Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

  1. What are the basic building blocks of computer graphics?

    A. Pixels
  2. Which type of graphics can increase in size without a decrease in resolution?

    B. Vector graphics
  3. Which type of compression reduces file size by decreasing the level of detail of the image?

    D. Lossy
  4. Which image format is best for compressing a highly detailed photograph?

    C. JPEG, which uses lossy compression
  5. How does SVG store data about images?

    D. As XML
  6. What's a device-independent pixel?

    D. The variable-sized pixels (also known as dots and points) that CSS uses
  7. What's the correct name for the area of the browser where content displays?

    D. Viewport
  8. What's the name of the HTML meta tag that you'd use to adjust the viewport?

    A. viewport
  9. What meta tag can you use on iOS to open a Web app in full-screen mode?

    B. apple-mobile-web-app-capable
  10. Touching the screen triggers which touch event?

    A. touchstart
  11. How does caching improve performance?

    B. By reducing latency
  12. What is performance tuning?

    C. Optimizing an app's use of resources to improve performance
  13. What is perceived speed?

    C. How fast the app feels to the user
  14. Which tool can you use to get recommendations on ways to improve the performance of a Web app?

    B. Audits
  15. How does loading JavaScript last (instead of first) improve perceived speed?

    A. By causing the browser to display the page before the JavaScript finishes loading
  16. Why are app stores important?

    A. They simplify the process of distributing apps and accepting payment for them
  17. What is the official name of the PhoneGap open source project?

    B. Cordova
  18. What languages can you use for building PhoneGap apps?

    A. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  19. How does PhoneGap generate native apps for multiple operating systems?

    A. It wraps your HTML5 code with a native wrapper for each platform
  20. Where will a native PhoneGap app for iOS run?

    A. Only on iOS
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