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  1. Wen is a unit normally considered to be geographically separated from it servicing MPE?
    If it is not normally within one hor's driving time (one way) of its servicing MPE, it is considered to be geographically separated
  2. When is a GSU authroized to accomplish all personnel actions as relocation processing and reenlistment packages?
    When mutually agreed upon by the MPE and GSU Commanders.
  3. How is a request to establish a satellite of an activie duty MPE submitted?
    For active MPE, MAJCOMs submit requests to AFPC/DPSFM for approval not later than 10 months before the desired implementation date.
  4. As a minimum, to whom does the SPA provide support?
    All collocated Air Force Personnel
  5. What is a joint mission?
    The employment of forces of two or more services in a coordinated action toward a common mission.
  6. Who is responsible fore developing overall mobiliation planning policy?
  7. Who establishes policy guidance for efficiently and accurately deploying military and civilian personnel?
    Director of military Personnel Policy
  8. What consists of the fundamental principles that guide the employment of forces of two or more services?
    Joint Doctrine
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