1. 1 Humble, Tolerant, Respecting
    Situation: Feedback, disagreement

    Story: SKYi executive handling SKYi-First occupants

  2. 2 Meditation
    Asana: Focus at stretching, toning muscles, alignment

    Kriya: Focus on regulating prana, feel the change in energy level, state of mind, reduction in discomfort


    Close eyes and mouth perfectly

    Observe of breath and music in ears

    Come back again and again to sriram roopdhyan

    Be with the observer not the thinker

    Observe object of meditation (sriram)

    Observe the observer

    Understand the field of activity and observer

    Inner world, external world. Influence of one on other

  3. 3 Expert, Prudent
    Reviewing, FE connect, Impeller design

  4. 4 Neutral, don't justify
    While presenting results

  5. 5 Forgive
    ‘Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.’ When we nurse a grudge, it dirties our mind and poisons the consciousness. Therefore, all the religions of the world promote the virtue of forgiveness.

    What people say and think about us does not define who we are. Their views are not what decides our self-worth. It is best to let them deflect off us like water rolls off a lotus leaf. People when filled with disappointment, anger try to dump the garbage on to us. Wish them to recuperate fast.

  6. 6 Upcoming tough discussion
    Opportunity to be humble, to be tolerant/forebearing, to respect without expecting respect

  7. 7 Work, Karma Yogi
    Wanting challenging, tough work

    Growing in the face of hardships

    • For a Karma Yogi,
    • No work is small or big
    • No work is easy or difficult
    • No work is interesting or tedious
    • No work mine or theirs

  8. 8 Don't do
    • Distract attention, rush, comment or think on other's work, envy
    • Yearn for weekend
    • Yearn for job change
    • Compare with others
    • Neglect/ ignore elephant in the house
    • Blow up small things
    • Wait for all the lights in your life to turn green for being optimistic and cheerful.
    • Take too many breaks
    • Multitasking

    Stop detrimental associations: Detrimental habits and associations act like the predators who without our knowledge eat away all that we earned.

    Complaining, gossiping degrade your consciousness. Stop then and avoid victim consciousness

    Stress and negativity can shut down your neocortex and your ability to reason and solve problem.

    Finding faults: Finding faults in others is the reflection of poor consciousness. For speedy progress, find good in others and focus on faults of self to improve. Turn to self faults each time you tend look at others faults like Yudhistir. Sleeping is better than waking up to find faults in others

    Gossips: Talking good about others in their absence is ok, but gossiping bad on others strengthens your subconscious channels of poor habits. Either stop or make others part of your journey. Practice to build your habit muscle by not indulging in gossip. Zip it from talking bad both inside and outside.

    Experience: when not involved, others complaining seems gossip but when involved, unable to control complaining

    Holding grudge: Forgive for self progress. It weakens our consciousness. ‘Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.’ When we nurse a grudge, it dirties our mind and poisons the consciousness. Therefore, all the religions of the world promote the virtue of forgiveness.

    'This person repeatedly tries to provoke me. But I will retain my peace of mind. I will see his/her provocations as tests created by God to help me master the virtues of tolerance, forgiveness and patience.


    Emotions (greed, discontentment, fear, anxiety, stress and resentment) act like parking brakes. With these mental brakes engaged, trying harder to succeed does not help. In fact, it can backfire in the form of a physical breakdown or a mental wear out.
  9. 9 Toastmasters
    I am going there

    • To fail and learn, shame, failure is ok, there's no big loss. No win or loss, only win or learn
    • To learn standing in front of large audience
    • To comfortably start
    • To not hurrying
    • To take relaxing pauses, gulps
    • To learn ignoring disrespecting audiences
    • To help by sharing knowledge
    • To learn different speech style
    • To use vocabulary
    • To learn ability to recall key points on the fly not linearly. Just remember no. of items you wanted to talk on

    Decide message, build context

    To alleviate anxiety, take help of: Humor, story, Joking, question, repetition, voice modulation, activity

  10. 10 Leadership
    Leadership is selfless service

    • Captain cool even in tough situation
    • Absorb criticism
    • Focus on problem
    • Vision, think beyond
    • Strategic thinking, tactic
    • Listen more
    • Network

    The word responsibility itself implies the freedom to choose. It is made from the words: ‘response’ and ‘ability’, meaning the ability to choose one’s emotions regardless of the circumstance.

    The sign of immaturity is to point fingers at others for our mood. Such juvenile behaviour is acceptable in childhood; for children, it is understandable and condoned.

    Uplift yourself by the power of your mind, and do not degrade yourself; for the controlled mind can be your best friend, while the unbridled mind will be your worst enemy.

    Remain captain cool even in tough situations

    we must not fall victim to the temptation of playing the blame game.

    Take your own decisions, don't push them to others. Use knowledge for help.

    Your client berates you as you reached late due to traffic on highway or your relative's call. No matter how terrible anybody’s behaviour towards you is, there is no justification for harbouring odious thoughts. You don't have any control on external happening, but your emotions are always your choices. It is your responsibility to choose your emotions.

    Viktor Frankl, Australian jew and practicing neurologist and psychiatrist inspite of tough circumstances and loss of his family realised that a person who has nothing left in the world can still experience bliss by harbouring the right thoughts.

    Don't be politician who got elected to public office but misutilised it to embezzle government funds by being a blamer or fault finder. Even the slightest semblance of this thought pattern needs to be carefully detected and weeded out of our psyche. Check the wooden splinter stuck in your finger before checking all over the body.

    Archer never blames bullseye for his misses. Accept your shortcoming and endeavor to improve.
  11. 11 Tough times
    Every tough situation is an exam and only requires right mindset to smoothly pass. After attaining that right mindset, there remains no purpose for such tough situation anymore in your life.

    ‘If anything can go wrong, it will,’ the infamous Murphy’s law states.

    ‘Gold, virtuous people and the saints are resilient; you may break them a hundred times and yet they will rejoin. In contrast, evil people and clay pots are fragile; once shattered, they are broken forever.’

    Success is sometimes defined as ‘the ability to solve problems’. Those who are good at problem-solving are the most valued in every area of life. Hence, good leaders are always those who excel in their aptitude to handle difficult situations. Those who complain about aggravations at work do not realise that solving problems is the reason they have a job in the first place. A job that does not have glitches to resolve is no job at all.

    The American cartoonist, Ashleigh Brilliant, expressed this nicely: ‘I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.’

    Be more realistic and expect problems. If we wish to climb a mountain, we naturally expect it to be uphill all the way. Similarly, if we wish to progress upwards in life, we should naturally expect to encounter adversities and hardships. Hoping that we will not have difficulties on our path because we are good is like hoping that the bull will not charge at us because we are vegan.

    Think ahead like in chess game moves of opponent or in boxing, expect problems and be prepared

    Anticipating a problem does not mean pessimism and worrying about it all the time, it just means to be mindful of their obvious probability.

    • When problem arises
    • Step 1: Accept the problem like the elephant in the house, don't let it grow bigger

    Step 2: Put problem in right perspective. There is a huge difference between having a big problem and making a problem big. Compare it with terrible problems of this world or your own life. Like the teenage girl created untrue picture of how worst the problems can be and then revealed her lower grade.

    Try your best to solve problem. Imagine positive outcome instead of pessimistic thoughts. If it seems beyond control, smile and surrender to him.

    Have faith in him like the leaf on air, let the air take you through pain and pleasures. It will finally drop you at the right place

    You are a lion tamer, don't expect tamer lions.

    We do not need to be terrified of adversity, for it is not our greatest enemy. On the contrary, it is in facing hardships that the best human qualities tend to manifest.

    proper mindset wins half the battle. let us not underestimate our inner resources in confronting it. Only passing through the tough times you blossom like the butterfly.

    Problems are created by god not humans for some purpose.

    Problems are God’s way of helping us fill our wings to prepare us for the spiritual flight ahead. They help us develop the sublime qualities—wisdom, perseverance, patience, tolerance, etc.—that are required for reaching the supreme goal of life.

    hardships that come our way are tests, like in school, sent by God on the journey of life. They are designed, not for stopping us, but for promoting us to progressively higher levels of inner unfoldment and growth.

    In the process of growing and evolving, it is natural that we will sometimes fail. But, rather than lament it, we should learn the lessons and move on. As the Japanese say: ‘Fall seven times, stand up eight.’

    The former chairman and CEO of IBM, Thomas J. Watson Sr., was asked his formula for success. He said, ‘If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.’ He meant that the more you try, the more you will fail. The more you fail, the more you will learn. The more you learn, the more you will succeed.

    • Find silver lining in every dark cloud
    • Look forward, what can be done now. Don't cry over spilt milk

    The tangible benefits of a problem are: It always gets our attention; we cannot ignore it. It causes us to evaluate our situation. It is an opportunity for self-discovery. It challenges us with failure and forces us to tap every sinew of our resource, thereby bringing out the best in us. It makes us internally strong. As Robert H. Schuller, an American pastor and author, said, ‘Tough times do not last, but tough people do.’

    • Steve jobs when removed from apple innovated new technology in Next Corporation. He quoted his experience as another blessing in disguise.
    • Edwin Louis Cole, a famous American preacher and author, said, ‘You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.’

    The problem is that people who are scared of making mistakes do not attempt anything new. Thus, they shy away from the unknown and from challenges, which, in fact, is the biggest mistake.

    When the outward signs indicate that there is no hope for success any longer, you might actually closest to the breakthrough needed to reach the goal. It can be that God is giving you one final test before allowing you to reach your destination like the father of the kid who was trying to find job and was heart broken due to loss of job but finally mentioned that he will never ever give up.

    The fact is that failure is far more common than success. Failure and success are both inbuilt into the journey of life. Don't stand still when in failure, learn and keep moving.

    There are no free lunches. either play now and pay later, or pay now and play later. But pay we will have to, and the longer we wait, the more we will have to pay.

    Hardships are times for practising austerity; for denying our mind and senses the comfort and luxury they demand. Hardships are times to practise austerity. Take it in a positive light as a tapasyā (voluntary privation) for spiritual upliftment.

    Growing in the face of hardships is like the eagle going higher that it is not affected by petty pesky pestering crows and utilizing cyclone to fly high. Like the stray dog which kept moving forward when faced with other dogs which did not allow them in or the pilgrim who could not sleep due to mosquitoes and decided to meditate rather than sleeping.

    What people say and think about us does not define who we are. Their views are not what decides our self-worth. It is best to let them deflect off us like water rolls off a lotus leaf. People when filled with disappointment, anger try to dump the garbage on to us. Wish them to recuperate fast.

    When somebody says that you can't do it, become deaf to them line that frog. Tell yourself, ‘I will put in my best efforts, and then, by God’s grace, I will succeed.’

    pain from the hardship is temporary, while the growth that comes with facing and solving it is permanent.

    God is the sculptor and we are that wooden block. By throwing hardships at us, he is trying to carve us.

    • Physical excersize can help in refreshing mind
    • LOL can help in destressing
  12. 12 Office
    I am going to office only to practice and imbibe right mindsets

    • Soft music
    • Pause and Observe
    • Close eyes and listen to sounds, mindfulness
    • Breath and tense muscle

  13. 13 Thoughts
    Random thoughts: Loss of energy

    Be focus, Breath, Bliss: Creation of energy

    Observe beauty in nature

    Mind is a terrible master and a wonderful slave. The mind is so nimble that in a moment it travels down to the nether regions, and in the next moment, it is up in the celestial skies.

    Thoughts have the power to raise our blood pressure or lower it, to increase our heartbeat or drop it

    Visualize the change you want to see around yourself in thoughts, words, actions

    Do self- appreciation, self-approval, don't wait for others appreciation or approval.

    The external world around us is the objective reality. It is the same for everyone—the way God has created it. However, our perception of this external world is a choice we make.

    Jagadguru Shankaracharya, "Who will rule the world?", "They who will rule their mind"

    My thoughts are my choice irrelevant to external happenings, I will recognize the gap between happenings and my thoughts. I will choose to be happy.

    Life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 per cent how we react to it. Hence, we are about as happy as we decide to be.

    Stop manufacturing unhappiness. ‘Pain is inevitable; misery is an option'

    Do not wait for all the lights in your life to turn green for being optimistic and cheerful.

    The art of joyous living lies not in waiting to reach happiness in the future but in adjusting our attitude to discover it here and now

    Only 17 per cent of the dismissals were for incompetence, while 83 per cent were related to attitude problems, such as dishonesty, lack of motivation and disobedience

    Placebo effect is ‘remembered wellness’. It is the phenomenon of subconsciously remembering the state of wellness and replicating it to improve our health. Opposite is remembered illness, the witch-doctor waving bone at individual dooms him.

    When we feel stressed, the hypothalamus in the brain signals the adrenal cortex to produce cortisol. It also cues the adrenal medulla to produce epinephrine. The release of these hormones causes the liver to produce more glucose. If that is not used up, it makes one susceptible to diabetes. Thus, the link between stress and diabetes is a confirmed medical fact.

    Compassionate and kind thoughts towards others increases production of a hormone called serotonin in the brain. Serotonin makes us feel good, which, in turn, strengthens our immune system. Amazingly, others who see our acts of kindness also experience an increased production of serotonin. Consequently, kindness has the same effect as an antidepressant drug.

    Our ego deceives us into believing that the world exists for the fulfilment of our desires like the geologist who wanted Ganges on earth to follow his map.We forget that God is the centre of the universe, not us, and the entire creation is for His sake. We are meant to fulfil the will of God and not the other way around. This is why it is worthwhile to remember that EGO is an acronym for Edging God Out.

    Look at innumerable graces that God already bestowed on us and be humble and grateful. Never take God's grace for granted and misuse what he bestowed on us for mere material pleasures. satiation of our egotistical desires is not the purpose of the universe. There are millions of reasons around us to be happy.

    Have faith on God's design and his plan for you and just be in present

    The patient was able create beautiful imaginary description of the world outside due to his inner beauty, serenity, harmony and love.

    The swans when served a mixture of milk and water, drink the milk and leave the water behind.

    Dr Prasad says, ‘I do not need to see the room. Whether I like it or not doesn’t depend upon the state of the room; it depends upon my mind.’

    Positive mindset of students and teachers in school and workers in a company inspite of their mediocre past performances led to their exceptional performance.

    Man with inlaws at home felt despair initially and felt peaceful after dogs treatment with inlaws still at home.

    Poor but happy family became miserable with a bag of 99 gold coins to make it 100.

    Huge elephant controlled with the help of rope. Camel sat even without rope.

    Choose to be happy everyday, not just on weekends.

    The outcome of our efforts is not in our hands in any case. It depends upon several factors such as circumstances, assistance from others, efforts of competitors, sheer luck, coincidence and the will of God. Thus, wisdom demands that having put in our best, we should be content with whatever results we get like Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  14. 14 Capability
    Law of infinite potential

    As tiny parts of God, our potential for growth is also infinite, because our source is infinite in every way. A drop of water reflects the qualities of the ocean even though it is a very tiny part of it. A spark of fire possesses the qualities of the fire from which it has emanated. Similarly, our soul is sat-chit-anand, i.e. possessing eternality, knowledge and bliss, like God Himself.

    The Vedas inform us that our Eternal Father is not miserly. He has preserved for us the immense treasures of divine love, knowledge and bliss, which are ours to claim the day we become eligible for them. We have to compete with ourselves, there is not one hill for all of us, he has 1 hill for each of us.

    The purpose of the evolutionary journey of the soul over infinite lifetimes is not to remain down in the dumps, but to rise to the highest standard of perfection set for us by God. Hence, the Law of Infinite Potential states that each one of us has endless potential for growth.
  15. 15 Path
    Why?: Technical specialist cum manager cum leader

    • 2020: Mindset, Big picture
    • Before: PFF,HTR
    • After
    • Mindset of forgiving self and others, leaving punishing to lord
    • Mindset of accepting people and situations
    • Mindset of 100% faith, optimism
    • Mindset of right intention to help people and situation
    • 7 intentions mindsets

    2021: Width, Cross functional, wide knowledge, Strategic, tactical

    2022: Visionary

    Understand the gap between what you are and where you wish to be and strive manfully everyday, fill yourself with inspiration and propel yourself to move forward

    Aspire and dream for great things in life. Set realistic goals that challenge and excite you


  16. 16 Prudent
    • Trends in plots
    • Ability of hold details in memory longer

    Einstein "you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"


  17. 17 Faith
    Don't remain hanging there with little bit of faith and doubt, strive to develop 100% faith that God is within you, around you. He poses challenges to test your conviction. When you accept those challenges with smile on your face, he is right there to help you.

    Like you sometimes believe in your friends, parents that they are there to take care, always believe that creator is already taking care. His intelligence is vast and nothing in this world is impossible for him.


  18. 18 Bhakti, Devotion
    Repeatedly thinking about God will attach mind to God.

    Being humble, tolerant, respecting will prevent people from occupying your mind, being in present, moment, focused, having faith will prevent situations from occupying your mind. Stopping hypothetical, irrational, futile thoughts will free your mind and make it available for God to visit.

    • A devotee has to practice becoming humbler than a blade of grass, awareness of our true identity as a tiny soul.
    • More tolerant and forebearing than a tree, if someone throws a stone at it, the tree does not object; instead, it rewards with a fruit
    • Learn to give respect to all without expecting respect for oneself

    Practice faith in every difficult and dwindling situation

    Read, write, hear, sing, speak, think, serve, give

    Love: Give, Lust: Take, Business: Give and take

  19. 19 Confident
    Clear, Knowledgeable, Calm, Unruffled, Staunch

    Head high, hands free, 1-1 eye contact, shoulder upright

  20. 20 Fundamentals
    Resolve/ complete what bothers you, Close what haunts asap

    Complete what you started

    Don't stop learning

    Don't compromise excellence for targets or ratings. "Follow excellence, success will follow you"

    Beware of getting stuck in Responding, Facilitating, Following up

    Work not monitored is not done. Understand difference between monitoring and following up

    Don't give chance to others to backtalk on you

    Find passion in work

    To develop one ability, you can restrain other distraction and focus all your consciousness on that practice
  21. 21 Inspiration
    Only if you are inspired, you'll put all your energy like the boy who wrote a note to interviewer to not decide until he is interviewed and Soichiro Honda in building factory, then motored cycle inspite of huge losses during pearl harbour.

    Self motivation is not something by birth. It can be ignited like the drunkard in grave yard. Turn your point of view and make demotivating factors motivate you like the brother who learnt what not to do from his drunkard father.

    Lack of inspiration of or carelessness is not from outside, it comes from within. You can generate motivation from within independent of external environment if you can identify strong reason such as the salesman working for commission than fixed salary. Reason what if you don't do it? Convince the intellect strongly.

    Plan for the goal, but focus on immediate small milestone instead of looking at goal and worrying.

    • If you can dream—and not make dreams your master
    • If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim
    • If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same
    • If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you
    • If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too
    • If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’ If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!
  22. 22 Pure intentions
    Pure intensions:

    To help, to learn, to solve, justice, authenticity, truthfulness, compete with self, to serve him

    Impure intentions:

    To hurt, to please, to conquer, competing with others.

    Check your impure intentions informed by inner self.

  23. 23 Cultivate knowledge
    The cost is not for tightening the nut but for the knowledge of which nut to be tightened. Even a small piece of right knowledge can make big difference.

    The distinction between information and knowledge needs to be borne in mind. Information per se will not benefit us. We will benefit from our ability to generate useful knowledge from that information

    If the strings are not tightened, the tanpura does not create the desired melodious sounds. But if they are overstretched, they snap

    Material knowledge is required to make best use of material resource of this earth and to live this life. Spiritual knowledge is necessary unfold the divinity within us

    Amṛitasya vai putrāḥ. ‘God is our eternal Father, and we are His children.’

    Love for an object grows with knowledge like the love for the ring increased with the knowledge of its value. In the same way, if we gain knowledge of God, we will naturally develop love for Him as well.

    Yāvat gururna kartavyo tāvanmuktirna labhyate ‘Until you surrender to a genuine guru, you cannot be liberated from material bondage.’ Hence, one of the most magnanimous graces of God is when He brings the soul in contact with a true guru.

    This is the triad of guru (our spiritual master), sadhu (all the other gurus in history), and śhāstras (the Vedic scriptures). When all three—guru, sadhu, and śhāstras—confirm the same principle, then we can be reassured that the knowledge we are receiving from the guru is authentic and reliable.

    What if we have not yet found a guru? Should we wait for one before we proceed further on the path? No, we must not wait. We should keep progressing on the path of self-unfoldment with the help of whatever knowledge we have gathered. By the grace of God, we will find our guru later along the journey.
  24. 24 Discipline
    Discipline is the bridge between intention and accomplishment, between inspiration and achievement, between knowledge and practice

    Research has shown that the two qualities having the biggest correlation to accomplishment are ‘intelligence’ and ‘self-control’.

    Researchers found that people were reasonably strong in resisting the urge for sexual gratification. They were mediocre in passing up food and soft drinks. But when it came to television, the internet and other media attractions, they failed nearly half the time.

    The Vedas have classified two kinds of happiness: śhreya and preya. Śhreya is the kind of happiness that seems like bitter poison in the beginning but turns out to be like sweet nectar later. The direct opposite is preya happiness, which is like nectar in the beginning but transforms into poison later.

    ‘There are two paths—one is ‘beneficial’ and the other is ‘pleasant’

    We must come to terms with the fact that achieving success requires dedication, perseverance and steady effort.

    ‘The perturbations of the mind can be controlled by constant practice and detachment.’

    American athlete, Edwin moses mentioned ‘I have a greater ability to tolerate pain than others.’ when asked about secret for his success.

    Willingness to tolerate discomfort is thus the universal prerequisite for success.

    Author Albert E.N. Gray found that Successful people also do not like doing things which most people do not love, but they subordinate their dislike to the strength of their purpose

    Ferberization can help children grow self control

    The human brain makes up one-fortieth of the body mass. More significantly, it consumes a staggering one-fifth of the calories we burn for energy. Even more importantly, the human brain has a very large prefrontal cortex, a lobe of the brain right behind the forehead and eyes. the prefrontal cortex is central to what makes us human. It provides us with willpower and self-control.

    The prefrontal cortex provides us with the three powers: ‘I want’, ‘I will’ and ‘I won’t’. Self-control is about harnessing these three powers that are enabled for humans by the prefrontal cortex.
  25. 25 Vision & status
    Expert in impeller design

    Confident: P,J,T,B,S

    Tools: pending: cvm, cover, map prediction

    Product: Impeller-CA


    Plots investigation process

    • Itr to itr change
    • Study graphs prudently and quickly
    • Color identification
    • Steps to look at complex plots
    • Impeller investigation process
    • Cover investigation process

    Eloquent speaker

    • Psychological
    • Vocabulary use in general discussions

    Pro flutist

    • Clear sound
    • Correct frequency
    • Swar awareness
    • Ornamentation


    • Individual + leader simultaneously
    • Prudence
    • Vision


    • Eat to relish not to devour, fill up greedily
    • Seeing or touching should not seduce
  26. 26 Subtle mindsets

    Focusing inspite of many distractions. Pay attention to small things in nature, sharpen your focus

    Eat to relish not to devour greedily

    Don't hurry and neglect

    Don't be superficial, clarifying until clear

    Be open to any type of questions silly or show off

    Shed your past role, accept young and old

    No work is small, not the difficulty but see the purpose in all

    In ambiguous situation, take decision based on what you know. Don't look at it like win or lose. Look at it like win or learn

    Trust your leaders
  27. 27 Listen

    • With Self: Purpose, Attention, Open mind (to both), Zoom in zoom out
    • With Speaker: Eye Contact, Know when to talk and not, clarify, acknowledge, summarize

    Don't (JDBLIFT):

    Judge, denying, bias, Laptop, Interrupt, Fake, Thoughts

    Attentive listen can be energizing, faking causes loss of energy

  28. 28 People
    Remove yourself and people from the Instance

    Look up to someone. Looking down to someone is to compare yourself with people at lower level. Reach out to people in constructive manner

    Avoid same rules/expectations for everybody and accept people and situations as they are.

    Think WIIT, rhiteousness before indulging in confrontation.

    Happiness can sometimes make you grateful but gratefulness certainly will make you happy always. Be grateful, content.

    Motivate, teach or help others, others release positive thoughts for you, positive environment is created

    Don't attribute other's behaviors to you

    Group with positive people or create as group of positive people. You need people to embark on positivity journey
  29. 29 Fear, Insecurity
    Put things in right perspective

  30. 30 Guilt
    • Check your intentions.
    • Saying NO, not compromising with yourself is not always wrong

  31. 31 Disappointment
    Causes: Incomplete work, Alacrity, Perfectionism, Different outcome


    Set realistic goals, you are not superman

    Outcome depends on many factors

    Physical activity, laughter, deep breathing can destress

    Deep breath to increase oxygen intake until things are clear and negative thought is flushed

    God resides in tranquil mind. Do not let him leave your abode.

    Use positive affirmation: I will not get carried away by my mind, I will learn how to listen to mind. I will remain stable and at peace at all times. I feel secure because God made me highly capable. Every problem will get eventually solved. Ask questions to clear grey areas.

  32. 32 Anxiety
    Cause: What others will think

    No matter what you do, some people will not like you. Then, why waste energy trying to win them over?

    Remedy: All are sailing in the same boat

  33. 33 Envy, Jealousy

    Each one gets what they deserve

  34. 34 Anger
    Cause: Hypocrisy, disagreement, blame, ridicule

    Give up desire. Desire is the cause for anger when it is not satiated, it is the cause for greed when it is satiated.

    Be humble, tolerant, respect

  35. 35 Irritation

    • Overwhelmed with multiple things
    • High work, less time


    • Be captain cool, hold on
    • Just listen don't speak
    • Plan

  36. 36 Feedback
    • Thank
    • Don't speak

  37. 37 Sequence of events
    Incident --> EI, GI --> Humble, Tolerant, Respect --> Respond

    Incident --> Emotions --> Explicit reactions

    Incident --> Emotions --> Implicit reactions

    Explicit/ Implicit reactions --> Attachment --> Thoughts --> Mental conditioning --> Viscous cycle

    Remedy --> Positive thinking, self affirmation

    It is almost impossible for logic to prevail over emotion, anger clouds intellect. Apply Emotional intelligence to control it.

  38. 38 Success
    Be good, Do good, Feel good

    Be good: humble, tolerant, respecting

    Do good: don't be complacent, do your best and see chips of your work flying to satisfy you, to energize you. Hummingbird flaps 75 times a second, ostrich can run 80 kmph, every creature has something special. Do best with whatever abilities you have

    Feel good: Contented, Thankful, Time to time check, feel happy, positive, close eyes and breath deep to conserve energy

    Request him to come in your dreams. Remember him like the cow remembering calf and grazing

    Creator observing you. Feel his presence and ask him if he is pleased with your action. Listen to him.

    See the intention, purpose behind your action: is it carrying loads of bricks, earning money or building temple

    Imagine that your every action is at his service like Shivaji ruling kingdom on behalf of his guru Samarth Ramdas.

    Acknowledge your efforts even though you did not complete/ solve something. It depends on many factors, your effort is only one factor
  39. 39 Willpower
    Temptations: Self control on sensual desires before they weaken you like beetle. Workout your willpower muscles into habits

    Willpower when exerted gives lot of satisfaction and sense of achievement. Eg. MLCP car parking women shouting, showing hand gestures

    Willpower gets fatigued when exercised, very much like the physical muscles of the body. Kids who exerted self control from eating cookies were not able keep trying longer in solving the unsolvable puzzle.

    Willpower is maximum in the morning. Then, as we go about coping with the challenges at work, it keeps getting exhausted. And by night-time, self-control is almost completely depleted.

    The neuroplastic nature of the brain allows us the scope to fashion it with practice to increase our willpower capacity like the Swami Ram Teerth who used to keep apple but not eat and the Greek ascetic Deogenes who used to stand inv front of a statue and say give me alms. Vipaasana is based on this principle. Meditation is similar to all these practices where we constantly bring the mind back to the object of meditation. All these result in the enhancement of grey matter in the prefrontal cortex.

    Our journey to a higher goal is not so much blocked by obstacles on the path as is our getting waylaid because of easier paths towards lower goals. In this scenario, the development of the muscle of self-control serves as our insurance policy against laziness and temptations that distract us from our objectives.

    ‘habit’ is an action that you do on a repeated basis with little or no effort or thought. It enables us to engage in desired thoughts and behaviour with the utmost ease. Establishing good habits thus provides an easy pathway to a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking and beneficial attitudes.

    When you repeatedly respond positively to a negative circumstance, you create a habit of thinking positively. the mindset of responsibility is also a habitual thought sequence we establish in our mind. Once created, our mind automatically refuses to brood over the problems, and instead, focuses upon the solutions at hand. Habits are similar to excel macros

    The best way to avoid bad habits is to never begin them. the process of habit formation takes a little over two months like birbal trained goat. Even birds and animals can exert themselves to actions such as giving warmth to their eggs for 45 days, why can't we humans exert ourselves to good habits for 2 months to reap benefits.

    The rocket consumes maximum fuel during the initial period of its takeoff when it is breaking through the gravitational pull of the earth. Subsequently, when its speed reaches the escape velocity of 11.2 kilometres per second, the energy required to maintain its speed is significantly reduced. Same is the case with merry go round. Repeated habits finally become second nature.

    If we skip the practice, it breaks the impact of repetition like the wood needs to be rubbed continuously to generate fire. If rubbing stopped, you need to start over again.
  40. 40 Daily dose

    • Self: you are butter now, challenge water and float on it
    • Others: Ahimsa, humble, tolerant (not blaming, complaining), respecting

    Your biggest strength is you can practice and adopt habits.

    • It needs long duration, continuous practice with serious and pure intention.
    • Every time you give up to external factors, you have to start again.
    • You can't afford to squander, fritter this chance in petty, frivolous, futile thoughts, actions and association which pull you backwards, you have to go long way. be determined.

    Bring yourself back to present moment everytime, Remember SriRam, breath and clear mind. See that here is observing.

    • Identify backward pullers, stand strong
    • Identify speed breakers and navigate slowly
    • Identify wrong directions and avoid them.
    • Identify tests to apply knowledge and graduate

    Tough times and rewards come by will of God not human beings. Don't hold anybody responsible.

    Next 30 days

  41. 41 Mental conditioning practice
    Repeated harbouring of certain types of feelings in our mind develop into an attitude. And that attitude, when it hardens and becomes natural to our personality, develops into a mindset.

    Identify God's hint/ message in every event

    Present Focus Faith Love Humble Tolerant Respect

    Love: Stop, Give

    if we do not get the results we desire, we think, ‘It was probably not the will of God. Let me submit to His wish and be happy.’

    Remember your death, your farther destination and God like King Janak and remain grounded

    Bring your mind back to God again and again. Material mind will go back to material world, but mind can be trained with practice and detachment again and again.

    Practice maximum when you are out of the game to make it your nature to remain with sriram
  42. Sudden Difficult conversation
    Physical: Smile, Breath

    Mental: See God in them, check what God is hinting

  43. Fact
    This world is a place of misery designed to help you evolve, change yourself.

    First step is to change yourself, you may or may not be able to change the world.

    You experience misery because that is what you deserve being in this world. Like in hospital, you see patients suffering to recover, like in prison, you see convicts suffering to transform, you will suffer being in this world to evolve.

    • Accept and bring change
    • Accept but keep quite (internal conflict, frustration or tolerate, endure)
    • Don't accept, leave and keep rotating

    Accept the current situation

    Engineers interested more in follow up work than actual engineering work.

    Follow up engineers more respected than the analysis engineer

    There are more followers and 1 executor

    More emphasis on showing numbers, slides

    Doing same work for last 5 years

    High dependence on uk

    Leadership, individual contribution mixed up, not quality progress in both happening

    No respect for your experience, your efforts. Ill treatment to engineers. More respect to followers

    Engineer overloaded and ignored

    People interested in pin pointing small errors but not interested in motivating, encouraging, appreciating good work

    Appreciations seem fake

    There is always fear feedback and effect on performance

    Hypocrisy, delegation is used. No leading by example

    No support for initiatives like KB which need power and more hands

    Constraints on FE,AMD

    Less acceptance of new tools
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