800 DIV PC

  1. What conditions must be maintained in the paraloft? What cannot be done if this is not maintained?
    Temperature and Humidity 75 degrees and 60% ideal

    Parachutes cannot be packed, maint must be restarted if out of limits during packing process
  2. How many personnel are on a parachute? Can they swap out?
    • 1 CDI (constant)
    • 1 WORKER (constant)
    • 1 HELPER (may switch)
  3. How many personnel on a head box?
    • 1 CDI (constant)
    • 1 WORKER (constant)
  4. What 800 Workcenters work with ordnance? What type?
    • 81A/81B
    • CADs/PADs
  5. How many personnel are required for an ordnance evolution?
    • 1 Qualified worker
    • 1 Qualified QASO (Quality Assurance Safety Observer)
  6. What should be done if a CAD or flare goes off?
    Evacuate, call fire department and CDO, submit CODRs (Conventional Ordnance Deficiency Report)
  7. What system is used to register and track survival radios?
    JSETS - locates radio, life craft, and aircraft it belongs to
  8. What is done iSARSAT calls about a radio beacon?
    Notify JASU, 610, and 81B that a beacon is turned on, locate beacon and call it off
  9. What happens if a beacon is activated?
    It activates JSETS - Custodial command and SAR contacted
  10. What is the PROJ/PRI for all ALSS items?
  11. What is the PROJ/PRI for all ALSS SUPPO assets?
  12. What is the purpose of the ALSS pool?
    Established to maintain RFI ALSS assets
  13. How are squadrons outfitted?
    1 for 1 swap issue/receipt -- results in no downtime
  14. How long is the shelf life for pool items and what items does this pertain to?
    90 day shelf life applies to all items EXCEPT FOR parachutes and thin pack dry suits. PM cycle for each item starts on the 91st day
  15. What process is followed if pool gear reaches its shelf life expiration, and how does this affect its service life?
    On the 91st day. gear will be issued to the pool/WC. Each day gear is issued in pool status will count against service life.
  16. What are the SUPPO assets in the ALSS pool and supply?
    • MD1 Oxygen Regulator
    • MD2 Oxygen Regulator
    • Oxygen reducer
    • Oxygen Manifold
  17. What PSI is MD1?
  18. What PSI is MD2?
  19. Which item is strictly a SUPPO asset?
  20. What happens if high time is reached?
    1 for 1 swap from 800 pool (MD1 and MD2)
  21. What happens with a discrepancy? Why is this significant?
    1 for 1 swap in supply - allows for parts ordering (required) through evidence of need (MD1 and MD2)
  22. What happens when squadron is requesting gear?
    They must do a 1 for 1 swap
  23. How are pool assets managed?
    using the pool report
  24. When are 800 inductions done?
    Monday-Thursday, no gear issue on fridays
  25. What is the 800 induction process?
    • Gear request -- 3 working day notice
    • Squadron brings gear, record (AER), work request, and sends logsets. 1 for 1 swap, if 800 does not have the item in the pool the gear is received and the squadron goes on the owed list
  26. How is 800 gear inducted through JASU?
    1 for 1 swap for high time vs downing squadron gear
  27. How is ALSS maintenance dictated for deployed VOD sites?
    Via inputs from the AVSTAT
  28. What process is performed for deploying squadrons?
    10% surplus gear issue is processed for deployment once approved by the squadron's MMCO
  29. What is required to ship ALSS?
    • Shipping document
    • logset on disk
    • AER and 1149
    • HAZDECK (if it contains ordnance)
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