Structural Fire Fighting: Strategy & Tactics

  1. What type of search is a systematic, such as left- or right-handed?
    General/typical search
  2. Search that uses thermal imager to increase efficiancy and the team leader stays in a fixed place while other members do actual searching?
    Oriented search
  3. Search that utilizes specific equipment and rope systems for use in lg areas. Also requires a higher level of supervision to be performed?
    Wide-area search
  4. What is VEIS?
    • Type of search utilized when it is suspected or probabe that a victim is present in a specific room or compartment within the structure.
    • Ventilation
    • Enter
    • Isolate
    • Search
  5. Smoke exiting the structure lazily typically indicates the fire is where?
    On a floor below
  6. Smoke exiting under pressure w/ a defined neutral plane is a sign of?
    A fire on the same structural level where the smoke is exiting but not necessarily the fire's origin.
  7. Fire exiting an opening with a defined neutral plane indicates?
    That the opening is supporting a bidirectional flow of products of combustion away from the fire and oxygen toward the fire.
  8. This style of fire attack is best used on ventilation-controlled fires and the primary fuel is the fire gases that the combustion process indisde a compartment produces.
    Indirect attack, can also be considered transitional if performed beginning on the exterior
  9. When is Direct attack style best used?
    On fuel-controlled fires
  10. Not a fire extinguishment methid but is a way of reducing heat release from the hot gas layer.
    Gas cooling, effective when faced with a shielded fire.
  11. A shielded fire is?
    Fire located in a remote part of structure or hidden from biew by objects in the compartment
  12. Used to control the flow within the structure to force smoke and heat to the intended exhaust openings and to reduce thermal effects on firefighters as they perform an interior operations.
    Positive-pressure attack (PPA)
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