Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

  1. What are client-side scripts?

    B. Scripts that run on the end user's computer after downloading
  2. In JavaScript, what is a variable?

    A. A symbol or name that stands for a value
  3. In JavaScript, what is an operator?

    C. A symbol that represents an action
  4. What is the purpose of the HTML DOM?

    D. To represent and interact with objects in an HTML document
  5. What's a function? 

    A. A way to create reusable blocks of code
  6. What's an API?

    D. A standard way to access different software components through a program
  7. What does AJAX do?

    B. Allows Web browsers to send and retrieve data and update a webpage without reloading the whole page
  8. What attribute would you use to create a new page in jQuery Mobile?

    A. data-role="page"
  9. Which feature of JQM lets you select a predesigned look and feel for your app?

    B. Themes
  10. How do you create a touch-friendly list of links in JQM?

    B. By using data-role="listview"
  11. What does it mean when you see a hash symbol (#) in a cache manifest file?

    C. Whatever comes after the symbol is something for humans to read instead of instructions for a computer
  12. What does the geolocation API do?

    A. It lets your browser share your current location with websites you trust
  13. What value will a browser return for a geolocation property if the browser can't obtain a value?

    B. null, 0, or NaN
  14. What type of file contains the instructions for the AppCache?

    B. Cache manifest
  15. Which section of the cache manifest lists the files that should be cached?

    C. The Explicit section
  16. What are Web APIs?

    C. A way for app developers to make parts of their Web apps' functionality or data available to other Web apps
  17. What protocol invokes a RESTful Web service?

    A. HTTP
  18. What's a data mashup?

    D. A combination of multiple similar types of data from different sources, such as a site that lets you view ticket prices available from several airlines
  19. What's the correct name for a mashup that combines a company's data with external Web services?

    A. A business mashup
  20. What controls access to a Web API and ensures that the users of an API agree to the terms of service?

    B. An API key
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