Extra termonology

  1. analogy
    compare; example
  2. myopic
  3. banal
    trite; lacking originality, obvious and boring
  4. rudimentary
    basic; primitive, elementary
  5. timorous
    mousy; fearful; meek
  6. sanguine
    cheerful; optimistic
  7. fortuitous
    accidental; chance unforeseen
  8. ennui
    weariness; boredom, lethargic
  9. mendacity
    lies; untruthful, deceit
  10. misfeasance
    wrongful performance of a lawful act; the act of performing a legal action, but in an improper way. The following are examples of misfeasance occurrences:

    • A public official hires his sister without realizing hiring family members is illegal.
    • A lawyer has an incorrect deadline, and files important legal documents past the deadline’s actual date.
    • An accountant makes an unintentional error on his client’s tax return.
    • A business executive willfully ignores company policy and decides to try and take a short cut to save time and resources.
  11. ultra vires
    without or beyond authority
  12. surreptitous
  13. ad damnum
    to the damage
  14. vicissitudes
    • changing fortunes; the quality or state of being changeable : MUTABILITY
    • b : natural change or mutation visible in nature or in human affairs
    • 2a : a favorable or unfavorable event or situation that occurs by chance : a fluctuation of state or condition
  15. dilettante
    an amateur, a dabbler
  16. obviate
    • prevent; remove (a need or difficulty).
    • "the Venetian blinds obviated the need for curtains"
    • synonyms: preclude, prevent, remove, get rid of, do away with, get around, rule out, eliminate, make/render unnecessary
    • "our latest agreement obviates any further discussion of the matter"
  17. bane
    affliction; plight
  18. a fortiori
    with greater force
  19. nuncupative
    verbal; oral; as in an orally or spoken will.
  20. sui generis
    unique; one of a kind
  21. nefarious
    criminal; sinister
  22. tenancy by the entirety
    husband and wife
  23. extrapolate
  24. ab initio
    from the beginning
  25. elucidate
  26. temerity
  27. refractory
  28. extricate
  29. existential
    affirming existence; empirical
  30. et vir
    and husband
  31. et al
    and others
  32. hypothecate
    pledge as security for debt
  33. non sequitur
    illogical, does not follow
  34. obdurate
    hardened in wrong doing
  35. ensconced
    to settle; to place or conceal in a secure place
  36. refulgent
  37. elocution
    oratory; the skill of clear and expressive speech
  38. empathy
    identifying with and understanding another’s situation
  39. imitable
    worthy of being copied
  40. petulant
  41. vociferous
  42. quixotic
  43. compendium
    syllabus, summary
  44. compunction
    • guilty uneasiness; a feeling of guilt or moral scruple that prevents or follows the doing of something bad.
    • "spend the money without compunction"
    • synonyms: scruples, misgivings, qualms, worries, unease, uneasiness, doubts, reluctance, reservations
  45. cryptic
  46. comport
    carry in a particular manner; carry oneself
  47. egregious
    • monumentally bad; outstandingly bad; shocking.
    • "egregious abuses of copyright"
    • synonyms: shocking, appalling, terrible, awful, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, outrageous
  48. commodious
    spacious, roomy
  49. malfeasance
    performance of an unlawful act/ evil wrongdoing
  50. morass
    quagmire; an area of muddy or boggy ground
  51. corpus delecti
    essence of the crime
  52. raze
    • demolish to ground level; completely destroy (a building, town, or other site).
    • "villages were razed to the ground"
    • synonyms: destroy, demolish, raze to the ground, tear down, pull down, knock down, level, flatten, bulldoze, wipe out, lay waste
    • "the old library will be razed on Saturday"
  53. appellation
    designation; name
  54. empirical
    derived from observation
  55. rancor
    anger, spite
  56. enigmatic
  57. filial
    of a son or daughter
  58. placid
    calm, serene
  59. rapacious
    marauding, predatory
  60. jettison
    discard, throw overboard
  61. onerous
    oppressive, burdensome
  62. opprobrium
    disgrace, reproach
  63. encomium
    formal expression of praise
  64. lugubrious
    mournful, sad
  65. nebulous
    • vague; (of a concept or idea) unclear, vague, or ill-defined.
    • "nebulous concepts like quality of life"
    • synonyms: vague, ill-defined, unclear, hazy, uncertain, indefinite, indeterminate, imprecise, unformed, muddled, confused, ambiguous
    • "nebulous ideas"
  66. millennium
    future perfection in the world
  67. umbrage
    offense, resentment
  68. prodigious
    extraordinary, huge; remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree.
  69. abjure
    renounce, disavow
  70. sanguine
  71. capricious
    sudden, illogical change of mood or behavior
  72. temporal
    worldly, nonspiritual
  73. fissure
    crack, crevice
  74. videlicet
    that is to say, namely
  75. sua sponte
    voluntarily; on his own motion
  76. in pari delicto
    in equal fault
  77. sui juris
    in his own right
  78. pur autre vie
    for (during) the life of another
  79. nul tort
    no wrong done
  80. onus probandi
    burden of proof
  81. erratum
  82. sui generic
    of its own kind or class
  83. ore tenus
    by word of mouth, verbally; oral testimony
  84. somnambulist
    sleep walker
  85. ebullient
    bubbly, effervescent
  86. stentorian
    exceptionally loud
  87. diaphanous
    transparent; 1: characterized by such fineness of texture as to permit seeing through diaphanous fabrics a diaphanous curtain. 2 : characterized by extreme delicacy of form : ethereal painted diaphanous landscapes.
  88. dilettante
    an amateur, a dabbler
  89. soporific
    causing drowsiness
  90. didactic
    • instructive, contains lessons; intended to teach, particularly in having moral instruction as an ulterior motive.
    • "a didactic novel that set out to expose social injustice"
  91. specious
    misleading, incorrect
  92. reticent
    • inclined to silence; not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily.
    • "she was extremely reticent about her personal affairs"
    • synonyms: reserved, withdrawn, introverted, inhibited, diffident, shy
  93. diffident
    timid, shy
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