1. Groan
    • Murmer
    • Whine
    • Make a deep inarticulate sound conveying pain, despair, pleasure, etc.

    Louder expression: bellow

    Marty ****** and pulled the blanket over his head
  2. Bewildered
    • Baffled
    • Bemused
    • Confounded
    • Confused
    • Perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements
    • Startled

    Parents are often ******** by kid's questions

    I was ********* to see the protocols followed in Toastmasters meeting

    She felt ********* on the first day of school
  3. Bellow
    (of a person or animal) emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger.

    He ****** and screamed with a voice that could cut steel
  4. Stead
    The place or role that someone or something should have or fill (used in referring to a substitute).

    You wish to have him superseded and to be appointed in his ******
  5. Disjunction
    • The act of disjoining or the condition of being disjointed
    • Disconnect

    A ******** between thought and action
  6. Tirade
    Demotivating speech
  7. Vividly
    • In a way that produces powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.
    • In an intensely deep or bright manner
    • Similar: Vicarious, lucid

    Margaret remembers ******* the day she received the grim news

    Flowers of different hues shining ***** in the bright sunshine
  8. Captivate
    • Attract and hold the interest and attention of
    • Charm

    Sita is being held ****** by the rakshasa-king Ravan.

    He was ******** by her beauty
  9. Veil
    • Cover
    • Envelop
    • Engulf
    • a piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face.

    Anger leads to the ***** of judgment
  10. Hermit
    • A person living in solitude as a religious discipline
    • Person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people

    She has turned into a virtual *******

    A ******** standing outside the line asks for some food
  11. Defer
    • Postpone
    • Procrastinate
    • Put off

    We decided to ***** our visit to J&K due to sensitive situation there

    Our new house possession ******* for few more months owing to pending work

    We have decided to ******* club contest due to sufficient time availability for Area contest

    ******** speech opportunity is a substantial loss to the development of a Toastmaster

    I decided to ******* Yoga Teacher training course to next year
  12. Incessantly
    • Without interruption
    • Constantly

    Your practice should be deerghakale, satkarsevito, niryantaraye which means for a long time, with good intentions and *********
  13. Alleviate
    Make (suffering, deficiency, or a problem) less severe

    He couldn't prevent her pain, only could ****** it

    Slow, deliberate and controlled breathing helps ******* this and sends more oxygen to the brain allowing for more reasoned thinking processes to take place.
  14. Quick
    • Very Fast
    • Rapid
  15. Linger
    Stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave.

    She ******** in the yard, enjoying the warm sunshine

    Negative thoughts ***** in mind for long time
  16. Destine
    • To determine beforehand
    • Preordain
    • To assign for a specific end, use, or purpose

    A foolish scheme ***** to fail

    A film ******** to become a classic

    Money ******* to pay for their child's education

    A flight ****** for Tokyo

    I was ****** to become a leader and a prominent orator
  17. Super quick comments
    • Summarize
    • Gist

  18. To be wary of
    • Be coutious
    • attentive
    • vigilant
    • careful

    I am just trying to be **** of the fact that it will add up to our responsibilities and will demand more time

    dogs which have been mistreated often remain very ***** of strangers
  19. Ordain
    • Make (someone) a priest or minister Confer holy orders on
    • Induct

    He was ********* a minister before entering Parliament

    The Church of England voted to ****** women
  20. Terrible
    • Extremely bad or serious
    • Sinister

    The stranger gave a ****** smile
  21. Pretend
    Behave so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not

    I closed my eyes and ******* I was asleep

    He was ****** to be smart
  22. Preach
    • Speak philosophy
    • Deliver spiritual message

    ****** but also lead by example

    ******* practical spiritual wisdom
  23. Contagious
    Spreading from one to another

    Displaying enthusiasm at work is *******, and people expect that the source of such is their leader
  24. Satiated
    • satisfied to the full
    • Quench

    Desire is such a disease that can never be *******
  25. Dimly
    • Not brightly
    • With a faint light

    lower down the path was more dismal and ****** lit
  26. Duly
    • In a proper manner
    • At the expected time

    A ***** appointed official

    It is necessary to ***** submit your declaration
  27. Filthy
    Disgustingly dirty

    A ****** hospital with no sanitation
  28. Advent
    • Inception
    • Onset
    • Beginning
    • Commencement
    • Start

    ******* of 20th century marked with great technological developments on electronic goods

    ******* of parenting brings patience

    Quality of our meetings, learnings changed with ******** pathways
  29. Grudge
    Persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past incident

    She held a ******* against her former boss
  30. Blemish
    • A small mark or flaw which spoils the appearance of something
    • Imperfection
    • Fault
    • Flaw

    The girl's hands were without a *******

    His reign as world champion has been ******** by controversy
  31. Babble
    • To utter a meaningless confusion of words or sounds
    • To talk foolishly or idly
    • Chatter
    • Gabble
    • Jabber
    • Rapid and indistinct speech

    Kids ********* while playing to suppress each other

    Babies ********* before they can talk

    TMOD role helps to prevent ******** and helps to develop sensible talking

    I have a habit of ******** in anxiety
  32. Demagogue
    • A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace
    • A leader of the common people in ancient times

    Mahatma Gandhi was definitely a **********
  33. Adorn
    • To decorate
    • Add beauty

    Lot of flowers are used to ****** the idols during worship

    Music, festivals and celebrations ****** life ******** shops attract buyers
  34. Redundant
    • No longer needed or useful
    • Extra beyond need and not adding value
    • Superfluous

    Second car can sometimes prove to be *****

    In a 4 bed room house, 1 bedroom may become ****** for a family of 4
  35. Domino effect
    The situation in which something, usually something bad, happens, causing other similar events to happen.

  36. Intrinsic
    • Of or relating to the essential nature of a thing
    • Inherent
    • Internal
    • Dispositional
  37. Frown
    Furrow one's brows in an Expression indicating disapproval, displeasure, or concentration

    He ***** as he reread the letter
  38. Deduce
    • Arrive at (a fact or a conclusion) by reasoning
    • Draw as a logical conclusion

    Little can be safely ****** from these figures
  39. Insane
    • Very foolish
    • Absurd
    • Crazy

    She took ******* risks behind the wheel
  40. Factual
    • Concerned with what is actually the case
    • Authentic
    • Truthful

    The cause can be ****** or due to a misconception
  41. Grievance
    • A feeling of resentment or injustice at having been unfairly treated
    • A complaint or protestation based on such a circumstance

    Team raised ********* on being ill treated by other functional engineers
  42. Livid
    Furiously angry

    Some tough times can make people ****** with rage

    Paul was ******** that we could not succeed in impeller design
  43. Imply
    • To involve by logical necessity
    • Entail
    • To express or indicate indirectly

    Life ****** growth and death

    His tone ******* disapproval

    Nodding head mostly ******** that you understood
  44. Dodge
    Avoid (someone or something) by a sudden quick movement.

    They really were lazy and tried to ****** their duties but next time they won't repeat that behaviour
  45. Intact
    • Not damaged or impaired in any way
    • Alright

    The church was almost in ruins but its tower remained *******

    Inspite of many ups and downs, the club remained ****** by virtue of some self motivated members
  46. Meagre
    (of something provided or available) lacking in quantity or quality

    They were forced to supplement their ******** earnings
  47. Solace
    Comfort or consolation in a time of great distress or sadness.

    She sought ******* in her religion
  48. Condor
    • Represents doing what you like
    • Having a good time

    "this is the year of the ******, we're just going to chill out all the time"

    In all ******, he gently indicated that he really cared about her
  49. Derisive
    Expressing contempt or ridicule

    He gave a harsh and ******** laugh
  50. Arduous
    • Involving or requiring strenuous effort
    • Difficult and tiring
    • Laborious

    Last train journey back to Pune was ******* due to poor planning

    EEEC activity turned out to be *******
  51. Impose
    • To establish or apply as compulsory
    • Levy
    • To apply or make prevail by or as if by authority
    • To obtrude or force (oneself, for example) on another or others

    Heavy tax was ******* on imports to encourage inhouse making

    21 days of lock down was ******** all over India to break Coronavirus chain
  52. Veritable
    • Authentic
    • Unquestionable
    • Reliable

    Sriram is one of the ****** form of the lord
  53. Sulking
    • Be silent
    • Having long face
    • Be in a bad mood

    ******* is the result of inability to let go

    Kids never ******, if they do they are no more kids

    ******* is equivalent to carrying garbage on head for long time
  54. Delve
    • Reach inside a receptacle and search for something
    • Excavate
    • Dig into

    She ******* in her pocket and surprisingly found the coin as magician stated

    We will ***** deeper into this issue after we get more clarity
  55. Covert
    • not openly acknowledged or displayed
    • Secret
    • Furtive
    • Stealthy
    • Surreptitious

    "******** operations against the dictatorship"
  56. Coward
    A person who is contemptibly lacking in the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things

    They had run away—the *****
  57. Dispel
    Make disappear

    No one can ****** your self-misconceptions except you.
  58. Impeccable
    • In accordance with the highest standards
    • Faultless
    • Flawless
    • Unblemished

    The marketing manager at SKYi exhibited ******** attitude while dealing with customers
  59. Jargon
    A characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

    Bad engineers are afraid of technical ******** used by passionate engineers
  60. Peculiar
    • Not typical
    • Different to what is normal or expected
    • Strange
    • Bizarre

    Antonym: typical

    He gave her some very ****** looks
  61. Puppet with strings
    No strings attached
    Pull strings
    • Responsibilities, commitments
    • Make use of one's influence and contacts to gain an advantage unofficially or unfairly

    I am separated now, so no ******** attached

    He tried to ***** ****** with people he knew to avoid being called up
  62. Obstinate
    Stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempts to persuade one to do so

    Her ******* determination to pursue a career in radio
  63. Puny
    • Small and weak
    • Poor in quality, amount, or size
    • undesired

    The strength of our club reduced to a ****** 10 members but we did not give up
  64. Disruptive
    Innovative or groundbreaking

    Breaking a ******** technology into the market is never easy
  65. Extravagant
    • Unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings
    • Exuberant
    • Overweening

    His ********* praise boosted her morale
  66. Extricate
    • Release from entanglement of difficulty
    • Disentangle
    • Detach

    I cannot ******** myself from this task

    With age it is necessary to ******** yourself from worldly pleasures
  67. Complacent
    • Being too satisfied with yourself or with a situation
    • Not doing much to change

    You can't afford to be ******* about your aspirations to learn flute, public speaking
  68. Perilous
    • Very Risky
    • full of danger or risk.

    "It turned out to be a ********* journey south"
  69. Inadvertent
    • Uintentional
    • Accidental

    His name had been ******* omitted from the list
  70. Renounce
    Formally declare one's abandonment of (a claim, right, or possession)

    ******* of worldly pleasures is not to stop indulging in world but to indulge without craving or for sensual pleasures

    Isabella offered to ***** her son's claim to the French Crown
  71. Stray
    • Move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place.
    • Wander

    Dog owners are urged not to allow their dogs to *******
  72. Astray
    • Away from the correct path or direction
    • Vain

    We went ****** but a man redirected us
  73. Languish
    • (of a person or other living thing) lose or lack vitality
    • Grow weak or feeble
    • Fail to make progress or be successful

    Plants may appear to be ******* simply because they are dormant

    Foreign stocks are still ******

    She still ****** after Richard
  74. Dwindle
    • To grow or cause to grow less in size, intensity, or number
    • Diminish or shrink gradually
    • Attenuate

    The fillers gradually ******* from my speeches as I became more conscious

    My energy ******** as the day progresses

    The reason for failure is ******* enthusiasm and undisciplined effort
  75. Dormant
    • Abeyant
    • Inactive

    My bicycle has been ******* since long time

    Stitching machine and keyboard are lying *******

    Drawing material is lying ******

    *********** mind is dangerous
  76. Efficacy
    • Effectiveness
    • Capacity or power to produce a desired effect

    "there is little information on the ******** of this treatment"

    Concern about the safety and ****** of the vaccine
  77. Entice
    • Attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage
    • Allure
    • Attract
    • Dangle a carrot in front of

    A show which should ******* new audience into the theatre

    There is nobody on this earth who will not be ******* by tasty food, chocolates
  78. Purview
    Range or scope of influence or experience or thought

    Your selection in job is beyond my ********
  79. Slog
    • Work hard over a period of time
    • Toil

    They were ***** away to meet a deadline
  80. Divisive
    • Creating dissension or discord
    • Causing or tending to cause disagreement

    The points you mentioned to support our argument seem *******
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