Intel 108

  1. 108.1 Identify the Intelligence Community Organizations that support OSINT, to include
    their roles and functions, and provide examples of the products produced by each.
    • CIA Director - functional manager for OSINT.
    • Director, DIA - DoD lead for OSINT

    Open Source Center - DNI center with purpose of exploiting open source information to assit in the all-source intel.
  2. 108.2 Discuss the importance of OSINT in the following:
    Indications and Warning
    OSINT can corroborate other INTs. Newspaper, foreign government statements, civilians at ground zero updating social media as events unfold, etc.
  3. .2 Discuss the importance of OSINT in the following:
    OSINT can help gauge pubilc sentiment, potential vulnerabilities in society, the "health" of a country's populace in terms of supporting its government, limits, etc.
  4. 108.3 Discuss the risks associated with OSINT to include accessing and using it as a single source.
    While OSINT can provide real time information, or show statements of foreign governments, it is prone to being used for misinformation and misleading.
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