1. Adored
    Very Loved
  2. Emphatically
    • In a forceful way
    • Without doubt
    • In a very clear way

    Though I am basically Telugu, I feel ********** Mumbaikar

    It was an ************ win for India over Pakistan with a huge score onboard
  3. Disposition
    A person's inherent qualities of mind and character

    You may suffer from short term memory loss if you have highly prone ****** to stress and anxiety
  4. Mere
    Used to emphasize how small or insignificant someone or something is

    She was hired As a manager rather than a ******* clerk
  5. Capitulate
    • To surrender under specified conditions
    • Come to terms
    • To give up all resistance
    • Acquiesce
    • Concede

    All flat owners ******** the issue of car parking

    Though I show some resistance to a futile change, I ********* on prolonged discussion
  6. Indulge
    To engage or take part, especially freely or avidly

    I have ******** into many different activities

    ********* into Toastmasters for last 3 years, I have witnessed significant change in me through introspection
  7. Atrocious
    • Very Bad
    • horrifyingly wicked
    • of a very poor quality
    • Extremely bad or unpleasant
    • Godawful

    "he attempted an ******** imitation of my English accent"
  8. Metacognition
    • Thinking about thinking
    • Awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes

    Emotional intelligence and positive thinking enhances your ********
  9. Fabulous
    • Extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large
    • Tremendous
    • Having no basis in real
    • Incredibly huge

    Dubai houses ********* modern architectural monuments
  10. Doe
    • Female deer
    • Especially a female roe
    • Fallow deer
    • Female hare
    • Rabbit
    • Rat
    • Ferret
    • Kangaroo.
  11. Perceive
    • To become aware of directly through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing
    • To achieve understanding of
    • Apprehend

    Each individual ******** a particular situation differently

    Your ********* is a picture of your maturity
  12. Staunch
    • Very loyal and committed in attitude
    • Stalwart
    • Faithful
    • (of a wall) of strong or firm construction

    Many people are ********* supporters of the anti-nuclear mission

    These ******* walls could withstand attack by cannon

    Now we have some ****** members who can steer the club
  13. Felony
    Crime regarded in the US and many other judicial systems as more serious than a misdemeanour

    He pleaded guilty to six *******
  14. Gasp
    Catch one's breath with an open mouth

    Once again the proud king gives the answer to which the vetal ***** in admiration.
  15. Surreptitiously
    • in a way that attempts to avoid notice or attention
    • Secretively
    • Furtively
    • Stealthily

    How negativity has crept in ****** to rob us from unleashing our true potential

    "Mary ******* slipped from the room"
  16. vis-à-vis
    • In relation to
    • With regard to
    • As compared with
    • As opposed to

    Many agencies now have a unit to deal with women's needs ****** employment

    The advantage for US exports is the value of the dollar ****** other currencies
  17. Stranded
    • (of a boat, sailor, or sea creature) left aground on a shore.
    • Left without the means to move from somewhere

    She offers a lift to a ******** commuter

    A ******** whale
  18. Deprive
    • Take away possessions from someone
    • Divest

    ******** yourself from Humour speech contest is a loss to your Toastmasters journey

    SAA will ****** you from Barging in and out of room while somebody is speaking on stage

    Many are ******** of basic needs in the aftermath of natural disaster

    I didn't know that during slow down, you are also ****** of FE ALD activity. That's beyond my understanding.
  19. Salvation
    The act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc.

    Faith takes you close to ********* and doubt takes you close to misery
  20. Paramount
    More important than anything else

    In habit creation, consistency in practice is of ******** importance

    The interests of the child are of ******* importance
  21. Spacious
    Very roomy
  22. Contemplate
    • To look at attentively and thoughtfully
    • Cogitate
    • Ponder
    • Meditate
    • To consider carefully and at length

    *********** the problem from all sides

    Every speech needs deep ********* after the speech
  23. Dividends
    A benefit from an action or policy.

    Buying a rail pass may still pay *****

    A small investiment of disciplined practice surely pays ******* on a long run
  24. Superb
    Very Good
  25. Unalloyed
    • Unadulterated
    • Pure

    New born babies are ****** by the worldly afflictions

    Our devotion to God should be ********
  26. Disparity
    • The condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree
    • Difference
    • Unlikeness
    • Incongruity
    • Diverse

    Narrow the economic ******* among regions and industries
  27. Endeavour
    • Try hard to do or achieve something
    • Sincere attempt

    We must ******* to achieve perfection
  28. You dummy
  29. Abode
    • A place of residence
    • A house or home

    We live in creator's *******, he is all around us

    I want to design my humble *****
  30. Fishy
    Arousing feelings of doubt or suspicion.

    I'm convinced there is something ***** going on
  31. Ambivalent
    Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

    Some loved her, some hated her, few were ****** about her
  32. Fling
    Short period of enjoyment or wild behaviour

    One final ****** before a tranquil retirement

    I experience frequent *******
  33. Flint
    A hard grey rock consisting of nearly pure silica (chert), occurring chiefly as nodules in chalk.

    Houses built of brick and *******
  34. Profess
    • Create untrue picture
    • Claim that one has (a quality or feeling), especially when this is not the case.
    • Fudge
    • Fabricate

    He had ****** his love for her only to walk away
  35. Exhibit
    • Publicly display (a work of art or item of interest) in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair
    • Manifest clearly (a quality or a type of behaviour)

    He could ****** a saintlike submissiveness

    Only one sculpture was ******** in the artist's lifetime
  36. Strides
    • Walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction
    • Cross (an obstacle) with one long step

    New wealth enabled Britain to ******* the world once more

    A woman ******* the cobbled streets

    He ******** across the road
  37. Contrary
    Opposite in nature, direction, or meaning

    He ignored ****** advice and agreed on the deal
  38. Deploy
    • To position (troops) in readiness for combat
    • To put into use or action

    Indian army decided to ******* a part of their army to take position on the other side

    For effective use of resources, we must ****** them on 1 short and 1 long term project
  39. Condemn
    • Express complete disapproval of
    • Censure
    • Criticize
    • Castigate

    Most leaders roundly ******* the attack
  40. Obnoxious
    • Extremely unpleasant
    • Nasty
    • Offensive
    • Awful
    • Jerk

    ****** odours kept us away from the place

    Modern kids are learning to be ******* looking at the movie characters
  41. Rapid
    • Happening in a short time or at a great rate
    • Quick
    • Swift
  42. Eclipsing something

  43. Articulate
    • Speak fluently and coherently
    • Eloquent

    Stuart is adept at ******* and elaborating on anything that you ask. I want to learn this skill.

    Have nicely gave an ***** account of their experiences from recent holiday
  44. Terrified
    • Very Afraid
    • Intimidated
    • Scared
  45. Deleterious
    • Causing harm or damage
    • Detrimental

    Divorce is assumed to have ****** effects on children
  46. Futile
    • Unsuccessful
    • Pointless
    • Unimportant
    • Useless

    This trial seems to be *******, let's not pursue it
  47. Agony
    • Extreme physical or mental suffering
    • Anguish

    He crashed to the ground in *******
  48. Culminate
    Reach a climax or point of highest development

    Weeks of violence ******* in the brutal murder of a magistrate
  49. Dispensable
    • Not essential
    • Unimportant
    • Disposable

    He held back many ******* items at home
  50. Slumber

    Sleeping Beauty ******* in her forest castle
  51. Endowment
    • funding
    • financing

    she tried to promote the ***** for the crucial project
  52. Pious
    • Devoutly religious
    • Spiritual
    • Holy
  53. Accede
    Agree to a demand, request, or treaty

    The supreme court authorities did not ******* to the jallikattu supporters

    School Principal did not ******* to parents for reducing fee HR did not ****** to the club's request for support
  54. Accord
    • Give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition)
    • Entrust

    The powers ******** to the head of state

    I will be soon ******** as a global TSFE leader
  55. Inundated
    • Overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with
    • Obsess

    We will be ******* with feelings related to the adversities we felt in the recent past
  56. Parch
    • Make or become dry through intense heat
    • Searing
    • Scorching
    • Blistering
    • Roast (corn, peas, etc.) lightly

    A piece of grassland ******* by the sun
  57. Reluctant
    • Unwilling and hesitant
    • Disinclined

    Today, many ordinary people are still ****** to talk about politics
  58. Putting teeth
    • To make something powerful
    • To give something a real effect

  59. Godawful
    • Extremely bad
    • Unpleasant
    • Obnoxious

    if someone is fired from their job they could jump to the ******* conclusion that there is no other job in the universe they can get to replace the one that was lost
  60. Undermine
    Lessen the effectiveness, power, or ability of, especially gradually or insidiously.

    This could ******* years of hard work

    Your silly, reckless actions can ****** all your achievements

    Society has trained you to formulate irrational beliefs that ******* your genuine capacity
  61. Destitute
    • Very Poor
    • Utterly lacking
    • Devoid
    • Lacking resources or the means of subsistence

    Most of the recruits are ******* of any experience in cfd
  62. Inflate
    To fill (something) with air or gas so as to make it swell

    Attenuated timelines and ****** demands create stress in individuals
  63. Voracious
    Wanting or devouring great quantities of food

    He had a ****** appetite

    A shadow has been cast upon those of us who want to give their ******* thoughts and emotions full freedom
  64. Flushed
    Remove or dispose of (an object or substance)

    Negative feelings cannot simply be ****** down the toilet so easily
  65. Haunt
    Be persistently and disturbingly present in (the mind)

    The sight ******* me for years
  66. Savour
    • Taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it to the full
    • Relish

    Every morning I ********* my breakfast

    Gourmets will want to ******* our game specialities
  67. Exacerbate
    • Aggravate
    • Worsen

    The health issues become ****** by further exposure to stress and anxiety
  68. Impostor
    A person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain

    The charity has warned anyone approached by the ****** to contact police immediately
  69. Plight
    • Unfortunate situation
    • Difficult situation
    • Demise
    • Debacle

    We must direct our efforts towards relieving the ***** of children living in poverty

    The ******* continued in his life and he continued to confront every situation and he finally emerged as a strong individual
  70. Boggle
    • Hesitate as if in fear or doubt
    • Shy away or be overcome with fright or astonishment

    The mind is now ******* at all the numbers on the table, both sides agreed to a recess of an hour to make decision

    Performance of athletes in Olympics is always mind ********
  71. Spin off
    A by-product or incidental result of a larger project

    The commercial ******* from defence research
  72. Tranquilize
    • Free from disturbance
    • Serene
    • Peaceful

    I want to create ****** ambience in pooja room to be able to meditate

    Ferocious animal are ******** by injection
  73. Detrimental
    • Causing harm or injury
    • Damaging to career and reputation
    • Prejudicious

    The reporter's coverage resulted ******* publicity for the defendant

    Laziness is ******* to performance

    Junk food is ******* to one's health

    Littering is ******** to surroundings

    Cutting trees is ******** to eco system
  74. Stagger
    • Walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall
    • Flounder
    • Astonish or deeply shock

    He ******* to his feet, swaying a little

    Sonny took the blow on the temple and ******* sideways

    I was ******* to find it was six o'clock
  75. Engender
    Cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition)

    The issue ******** continuing controversy
  76. Expel
    • Remove from a position or office
    • Oust
    • Throw out
    • Kick out

    The chairman was ********* after he misappropriated funds

    It is necessary to ******** stage fright, else comes in your growth path
  77. Aisle
    A passage between rows of seats in a building such as a church or theater, an airplane, or a train

    The musical had the audience dancing in the ******

    One day a young woman was shopping in the vegetable ******, as another older woman rummaged through the endives
  78. Lucrative
    Producing a great deal of profit

    A ******* opportunity is always welcome
  79. Whimper
    Make a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or unhappiness

    A child in a bed nearby began to *****
  80. Concede
    Admit or Acknowledge Often reluctantly as being true

    Subordinate ******** to boss eventually
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