Day-3 Knowledge Check

  1. The acronym BLAST is used to describe the method a customer care agent handles a call. It translates to Believe, Listen, Apologize, S____, and Thank.
    • Believe
    • Listen
    • Apologize
    • Solve
    • Thank
  2. The 11 customer care rewards used to appease guests are: free bagel, free ______ or _____, free beverage, free sandwich, free entrée, free You Pick Two, 50% off You Pick Two, $3 off, $5 off, $10 off, and $15 off.
    free pastry or sweet
  3. Define the service term: friction; e.g. minimum friction vs maximum friction.
    Friction is a term that relates to the mood or temperament of a customer/guest. Friction can also can be used to represent the relative or perceived level of harm; either financially or to public image.
  4. True or False? Rewards accounts are for retail purchases only.
    False, catering orders can also use rewards accounts.
  5. How do guests receive their visit credit(s) for online orders?
    Online orders receive visit credit(s) when rewards members are logged into their account prior to purchase.
  6. Name the tool used to view account balances.
  7. Name the tool used to add or remove rewards.
  8. Name the tool used to edit account information.
    Customer Management Tool (CMT)
  9. Name the tool/s used to view account information.
    Customer Management Tool (CMT) and/or Paytronix
  10. Name the tool used to add visit credits?
  11. What tools are used to support the rewards/customer-loyalty program?
    Customer Management Tool (CMT) and Paytronix
  12. True or False: A physical card is required participate in the reward/loyalty program.
    False, a virtual card can be issued and the account can receive visit credits from web orders, at kiosks, or in cafes.
  13. What should a customer care agent do if they receive a call for a support topic beyond their level of training?
    In Sales Force offers an Need Urgent Help toggle on the last page of the Case Wizard. This toggle then messages a supervisor who will IM the agent. The agent can then warm conference the call to the supervisor; the agent should first: set the aux code to CC - Conf or Xfer.
  14. ________ is a per/visit, ladder-based customer loyalty program, that may also include occasional promotional offers and rewards. Enrollment in this program is required for a coffee+ subscription.
  15. What is an MTX account? Under what circumstances is the MTX-status removed?
    MTX indicates an inactive account. The rewards member will receive no visit credits and no CRM rewards. The MTX-status will be removed from the account after the second visit credit; the first of which will not count as a visit credit toward a earned reward.
  16. What are wallets?
    Wallets are containers for rewards
  17. Which wallets are adjusted by agents?
    Customer care wallets
  18. The acronym CRM is used to signify what type of reward in the customer care tool?
    CRM rewards are Consumer Relationship Management rewards. This means that these rewards are time sensitive promotions introduced occasionally by the corporate marketing department.
  19. Define earned rewards.
    Earned rewards are accrued through visits and these awards are assigned via a ladder schematic.
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