DoorDash Fields in Salesforce

  1. True or False: The, "DoorDash at Fault," demarcation in a case, frees the customer care agent of any responsibility for transactional justice. The agent may act cold, fail to appease, fail to cancel or not refund orders.
    False. Agents are still responsible for making things right for our guests, through: warmth, appeasement, gift card appeasement or (when necessary) order cancellations/refund requests.
  2. True or False: If an agent is in doubt, the agent should mark the checkbox, whether or not they believe that Door Dash is at fault.
    False. Certain selections will remove a dasher's tip. It is important that agents exercise caution to avoid any unnecessary consequences.
  3. Order Cancelled by DoorDash (pre-dlivery)
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DoorDash Fields in Salesforce