Young Scientists Book 1

  1. How is the young cuckoo as evil as its mother?
    The young cuckoo pushes other eggs out of the nest.
  2. How does the sandpiper protect its young?
    The sandpiper will pretend to be hurt to draw away the enemy's attention.
  3. Do water and oil mix?
    No, they do not mix. Oil floats on water!
  4. Can you answer all the questions in Page 14 -17?
    Refer to page 17 for the answers.
  5. What is the substance that covers 2/3 of the Earth?
    Two third of the Earth is covered with water.
  6. Where is the gigantic watch which took the professionals 6 days to drape on a tall building?
    It is located in Germany.
  7. What is the giant shoe made of?
    The giant shoe is made with 10 bulls skins.
  8. The 15 layers sandwich was referred to the "the titanic world". What does the word titanic means?
    In this context, it means - huge, enormous, gigantic, extremely big!
  9. What does "miniature" means?
    The word miniature means - tiny, dwarf, extremely small.
  10. Can you answers the questions on page 31 - 34?
    The answers are found on page 34.
  11. Is the phrase "we broke out in cold sweat when we were frightened" accurate?
    Yes, as our palms and arms pits will excrete cold sweat when we are frightened or anxious.
  12. What is our skin made of?
    Our skin is made of cells.
  13. Are sweet potatoes a fruit? Why?
    • No, they are roots because sweet potatoes grow in the soil.
    • However, potatoes are stems!
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