June 2021 CAS

  1. WLAK
    Wireline Accessories Kit
  2. What is Islamabad?
    Capital of Pakistan
  3. HIE
    High Impact Event
  4. HIE definition (2 things)
    >$2M or 100 hrs NPT
  5. IMCS
    Item Master Classification System
  6. Where to get to IMCS
  7. What does IMCS do?
    Syncs legacy systems (like SWPS and Lawson) with SAP
  8. Where can you check the status of a PN across several business systems?
    OneCAT -> IMCS
  9. Exclusivity vs Non-Compete
    • Exclusivity - won't sell to our competitors
    • Non-compete - won't sell to our customers
  10. Crossover, PBR and Mule Shoe are:
    Tubular Accsys
  11. TTQC, KSSS and Quantum Ext are:
    Sand Control
  12. MOE, OTSL and Seal Assy are:
    Packer Accsys
  13. Locks, Shifting Tools and Standing Valves are:
    Flow Control Equip
  14. CIM, Exp Joint and Landing Nipple are:
    Compl Accsys
  15. Who is CP trying to get to do threads for OGDCL
    TPS Technitube (German)
  16. Who is Graeme trying to get to run their screens?
    Conocco Phillips, Alaska
  17. Who makes CP's wrapping machines?
  18. What did Shivam say PIR is the same as?
  19. SOE
    Another name for CPU
  20. EIE
    Excellence in Engineering (Travis Hohenberger etc.)
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June 2021 CAS