1. Cross your fingers
    Very Good luck

  2. As cool as cucumber
    Calm demeanour

    Inspite of brutal criticism, the leader remained *********

  3. Humming
    Make a low, steady continuous sound like that of a bee

    All friends were ****** in joy before starting to sing
  4. Squalid
    • Filthy
    • Very Dirty
    • Hideous
    • Obnoxious
    • (of a place) extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of poverty or neglect.

    "the *******, overcrowded prison"
  5. Whining
    • The making of a long, high-pitched cry or sound.
    • Wailing

    Dogs may exhibit signs of anxiety, such as ******, chewing, and excessive barking
  6. Couch
    A long upholstered piece of furniture for several people to sit on

    I sat in an armchair and they sat on the ******
  7. Deficit
    • Inadequacy
    • Insufficiency
    • Short of

    Everybody has long laundry list which never finishes and makes us feel the time *******
  8. Overwhelm
    • To overcome completely in mind or feeling
    • Feeling overloaded
    • Submerged by water

    I feel ******** with lot of things to pay attention to in my role

    Continuous ********** situation in work leads to fatigue

    Plan your prepared speech well in advance rather than ********* yourself with preparation and practice at the end

    Club witnessed ********* response to the call for nominations for humour speech club contest
  9. Glorious
    having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration.

    "the most ****** victory of all time"

    She reassured him that she enjoyed all of their dates and had a grand and ******* time
  10. Irrelevant
    • Extraneous
    • Having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue

    An ******** comment can divert the whole discussion

    Those ********* allegations lead to strong punishments
  11. Spellbound
    • Hold the complete attention of (someone) as though by magic
    • Fascinate
    • Enthrall

    The singer held the audience ******
  12. Broach
    Raise (a difficult subject) for discussion

    He ******* the subject he had been avoiding all evening

    1o1 meetings most of the times need ****** feedback

    If you don't **** it at right time, it may get too late
  13. Dejected
    • Being in low spirits
    • Depressed
    • Downhearted
    • Dismal
    • Despondent

    Lord Krishna said the one who is neither delighted nor ******* by worldly things is the one who attains immortality

    ******* due to failures is the sign of weak mind

    Sometimes ******** does lead to new beginning through experience
  14. Delighted
    • Feeling or showing great pleasure
    • Jovial, Cheerful, Elated, Jubilant, Merry, Gaiety, Very Happy, Glad, Ecstatic
  15. Partake
    • Eat or drink (something)
    • join in (an activity)

    Jidan was advised to ***** in pleasurable activities
  16. Revolutionary
    • involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.
    • Phenomenal

    The implications of positive thinking are *******

    He introduced ****** new drug which eradicated the diseases from its roots
  17. Bucket and spade holiday
    Holiday on the beach with children

  18. Delineated
    Describe or portray (something) precisely

    The law should ******* and prohibit behaviour which is socially abhorrent
  19. Havoc
    Widespread destruction

    It's usually the anticipation about your role reactions that can cause *******
  20. Ought
    • Used to indicate duty or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions.
    • Used to indicate something that is probable.

    Five minutes ******* to be enough time

    They ******* to respect the law

    Positive emotions ****** to function as efficient antidotes for the lingering effects of negative emotions
  21. As green as gooseberry
    • To be very young, immature, and/or inexperienced
    • Naive

  22. Awkward
    • Causing difficulty
    • Hard to do or deal with
    • Making you feel embarrassed

    It always feels ****** to be on spot among a group
  23. Devoid
    • Entirely lacking
    • free from

    assume that they are ****** of skills
  24. Exorcise
    Drive out or attempt to drive out (a supposed evil spirit) from a person or place.

    I want to ****** anger, envy etc negative emotions out of my life
  25. Exemplify
    • Be a typical example of
    • Typify
    • Epitomize
    • Symbolize

    The best dry sherry is ****** by the fino of Jerez

    An anecdote helps to ****** the point
  26. Haste
    • Rapidity of action or motion
    • Overeagerness to act
    • Rash
  27. Frustrating
    • Disappointing
    • causing annoyance or upset because of an inability to change or achieve something.

    "it can be very ******** to find that the size you want isn't there"
  28. Solemn
    • Very serious
    • formal and dignified.
    • characterized by deep sincerity.

    "a ******* procession"

    "he swore a ******* oath to keep faith"
  29. Saddle
    • burden (someone) with an onerous responsibility or task.
    • a seat fastened on the back of a horse or other animal for riding, typically made of leather and raised at the front and rear.

    No longer does he have to be locked in thought or ******* with a perennial duty of doing new things over and over again
  30. Immaculate
    • Very Neat, clean, tidy
    • Spotless

    After water wash, the car dashboard become ********
  31. Infer
    • To conclude from evidence or premises
    • To reason from circumstance
    • Surmise, Fathom, Figure out, Make sense out of
    • To lead to as a consequence or conclusion

    We can ****** that his motive in publishing the diary was less than honorable

    Socrates argued that a statue ****** the existence of a sculptor
  32. Fructify
    • Make (something) fruitful or productive
    • bear fruit or become productive.

    "it ****** like vegetation in steamy heat"
  33. Toil
    • Work extremely hard or incessantly
    • Work like a dog
    • Work day and night

    ****** for success at the cost of health is a bad deal

    Human must enrich his knowledge and make use of wisdom to grow in this world rather than *******
  34. Solicit
    ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone.

    "he called a meeting to ****** their views"

    Recurrent experiences of positive emotions were ******* through this meditation
  35. Keep eyes peeled on
    To remain vigilant or carefully watchful (for something or someone)

    Waiting on platform, kids kept their ***** ****** on tracks

  36. Sign up
    Agree upon

    This is not acceptable, we did not ****** for this
  37. Villainous
    • Wicked or criminal behaviour.
    • extremely bad or unpleasant
    • Obnoxious

    Those guys from village seemed difficult and ******
  38. Sparse
    • Scanty
    • Infrequent
    • Scarce

    The chairs were ****** in office for people to sit together and discuss

    In Germany there are many cillages ***** of population
  39. Precarious
    • Not securely held or in position
    • Dangerously likely to fall or collapse
    • Dependent on chance
    • Uncertain
    • Bleak

    He made a ******* living as a painter

    That's a ****** ladder, be careful
  40. Accentuate
    • Emphasize
    • To stress
    • Make more noticeable or prominant

    ******** the moral in your speech with the help of a quote or an anecdote

    Learn to ********, learn to inflate, listeners will definitely cogitate

    ********** point instills (registers in mind) through conscious contemplation
  41. Assertive
    • A well thought out way of responding
    • having or showing a confident and smart personality.

    "the job may call for ********** behaviour"

    One must practice ******** to grow in life
  42. Delirious
    in a state of wild excitement or ecstasy.

    Many successful women have married later in life, and are ****** happy today

    "there was a great roar from the ******* crowd"
  43. Affirm
    State emphatically and publicly

    Self motivation through self ******** is a skill

    Using positive ******* and developing positive energy in life are both important
  44. Construe
    • Understand
    • Make sense of
    • Assign a meaning to
    • Interpret
    • Fathom
    • Infer

    How do you ***** his behavior

    My statement was mis********

    The essence of his speech was difficult to *******
  45. Kiosk
    • Small area set off by walls for special use
    • Booth
    • Cubicle
    • Stall
  46. Infuriate
    Make (someone) extremely angry and impatient

    I was ******* by your article

    I get easily ******** by others negative remarks

    Leaders must refrain from getting *******, it is the sign of weakness
  47. Displeased
    Feeling or showing annoyance and disapproval

    He was ********** with your work

    "If someone looks ******* it must be because of something I said or I did" this is an irrational belief
  48. Reticent
    not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily.

    "she was extremely ******* about her personal affairs"

    Those will probably be the first things that will pop into your head when you meet someone, and you may be *********
  49. Riddance
    The action of getting rid of a troublesome or unwanted person or thing

    That was a smart ********
  50. Fudge
    Present or deal with something in a vague or inadequate way Especially so as to conceal the truth or mislead

    Similar: fabricate

    The politicians ****** lot of issues

    Kids are smart at ****** on several issues.
  51. Effulgent
    • Shining brightly
    • Radiant
    • (of a person or their expression) emanating joy or goodness

    Standing there was my father with the most ***** smile on his face
  52. Infest
    (of insects or animals) be present (in a place or site) in large numbers, typically so as to cause damage or disease

    The house is ****** with cockroaches
  53. Immaterial
    • Of no importance or relevance
    • Inconsequential or irrelevant

    When you are determined to go out of your comfort zone, it is ******* to you what others think
  54. Recreation
    • An activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates
    • Diversion

    Scuba diving is provided as a ****** for tourists

    For ******* he wrote poetry and solved crossword puzzles
  55. Running from pillar to post
    Do not leave any stone unturned
    • Trying everything
    • Approaching everybody

  56. Born with a silver spoon
    Very lucky

  57. Synonymous
    • Akin
    • Alike
    • Analogous
    • Equivalent

    "his deeds had made his name ******* with victory"
  58. Oblige
    Make (someone) legally or morally bound to do something

    The squirrel is under no ****** to help Ram, but he does, proactively, responsibly, expecting nothing in return

    Doctors are ******* by law to keep patients alive while there is a chance of recovery
  59. Compassion
    Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others

    The victims should be treated with *********
  60. Mundane
    • Routine
    • Very ordinary and thus not interesting, exciting

    Listeners expect interesting, exciting and Knowledgeable speech. They get bored with ******* preaching
  61. Stingy
    • Unwilling to spend
    • Parsimonious
    • Ungenerous

    She practices economy without being *******
  62. Irrational
    • Not logical or reasonable
    • Ridiculous

    It is not realistic belief such beliefs are ******
  63. Elevate
    • Raise
    • Lift
    • Get up
    • Bring up
    • Promote
    • Upgrade
    • Advance
    • Kick upstairs

    John was ******* when a replacement was hired

    I got ******** to higher position after many years of hard work
  64. Persuade
    • Convince
    • Induce
    • Coerce
    • Entice
    • Lure

    My brother ******** me to take the tough mathematics course.
  65. Remedy
    • Treat
    • Rectify

    It is leader's responsibility to ***** the situation

    ****** for any set back is an appropriate decision

    Time is the best ****** for all interpersonal problems
  66. Reminiscent
    • Tending to remind one of something
    • Suggesting something by resemblance

    Her robes were vaguely ********* of military dress

    The sights were ******** of my childhood
  67. Clinging
    • (of a garment) fitting closely to the body and showing its shape.
    • Too dependent on someone emotionally

    She wasn't the ******** type

    She was wearing a ******* black dress
  68. Paranoia
    • A mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system.
    • An aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality
    • Unjustified suspicion and mistrust of other people.

    Mild ********* afflicts all prime ministers
  69. Imperious
    Arrogant and domineering

    ****** demands of manager can discourage team members
  70. Inclined
    • Be favourably disposed towards or willing to do something
    • Biased

    Most humans are very ******* to attribute their behaviour and words to a cause or other person
  71. Accomplished
    Very Capable

    Many toastmasters became ********** through regular practice
  72. Headonic treadmill
    Not progressing

    If we don’t move ahead in life, we might get trapped on the ****** ******* and have to keep walking in order to stay in the same place!

  73. Deterrant
    To prevent or discourage from acting, as by means of fear or doubt

    Derogatory remarks of few individuals cannot ******* me from my goal of achieving success of KB

    Dogs are a ********* to theft

    HR is becoming a ******** for the progress of Toastmasters in Cummins
  74. Dovetail
    • Put into right use
    • fit or cause to fit together easily and conveniently.
    • Harness

    When you ******** anger in the divine direction, it becomes uplifting and purifying

    "plan to enable parents to ******* their career and family commitments"
  75. Gist
    • Summary
    • Explanation in short
    • The substance or general meaning of a speech or text.

    It was hard to get the ****** of Pedro's talk

    I missed initial part, can you explain me the ****** of this lecture
  76. Timid
    • Dull
    • Not confident
    • Showing lack of courage

    Easily frightened ******* child, handle him gently

    ********* professionals can't express their ideas

    Be a Toastmaster, rid the ******* you and realize the real you
  77. Furious
    • Very Angry
    • Full of or characterized by extreme anger
    • Raging
  78. rise like a phoenix from the ashes
    Emerge renewed after apparent disaster or destruction

  79. Discard
    • To throw away
    • Reject

    It is better to ***** the material if it cannot be reused

    If it is not adding value to the meeting, it is better to ******* it from the protocols
  80. Persimmon
    She asked him how to know if a ******** is ripe
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