geometric Isomer?
    same covalent arrangements but differ in arrangements
  7. Structural Isomers?
    different covalent arrangements of their atoms
  8. Enantiomers?
    isomers that are mirror images of each other
  9. Thalidomide?
    primary used for treatment of anti-nausea and as a sedative; enantiomer caused birth defects
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