1. Aberration
    A departure from what is normal Unsual, or unexpected, typically an unwelcome one

    They described the outbreak of violence in the area as an *******
  2. Legitimate
    Being in compliance with the law

    Lawful ********* business
  3. Torment
    • Agony
    • Suffering
    • Anguish
    • Distress
    • Affliction

    Their deaths have left both families in *******

    He was ******** by jealousy
  4. Tiny
    • Very small
    • Minute

    There are so many ******* creatures there to astonish you
  5. Array
    • Series
    • Matrix

    Broadened people's mindsets widen the ***** of thoughts and actions
  6. Fortnight
    A period of fourteen consecutive days

    Most major tennis tournaments last a ********
  7. Astonish
    • Astound
    • Wonder
    • Amaze

    Your ability to speak six languages is ******* me

    I was ********* to see the great change in her confidence

    Nature always *********** me
  8. Persevere
    • Persist
    • Refuse to stop
    • Hang on
    • Hold on

    Success is the result of ********
  9. Scalding
    Very Hot
  10. Decipher
    • Interpret (ambiguous, obscure, or illegible matter)
    • Convert from a code to plain text
    • Decode
    • You have to contemplate and ****** the important information out of patents and papers and make use of it in our projects

    Listening to prominant speakers, you must learn to ******* their best practices
  11. Contentious
    • Inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree
    • Disputative
    • Litigious
  12. Zest
    • Great enthusiasm and energy
    • Grit

    They campaigned with ***** and intelligence

    What separates great people from mediocre ones is their ****** for life
  13. Thrive
    • Grow or develop well or vigorously
    • (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.

    The new baby ******** on breast feeding
  14. Confectionery
    Sweets and chocolates considered collectively

    Somebody is delicately licking the ****** sugar
  15. Tremble
    • Shake involuntarily, typically as a result of anxiety, excitement, or frailty
    • Quiver
    • Waver
    • Apprehensive

    Isobel was ******* with excitement

    Joe's face was pale and his hands were ********

    ******* to think that we could ever return to conditions like these

    I ******** at the thought of what might be lurking near me unseen
  16. Dilemma
    • Confusion
    • Scepticism

    Most of the times, we are in ******* on whether to go out on weekends or have fun at home
  17. Apprehend
    • Arrest
    • Catch
    • Capture
    • Seize
    • Understand, comprehend, realize, recognize

    The thieves were quickly *******

    He is sharp enough to ******* even complex problem

    I am a slow learner, it is difficult for me to ******* discussions and key points at the first instance
  18. Commiserate
    • Express or feel sympathy or pity
    • Sympathize

    She went over to ******* with Rose on her unfortunate circumstances
  19. Gruelling
    • Extremely tiring and demanding
    • Arduous
    • Laborious

    A ******* schedule is becoming routine in life. Is it just a mental gimmick?

    When faced with ****** situations, you just have to remind yourself to look the other way
  20. Humongous
    • Very large
    • Colossal
    • Huge
  21. Despise
    • Feel contempt or a deep repugnance for
    • Detest
    • Hate

    He ******* himself for being selfish
  22. Ambiguous
    Open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning.

    ******** phrases create lot of confusion
  23. Sober
    Quiet or sedate in demeanor marked by seriousness, gravity, solemnity

    Our engineering leader is so ****** while talking that we feel anxious
  24. Pragmatic
    • Of or relating to a practical point of view or practical considerations
    • dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

    "a ******** approach to politics & business is always conducive"
  25. brashly
    Self assertive in a rude noisy or overbearing way

    if we are ***** insulted, our stomachs will contract we will clench our teeth and hands main turn into fist
  26. Supper
    An evening meal, typically a light or informal one

    You may have called while they were preparing *******
  27. Accost
    To approach and speak to boldly or aggressively, as with a demand or request

    Angry beggar ***** me for money

    Teenage children are ****** parents to fulfil their desires

    ****** anybody is prohibited in Cummins. You must be humble
  28. Tanning
    (of a pale-skinned person or their skin) become brown or browner after exposure to the sun.

    You'll ******* very quickly in the pure air

    At the beach when we close our eyes when we feel ourselves ******
  29. Curb
    • A check or restraint on something.
    • Restrict

    "plans to introduce tougher ***** on insider dealing"

    She promised she would ***** her temper

    He had to ***** some of his desires and control some of his actions
  30. Horrible
    • Horrid
    • Causing or likely to cause horror
    • Shocking
    • Very unpleasant

    The tea tasted ******

    The teachers at school were ******
  31. Incredible
    • Impossible to believe
    • Unbelievable
    • Unconvincing
    • Far-fetched
    • So implausible as to elicit disbelief
    • Astonishing

    Gave an ******* explanation of the cause of the accident
  32. Unfurled
    Make or become spread out from a rolled or folded state, especially in order to be open to the wind

    A systematic flute practice begins for me after **** the mat
  33. Relish
    • Enjoy greatly
    • Enjoy
    • Take pleasure in
    • Rejoice in Savour
    • Flavouring

    He was ******* his moment of glory
  34. Hideous
    • Very ugly
    • Extremely unpleasant
    • Obnoxious

    "Hollywood directors are good at creating hypothetical ******* lizard-like creatures"
  35. Freezing
    Very Cold
  36. Scurvy
    • Worthless
    • Contemptible

    That was a ****** trick
  37. Slew
    Large number of things

    Stress and anxiety can lead to a whole ***** of different diseases
  38. Whooping
    • Shout
    • Yell
    • Cry

    All at once they were ****** with laughter
  39. Irascible
    • Having or showing tendency of easily getting angered
    • Less tolerant

    The supervisor was the ******* sort, and secretly resented anyone who was more creative than himself
  40. Anomaly
    • Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected
    • Aberration

    We must review to identify ********* before taking decisions
  41. Posit
    • Put forward as fact or as a basis for argument
    • to suggest something as a basic fact or principle from which a further idea is formed or developed
    • Postulate
    • a statement which is made on the assumption that it will prove to be true.

    He ****** four basic plans of organization in the kingdom

    The Confucian view ****** a perfectible human nature
  42. Incur
    • Earn debt
    • To become liable or subject to (something unwelcoming) as a result of one's actions
    • Bring upon loss

    His remarks eventually ******* the anger of a friend

    We have to be cautious while investing in shares, else we ******** significant losses
  43. bemoan
    • Express discontent or sorrow over (something)
    • Lament

    Similarly, several regional lakes are empty of fish, and village hunters repeatedly ******* having to travel longer and further each year in search of game.
  44. Doom
    death, destruction, or some other terrible fate.

    "the aircraft was sent crashing to its ******* in the water"

    This may result in an early marriage which might be ******* from the start
  45. Malign
    • Speak unfavorably about
    • Badmouth
    • Traduce
    • Drag through the mud

    She ********** her inlaws everywhere

    Prompted by ******* motives, he indulged in office politics
  46. Fond
    Having an affection or liking for

    I'm very ***** of reading
  47. Catastrophic
    Involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering.

    It was indeed a ****** earthquake
  48. Embrace
    • Hug
    • Clasp in the arms
    • Accept (a belief, theory, or change) willingly, enthusiastically

    Our club members ***** every individual who is weak in communication skills and is willing to improve

    Cummins ******* diversity which enables innovation
  49. Disguise
    To change the appearance of something so as to conceal identity or mislead, as by means of deceptive garb

    Authenticity is an integral part of leadership behaviours, you cannot ********* yourself for a long time

    In this real world, people choose to ******** their background to gain advantage
  50. Demeanour
    • Appearance
    • The way a person behaves towards others
    • Conduct

    Your success is determined by your ******

    I maintain approachable *******

    Our leader always maintains sober *****
  51. Wander
    Walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way

    He ******* aimlessly through the narrow streets
  52. Anxious
    Very worried

    He was so ******** after that accident and did not step out

    ******** is the biggest deterrant in public speaking
  53. Foot out of service
    • Person, equipment or vehicle not in use
    • Retired

  54. Rummage
    Search unsystematically and untidily through a mass or receptacle

    He ****** in his pocket for a handkerchief

    He ****** the drawer for his false teeth

    One day a young woman was shopping in the vegetable aisle, as another older woman ******* through the endives.
  55. Implications
    • Suggestion
    • Inference
    • the conclusion that can be drawn from something although it is not explicitly stated.

    "the ******* is that no one person at the bank is responsible"
  56. Endure
    Suffer (Jhelana) patiently

    We have to ******* sometimes certain tough situations which are beyond our control
  57. Akin

    My parents were *****, probably half cousins
  58. Ancient
    Very Old
  59. Ensue
    Happen or occur afterwards or as a result

    If a sales representative wishes to meet a particular sales target but apprehensive of doing so, the condition of stress *****

    Nevertheless when we share that with others, positive feelings will *******
  60. Grateful
    • Appreciative of benefits received
    • Thankful

    I am ******** to God for everything that I received in this lifetime
  61. Invigorate
    Give strength or energy to.

    The shower had *********** her

    If you want to fulfill your desires, you must ******* them
  62. Relinquish
    • Voluntarily cease to keep or claim
    • Transfer

    He ********* his managerial role to become chief executive
  63. Connote
    (of a word) imply or suggest (an idea or feeling) in addition to the literal or primary meaning

    Note that fear is a de-motivator which ****** negative results

    The term ‘modern science’ usually ******* a complete openness to empirical testing
  64. Barrier
    • A structure, such as a fence, built to bar passage
    • Something immaterial that obstructs or impedes

    Pursuing family life becomes a big ******** to our freedom of taking quick decisions
  65. Grapple
    • Engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons
    • Wrestle

    Passer-by ******** with the man after the knife attack
  66. Attuned
    • Make receptive or aware
    • Accustom
    • Acclimatize

    A society more ****** to consumerism than ideology
  67. Kneel
    Supporting yourself on your knees Surrender

    Learn to ******* down in front of that great one when you can't see any way out
  68. Screech
    (of a person or animal) give a loud, harsh, piercing cry

    The monkeys are jumping and ******* everywhere to ensure everything is being done efficiently and effectively

    She hit her brother, causing him to ******* with pain
  69. Blossom
    • Mature or develop in a promising or healthy way
    • Evolve

    Their friendship ******* into romance
  70. Looking down to someone
    Blaming somebody

  71. Per se
    • By itself
    • Intrinsically

    It is not these facts ******* that are important
  72. Canning
    • Dismiss
    • Not pursued
    • dismiss from a job
    • Discard

    His idea was ******, and he felt like a loser

    "he was ****** because of a tiff over promotion"
  73. Frigid
    • Very cold in temperature
    • Stiff or formal in behaviour or style.

    The ***** elegance of the new Opera Bastille

    ****** water makes it difficult to complete early morning chores during winter
  74. Providence
    • The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power
    • Grace

    They found their trust in divine ****** to be a source of comfort
  75. Hanker
    • Yearn
    • Long
    • Crave
    • Feel a strong desire for or to do something

    He ******* after a lost golden chain
  76. Immense
    • Of boundless or immeasurable size or extent
    • Very Big
    • Extremely large
    • Huge
    • Colossal

    It gives me ******* pleasure to be part of this club
  77. Dread
    • To anticipate with apprehension or terror
    • To fear greatly

    I everyday ******* the long drive back to home

    Impressions in subconscious mind make me ****** the things such as water, fire, height

    There are many who ******** public speaking
  78. Anecdote
    Short account of an incident (especially a biographical one)

    Sharing a life lesson with the help of short ******* helps people grasp the knowledge faster
  79. Acrimonious
    Angry and full of strong bitter feelings and words

    His parents went through an ******* divorce
  80. Grim
    • Very serious or gloomy
    • Stern
    • Forbidding
    • Uninviting
    • Unapproachable
    • Aloof
    • Distant
    • Dismal
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