900 DIV PC

  1. What items are required for a squadron induction?
    • Part
    • Work request
    • 51 record
  2. What information is on a sling proof load tag?
    • PN
    • SN
    • Service load weight
    • Activity who performed the load test
    • Date of the proof load
  3. What type of MAF are squadron inductions cut on?
  4. When can a unit/gear be recalled?
    3 days to the left or right of an inspection due date (6 day window)
  5. What happens when 3 days after the NLT date has passed for recall purposes? Who provides deviation?
    Gear is down, requires deviation from TYCOM for continued use
  6. What workcenter recalls gear?
  7. What is to happen when a discrepancy is found on inducted squadron gear?
    Squadron sends the work request with JCN - this ensures that the squadron gets charged for the repairs not FRCNW
  8. Who updates the squadron's gear records
    Squadron does, not 900 AZ's
  9. When signing off a 104 week on slings, what should be verified?
    Verify that NDI passed and the NDI MAF was completed
  10. How many de-icers does the base have?
  11. For de-icer check out, who is contacted and how much notice is needed? Who determines the priority of who can use the deicer?
    • ODO, 2 hours notice at minimum
    • ODO sets priority by flight schedule
  12. Can a de-icer be kept by the squadrons?
    De-icer is to be checked out, used, turned back in. No long term check out.
  13. What is done with excess de-icer fluid on the flight line?
    Squadron involved notifies the base scrubby to clean up the excess fluid
  14. What are the 6 sections of a 51 record?
    • Custody and transfer
    • record of rework
    • pres/depres
    • TDs
    • NDI/Proofload record
    • Misc
  15. How often is NDI performed on hooks?
    Every 5 years
  16. How often are hooks load tested?
  17. Who certifies hook load tests?
    The QAO
  18. What PROJ/PRI is down SE?
    BKO/PRI 3
  19. What PROJ/PRI is up SE?
    BK1/PRI 6
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