Test 1-Tables

  1. Bonds and Interactions:

    Sharing of electron pairs; Strong
    Covalent bond
  2. Bonds and Interactions:

    Attraction of opposite charges
    Ionic bond
  3. Bonds and Interactions:

    Sharing of H atom
    Hydrogen bond
  4. Bonds and Interactions:

    Forcing of hydrophobic portions of molecules together in presence of polar substances
    Hydrophobic interaction
  5. Bonds and Interactions:

    Weak attraction between atoms due to oppositely polarized electron clouds
    van der Waals attraction
  6. The properties of water:

    Hydrogen bonds hold water molecules together
  7. The properties of water:

    Hydrogen bonds absorb heat when they break and release heat when they form, minimizing temperature changes
    High specific heat
  8. The properties of water:

    Many hydrogen bonds must be broken for water to evaporate
    High heat of vaporization
  9. The properties of water:

    Water molecules in an ice crystal are spaced relatively far apart because of hydrogen bonding
    Lower density of ice
  10. The properties of water:

    Polar water molecules are attached to ions and polar compounds, making these compounds soluble
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