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  1. Air Brake 1
    • I'm ready to conduct my commercial air brake test on a combination vehicle. For this test we are going to focus on my primary gauge. To start this test I need to have my air tanks full. 
    • (Safe start engine, let pressure build up until governor cuts out.)
    • My air tanks are full at _____ PSI.
  2. Air Brake 2
    • With my tanks full I will begin my apply leakage test and in that test I should not loose more than (4) PSI in one minute.
    • (shut off engine, turn on ignition key, put tractor in gear, push brakes trailer 1st, tractor 2nd)
    • (let truck settle for 20 sec. then press and hold the service brake, once the needle stabilizes
    • My needle stabilized at ____ PSI my minute starts now.
    • (hold service brakes for 65 sec.)
    • Minute went by and I did not loose more than (4) PSI in one minute.
  3. Air Brake 3
    • Now I'm going to do my low air warning device test, and it should turn on in between (55 and 75 PSI). (Pump service brakes until light on dash turns on.)
    • My low air warning light turned on at ____PSI.
  4. Air Brake 4
    • Now I'm going to perform my tractor and trailer pop out test and they should pop out in between (20 and 45 PSI) (pump service brakes until brakes pop out) My tractor and trailer brake pop out at ____PSI.
    • This concludes my comercial air brake test on a combination vehicle.
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