Review for exam 1

  1. What is Information?
    What is Data?
  2. List the critical characteristics of Information.
  3. What is an Information System and what are the components?
  4. What is Information Security/Management and What is the Mission?
  5. Relate the history of computer security and how it evolved into information security.
  6. Define key terms and critical concepts of information security as presented in class.

    Examples: Threat, Vulnerability, Safeguard/Control
  7. Who is responsible for Information Security? Any Roles?
  8. Identify the top threats to information security.
  9. Identify five types of attack or misuse.
  10. Identify and explain two costly threats.
  11. Suggest why one (businesses, people) might want to use the Internet if it is so dangerous.
  12. Give examples of Physical, Administrative, and Technical Controls to support Information Security.
  13. What are domains
  14. List examples of cybersecurity domains
  15. Define White Hat
  16. Define Black Hat
  17. Define Grey Hat
  18. What type of cyber criminals are there?
  19. Why become a cybersecurity specialist?
  20. What types of records should be protected?
  21. What laws are set to protect privacy?
  22. What is a threat?
  23. What new technologies are changing the threats we face?
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Review for exam 1
ITEC_3388 Cybersecurity 1 Review for exam 1