Battery Buggy

  1. Is there impound for battery buggy?
  2. how many ppl in battery buggy and approx. time?
    2 ppl and 15 min
  3. Does the low or high score in battery buggy win?
  4. when does the official run time in battery buggy begin and end?
    begins when vehicle begins forward motion and ends when vehicle comes to a complete stop
  5. how must the switch be designed in battery buggy?
    designed so that the action of starting it is either straight down or straight up, must be activated by pencil, pen, dowel etc.
  6. how many runs do you get in battery buggy?
    2 in ten mins
  7. what are the three tiers for battery buggy?
    • tier 1: runs w/ no violations
    • tiers 2: any runs with run violations
    • tier 3: runs with construction violations or both run+constructions
  8. how is the run, time and distance scores in battery buggy?
    • time: 25x official run time
    • distance: distance from tip of fixed point to finish dot
    • run: sum of time and distance scores
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