General Orders

  1. Has exclusive control of the stationing and transferring of all members
    Fire chief
  2. Prescribes the specifications and manner of wearing of the uniform and protective clothing
    Fire chief
  3. Has the exclusive right to suspend and recommend demotion of a member for incompetence
    Fire chief
  4. Serves as a staff officer to the chief of the department
    Deputy chief
  5. Conducts investigations
    Deputy chief
  6. Will routinely deal with citizen contacts by preparing correspondents
    Deputy chief
  7. Are responsible for the state of training of personnel assigned to their command
    Battalion chief
  8. Will closely monitor the station training program
    Battalion chief
  9. Are to make use of Saturdays Sundays and holidays when buildings and premises are accessible and drills would not disrupt the occupants
    Battalion chief
  10. Authorized to make temporary transfers of personnel on their shift for up to 30 days duration
    Battalion chief
  11. Are to be aggressive in demanding a high degree of performance from members and will set the tone for an atmosphere of professional competency
  12. Will see that members are on duty promptly at 0800 hrs
    Captain and lieutenant
  13. Will assure that swinging is done on an equitable basis
  14. Within a reasonable time hold a basic fire inspector and a basic fire investigator certification
  15. Will act as the security monitor for their stations and facilities and see that visitors are met and treated properly
  16. Within a reasonable time hold a basic fire inspector certification
  17. Fire chief minimum qualifications
    10 years previous experience

    Advanced firefighter certification

    T CFP head of department certification within one year of appointment

    Class C drivers license

    Texas Department of State health services EMT B certification
  18. Is the only one who shall issue general orders
    Fire chief
  19. May originate with any department member and is meant to convey information important to department operations
    Information bulletins
  20. Will be posted on the station bulletin board for at least 30 days
    Information bulletin
  21. Originates with the chief of the department or the deputy chief and meant to convey changes to department and city procedures
  22. When signing a directive what goes below your signature
    The date
  23. Responsible each shift for reviewing the daily notes at their stations for accuracy and completeness
    Station captain's
  24. When sending a communication to our printers in the department prior approval must be given by
    The battalion chief
  25. Communications received from outside the department must have approval of
    Chief of the department or the deputy chief
  26. Abbreviation of our core values is SPIRIT





  27. A dispatchers order can only be overridden by the battalion chief or
    The officer on the apparatus who has visual knowledge that conflicts with a dispatch communication
  28. Officers are expected to make the most productive use of members time there are approximately
    12 hrs available each shift
  29. Failure of a supervisor to take corrective action about complaints concerning sexual harassments
    Should be reported to the chief of the department
  30. Visitors will not be allowed to stay past
    2200 hrs without prior approval of the battalion chief
  31. Officers and acting officers will log on no later than what time each morning they are on duty to check their email
  32. Staffing levels will be maintained at a minimum of how many personnel per shift
  33. Combined staffing at station 5 and 6 will not fall below a level of how many combined personnel
  34. How many personnel at 5 and 6 must be members of the hazmat team on duty
  35. How many haz mat personnel must be at station 6
  36. Hazmat with fire response
    Box alarm

    Engine 5

    Rescue 5

    Engine 6 fill in at station 5 if not 1st due engine
  37. Level one hazmat response
    1st due engine company and sq5
  38. Hazmat Level 2 response
    Level one units, engine 5, rescue 5, 63, battalion one, AMR, engine 6 fill in station 5 if not 1st due engine
  39. Hazmat Level 3 response
    Any additional units will be special call at the request of the IC
  40. When a brush unit is special called to an incident the engine company will remain in service with as few as
    2 members
  41. If a member refuses a transfer request that has been granted the member will be removed from the list and will not be eligible to submit a transfer request for
    6 months
  42. If suspended for violation of a civil service rule the suspension Maybe for a reasonable period not to exceed
    15 calendar days
  43. Any member having information relevant to a disciplinary investigation will report such information to the
    Deputy chief
  44. This disciplinary action will be given for minor offenses occurring 1 to 3 times
    Oral counseling
  45. This disciplinary action will be given for minor offenses when an oral counseling has failed
    Disciplinary counseling form P7
  46. 4 copies of a disciplinary counseling form P7 or letter of reprimand will be given to
    The member, the supervisor, the chief of the department, and to the human resource director
  47. This is the 1st level of official disciplinary action and therefore can be appealed
    Letter of reprimand
  48. How many days does a member have to file an appeal for a letter of reprimand
    5 business days
  49. Upon receipt of a written reprimand from a supervisor the member will have 5 business days to submit a written request for a hearing to the
    Deputy chief
  50. The deputy chief will have how many business days to respond to the appeal and/or to schedule a hearing
    5 business days
  51. Will be issued when the letter of reprimand has failed to correct the performance or the violation is of such serious nature that disciplinary action more severe than the letter of reprimand might be warranted
    Letter of charges
  52. Someone wanting to make a complaint we must obtain the complainants
    Name, address, work and home phone numbers
  53. If a complainant states they want to remain anonymous refer them to
    Deputy chief
  54. The member who obtains the information from the complainant will send a memo with details to the
    Chief of the department through channels within 24 hours
  55. A complaint regarding a fire hazard will routinely be processed by the
    Fire Marshal, or battalion chief after normal working hours and on weekends, if BC can't resolve, on call Arson Investigator
  56. Personnel complaints will not be accepted more than __ days after the alleged incident
  57. If a false statement or perjury by the citizen is suspected by the deputy chief the manner will be referred to the
    District attorney for review and disposition
  58. Upon completion of the investigation the deputy chief will submit a report to the
    Chief of the department
  59. Allegation false or not factual
  60. Incident did occur but was lawful and proper
  61. Insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation
    Not sustained
  62. Allegation is supported by sufficient evidence
  63. If allegation is classified as unfounded exonerated or not sustained the deputy chief will
    Notify the member under investigation in writing through channels
  64. For complaints involving a criminal act the chief of the department will place the member on
    Administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation
  65. Can a member under investigation have counsel present during an interview regarding an investigation
  66. Current employee law court decisions allow the polygraph to be required in __________ related complaint investigations only.
  67. _________ may order a member to undergo psychological evaluation during a complaint investigation
    Chief of the department
  68. When a complaint is sustained the deputy chief will forward the completed investigation report to the
    Chief of the department
  69. ______________ May circumvent all investigative procedures in order to expedite a decision when he deems it necessary to preserve the integrity of and confidence in the department
    Chief of the department
  70. Who responds to a code 10
    Bc, 63, first in engine, closest squad and 68 by IC request
  71. Any updating of payroll adjustment for differential pay after the shift worked must have the approval of
    Fire chief or deputy chief
  72. Personnel shall be paid differential pay any time they have been moved up for greater than
    .1 hours
  73. How much time may be granted for an urgent personal emergency by the station officer
    One hour
  74. An additional hour may be granted by the next supervisor for a maximum of
    Two total hours
  75. Day to day management of the department's budget will be the responsibility of the
    Deputy chief
  76. The fire department will begin budget preparation in what month
  77. Division heads will submit budget request to the fire chief by no later than
    February 15th
  78. Battalion 3 shall meet at least
  79. Battalion 3 assigned to facilities unit will report to the
    Support branch director or in their absence the logistics section chief
  80. Battalion 3 assigned to food unit will report to the
    Service branch director or in their absence, the logistics section chief
  81. Battalion 3 assigned to rehab will report to the
    Medical unit leader
  82. Battalion 3 assigned to staging area will report to the
    Operations section chief
  83. Battalion 3 assigned to supplies will report to the
    Support branch director or in their absence, the logistics section chief
  84. Battalion 3 standard uniform will be determined by the chief of the department or battalion 3 members may elect to have their own standard uniform approved by the membership of
    Battalion 3 and the chief of the department
  85. Any Battalion 3 uniform other than the departmentally issued uniform will be at the expense of the
    Battalion 3 member
  86. A comprehensive news release will be made by the
    Arson investigator, the fire Marshal, or a person designated by the IC
  87. If a member is seriously injured or killed and an emergency, the incident commander shall contact
    The dispatcher by telephone and inform him or her of the circumstances
  88. The dispatcher in the case of a member seriously injured or killed shall notify the
    Chief of the department, the deputy fire chief, the fire department chaplain, and the fire department safety officer
  89. Who is responsible to respond to the location of the incident where a member was seriously injured or killed to gather pertinent information, and take personal charge of all protective clothing, including SCBA
    Safety officer
  90. If serious injury or death of a civilian, the incident commander shall notify the dispatcher by radio and request the notification of the
    Fire chief, deputy fire chief, and the fire chaplain
  91. Who should inform the members next of kin per department protocols if member is seriously injured or killed
    Fire chief, deputy fire chief and fire Chaplin
  92. All request for information received from members of the news media shall be directed to the on duty
    Battalion chief for handling, referral or assignment
  93. How often will the media guide be updated and redistributed?
  94. Cameras and cell phones at emergency scenes are prohibited without the authorization of the?
    Fire chief or deputy chief
  95. Ride out program request and release forms should me give in to?
    Battalion chief for signature, and then forwarded to fire administration
  96. Ridees shall be limited to a ride out shift of no longer then?
    12 hrs
  97. There will be no riders after what time?
    2000 hrs
  98. Leave scheduling will be scheduled by the battalion chief prior to?
    September 15th
  99. ____________________ are not included in the calculation of the magic number for leave scheduling.
    Safety training captains and assistant fire marshals
  100. Major vacation leave is defined as?
    3 or more consecutive shifts, and may b scheduled around a kelly day
  101. Not more than ___ officers can be scheduled off at the same time and not more than ___ of the operations captains.
    6, 2
  102. Who responds to an explosion?
    Box response and asst. Fire marshal
  103. Response for hazmat with fire?
    Box response, hazmat response team, asst. Fire marshal and safety and training coordinator
  104. Hazmat without fire response?
    First due engine and sq 5
  105. Rescue(trapped in machinery) response?
    En, tk, rescue, bc, and safety and training coordinator
  106. Rescue(major accident w/ ppl pinned) response?
    En, tk, rescue, bc, and safety and training coordinator
  107. Bomb threat response?
    En, sqd, bc, asst. fire marshal and safety and training coordinator
  108. Water rescue response?
    En, bc, boat and safety and training coordinator
  109. What is a still alarm considered?
    Any that is not a box alarm
  110. Fire dispatch is suppose to repeat ________ when dispatching an incident?
    Type, box number, address and cross street
  111. Who is responsible for the attir of their subordinates while en route?
    Company Officer
  112. What is the minimum protective clothing to have on while en route?
    Bunker boots and pants
  113. Chief's aides, while operating away fro. Command, will wear?
    The appropriate ppe
  114. Fire and arson Investigators will wear a minimum of?
    Bunker coat, boots, helmet and gloves
  115. Wildland leather boots minimum tops height is?
  116. Wildland uniforms worn on red flag days as determined by the?
    Fire chief, deputy fire chief, or battalion chief
  117. All operational members on duty will wear the same wildland uniform, with the exception of the?
    Battalion chief and battalion chief's aide
  118. What harness should be worn during aerial operations?
    Class II harness with fall arrest tag line attached to anchor point within platform
  119. Who has the authority to send or maintain firefighting equipment or personnel outside the city of Wichita falls?
    On-duty battalion chief
  120. Who shall compile a list of all items used at a mutual aid hazmat incident, along with a list of responding personnal and forward to fire administration so that an invoice may be sent?
    The Hazmat officer
  121. Who shall walk around the vehicle and look for any obstacles and pedestrians?
    Company officer/operator
  122. Who shall provide a spotter?
    Company officer
  123. When turning apparatus or proceeding against a red light or stop signal drivers will slow the vehicle to ___?
    15 mph
  124. When dispatcher states "your fire is reported out" shall proceed via?
    Code 1
  125. Malfunction or test of automatic fire alarm is advised by dispatch, what level should response continue?
    Code 1
  126. What is the minimim distance 2 units on the same route should maintain?
    At least 150' apart
  127. Is it ok to leave running lights and warning lights on at fires?
    No, they should be turned off unless necessary to warn traffic
  128. Who determines the preventability or non-preventablity of individual accidents?
    City accident review board
  129. A major accident is any occurrence that...
    Renders the vehicke un-drivable and/or involving injuries, without regard to the number or degree of injuries.
  130. Who shall investigate all major and minor accidents involving fire department equipment?
    Safety and training chief
  131. Accident investigation report will be submitted to the?
    Deputy chief
  132. Who should be notified of all accidents but only respond to major accidents?
    Deputy chief
  133. The driver of fire department vehicle shall submit a city of Wichita falls, form p-39 through the?
    Chain of command
  134. How should the officer in charge submit details of an accident?
    Fire department memo instead of on the p-39
  135. The safety anf training chief shall review all reports before forwarding to?
    Risk Management
  136. Persons seeking to talk with member involved in an accident or take a statement should be referred to the?
    City Attorney or Risk Management
  137. An investigation conducted into the circumstances surrounding an accident to determine if rules were broke should be done by?
    Safety, Health and Wellness Committee and is separate from the City Accident/Incident Review Board
  138. Will the fire department reset or silence any fire alarms?
  139. What response will be used when responding to an automatic fire alarm?
    Code 3
  140. For an automatic fire alarm a company should remain on scene for atleast how long?
    15 mins
  141. How many is considered an excess for malicious fire alarm calls to the same place?
    In excess of 4 or more per calendar year
  142. For confined space rescues, the 1st arriving TRT unit that is staffed with a TRT Company Officer should be assigned?
    Rescue Sector
  143. What is Phase I for TRT operations?
  144. What is Phase II for TRT emergencies?
    Pre-entry or Pre-Rescue(structural collapse) operations
  145. Personnel shall maintain line of sight and exit the confined space prior to low air alarm activation, following the what % rule?
    67-33% rule
  146. Who is responsible for entry operations of a confined space rescue?
    Rescue Sector
  147. What is Phase III for TRT emergencies?
    Entry or Rescue(structural collapse) Operations
  148. What is Phase IV for TRT emergencies?
  149. Command team for confined space rescue operations consist of?
    Chief officer, technical advisor, and a safety officer
  150. How far should all non-essential civilian personnel be removed from a structural collapse?
    At least 150'
  151. What sector controls the flow and maintains the personnel accountability of rescue personnel in the collapse area?
    Lobby Sector
  152. A building triage team will asses structural integrity and hazardous conditions of building involved, who makes up this team?
    Technical Rescue Technician, structural engineer, and a Hazmat technician
  153. Who may command elect to turn over general debris removal over to for final disposition of the building collapsed?
    RP responsible party
  154. First arriving company at a trench rescue will ensure apparatus remains at least how far from location of trench failure?
  155. Level I staging for trench rescue will be at least how far from failure?
  156. How far should the hazard zone perimeter be during a trench rescue?
    50' from the collapse area
  157. Stage apparatus atleast how far from collapse area during trench rescue?
  158. Re-route all non-essential traffic at least ____ from the collapse area?
  159. Shut down all heavy equipment operating within _____ of the collapse area?
  160. During a trench rescue there should be atleast 2 ladders placed into the trench no more than ____ apart? For ingress and egress.
  161. Where is the water rescue teams stationed?
    ST 1,2 & 8
  162. Water rescue teams members should be certified to the minimum of ______?
    Swift water rescue operations level
  163. Who is designated as the water rescue team coordinator?
    Training battalion chief
  164. Each water rescue team member will receive a minimum of ___ hours of ce's each year as per subject breakdown on the _________________________?
    16, Water Rescue Training Sheet
  165. All operators must complete a ____________ _________________ to operate boats?
    WFFD Boat Task Book
  166. Rescue 1 boat specs?
    16' aluminum flat bottom dbl hull rescue boat w/ 40 hp center console steer motor
  167. Rescue 1 RIB(rubber inflatable boat) specs
    16' rubber inflatable w/ 30 hp tiller steer motor
  168. Boat 2 and boat 8 specs
    14' flat jon boats w/ 10hp tiller steer motor
  169. What are the 3 domains of water rescue operations divided?
    • High water
    • Open Water
    • Swift Water Rescues
  170. Water rescue regional response is for who?
    A fire department or government agency w/in the NORTEX Region 3
  171. Who shall coordinate all request for mutual aide water rescues?
    Chief, deputy chief or battalion chief
  172. What level to initial emergency response to a High water Rescue?
    Level 1
  173. Level 2 response for what 2 different types of water rescues?
    Open water and Swift water rescues
  174. A level 1 response for water rescues includes?
    • First due engine
    • SQ2 or TK8 w/ their boats(closest)
    • Safety officer
  175. A level 2 response for water rescues includes?
    • Batt 1
    • 1st due EN
    • SQ2 OR TK8 w/ boat(closest)
    • ST1 w/ Rescue 1 boats
    • SQ5
    • Safety officer
  176. With regards to safety, rescue priorities for a water rescue incident are?
    • 1. Self
    • 2. Fellow teammates
    • 3. Victims
  177. A PFD will be worn by each member coming within ___ of the edge of the water?
  178. Members operating as part of the water rescue team shall wear?
    PFD, an approved helmet and gloves if invokved in rescue operations
  179. 1-9ppm of CO detected means?
    No immediate danger, can be a normal level for house w/ gas appliances
  180. 10-34 ppm CO detected?
    Inform occupants this is a dangerous level when endured for extended periods of time. Open drs and windows and find out where its coming from.
  181. 35 + ppm CO detected?
    Considered an IDLH atmosphere, use ppv to vent, don't enter w/out SCBA, have AMR respond
  182. Fire pumps and piping should not be drained unless otherwise instructed by the ___________ or the ___________?
    Battalion Chief, Fire Department Mechanic
  183. Tire chains will be checked by ___?
    Nov 1st
  184. _______ will be responsible for determining when the need exists of the installation of tire chains.
    Battalion Chiefs
  185. Broken chains will immediately be reported to the ___?
  186. Dispatched units for a Code 10 include?
    BC, 1st due EN, closest Sq, 63, 68
  187. Code 3 response to bomb threats reduced to Code 1 when within a ______________?
    few blocks of the incident
  188. On a bomb threat the second arriving units will establish a Command Post at a safe distance of ______?
    suggested 300'
  189. When conducting search at a bomb threat what PPE should be worn?
    Full PPE, without breathing air packs
  190. Search at a bomb threat should not begin till who is on scene?
    Chief Officer
  191. Vacate a bomb threat area ____ before a detonation time is given?
    30 mins and in no case less than 15 mins
  192. Who will order an evacuation if a suspicious object cannot be identified?
    The ranking Fire Department Officer
  193. Who do we contact for removal and disposal of a potential bomb?
    Denton Bomb Squad
  194. Electric Provider Code 3 Response means?
    immediate hazard to life or property
  195. Electric provider priority response means?
    not being an immediate danger, Company Officer has the option of clearing the fire department unit
  196. Electric Provider Non-Priority Response means?
    not an immediate danger, fire department unit does not have to stand by
  197. FEMA's Emergency Response to Terrorism Job Aid, Edition 2.0 is available in all stations and the _________ vehicle?
    Battalion Chiefs
  198. Hazmat incident with fire response?
    Box alarm, En5, Rescue 5, EN6 fill in at ST5
  199. Level 1 HAZMAT response?
    1st due EN, SQ5
  200. Level 2 HAZMAT response?
    Level 1 units, EN5, Rescue 5, 63, BC, AMR
  201. The on-duty BC, shall make independent contact with the _____________ on any level 2 or 3 HAZMAT response to confirm that they received the CODE RED?
    Emergency Management Coordinator
  202. _________ channel will be used for entry teams working in the hot zone?
  203. The normal expansion of the ICS begins with the establishment of ______ and/or ______?
    Divisions, Groups; then Branches and then Sections
  204. ICS may create _______ that are geographical locations at the incident scene?
  205. In ICS, Command may create _____ that have functional assisgnments?
  206. To alleviate span of control issues, ______ can be created and may be functional or geographical?
  207. Incidents of the complexity to require branches will usually also require the establishment of an ________________?
    Operations Section
  208. Who will assume the role of Operations Section Chief?
    Battalion Chief after the arrival of the Chief or Deputy Chief
  209. __________ is responsible for establishing a Rehab Area?
    Logistics Section Chief
  210. _________ responsible to collect situation and resource information and develop action plans?
    Planning Section Chief
  211. Who is part of Command Staff in ICS?
    Safety Officer, PIO, Liaison Officer
  212. An exposure line should not be less than ___?
    1 3/4"
  213. Primary member of IRIC is responsible for?
    Tracking interior personnel and initiating rescue operations
  214. A Mayday is communicated how?
    Over the radio or person to person over the radio
  215. When a member has to report a Mayday they should give a LUNAR which includes?
    Location, Unit Identifier, Name, Air supply, and Resources/Rescue
  216. The signal for a Mayday situation is the verbal transmission of Mayday how many times?
    3 times
  217. When a Mayday is reported IC should signal a __ at the least?
    Signal 103
  218. In Mayday situation all other suppression units shall continue firefighting activities on what channel?
  219. Rescue Branch should be established when____?
    Mayday situation
  220. Who takes over Command after a Rescue Branch has been created?
  221. If a company has not been reported for in at least ____ minutes while on air a PAR will be requested.
    15 minutes
  222. Command will try to raise the missing company during a PAR ___ times before a Mayday is called?
  223. Apparatus air horns will sound for __ when an Emergency Evacuation is reported.
    10 seconds
  224. What vehicles have been equipped with a Lock Out/Tag Out kit?
    Both Tk's and Sq's, 68, and 63
  225. EMR stands for?
    Elevator Mechanical Room
  226. If lock out/tag out device is left on scene the IC shall collect the key from company officer and will forward an email to the next day's _____________?
    Battalion Chief with a copy to the Fire Marshal
  227. The __________, in consultation with the Chief of the Department shall make all determinations regarding the deployment of personnel in reponse to TIFMAS and TDEM requests.
    Deputy Chief of Operations
  228. __________ has the authority to limit the deployment in both the number of personnel and length.
    Deputy Chief
  229. _________ shall serve as the point of contact for the department's community engagement activities.
    Fire Marshall Division
  230. Operations division is responsible for conducting fire inspections in all commercial occupancies except?
    • Occupancies exceeding 40,000sq.ft.
    • High-rise(4 or more stories)
  231. Code enforcement work load balance will be maintained under the supervision of the ____________. The ______________ will supervise and participate in the initial assignment and be responsible for making changes.
    Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief
  232. ________ will make spot checks of the entire City to ensure the inspections are being completed.
    Battalion Chiefs
  233. The re-inspection date should be a minimum of ____ to _____?
    10 days to 2 weeks
  234. Refer them to _____ after second failure of inspection?
    Fire Marshal
  235. Get hazards/fire code violations corrected through the Inspection Form or refer violations to the appropriate _____?
  236. Lock box should not be further than ___ laterally from the door?
  237. Access boxes shall not be mounted higher than __ ft of lower than __ ft above the ground.
    5', 2'
  238. Access box for a gate shall be located on the gate or on the fence within __ feet of the gate.
  239. Access boxes will be checked how often?
  240. The ________ division staff will serve as the conduit for referrals to Adult Protective Services.
    Fire Marshal
  241. An APS to the Fire Marshal staff will be done in the form of an ____?
  242. The Fire Marshals division is required by state statute to investigate all fires for cause and origin where there is ____ or more dollars in damage.
  243. When FD personnel disagree with EMS provider treatment the company officer will notify the ____ by telephone of the incident.
    Battalion Chief
  244. Report of exposure?
    City of WF Form P-40 and a WFFD Form #17-A, Report of Exposure shall be completed
  245. The department ___________ will be contacted as soon as possible (within __ hrs) after an exposure?
    Safety Officer, 3 hrs
  246. Report of exposure, the safety officer will follow up with ____, ____, and the ____.
    EMS Provider, City Risk Management, appropriate hospital
  247. A letter regarding Incidents Involving Personal Abuse should be sent immediately to the?
    Deputy Fire Chief
  248. _____ shall instruct every fd member in HIPPA compliance.
    Training Division
  249. The fire department EMS Coordinator and a rep from the EMS Provider should meet with the ___ at the beginning of each month.
    Medical Director
  250. _____________ is responsible for maintaining the Reference material through the online account with IFSTA.
    Safety and Training Chief
  251. Request for training must reach the _______ no less than ___ days before the start of class.
    Battalion Chief, 14 days
  252. Directed training shall be coordinated by and approved by the ________ Chief.
    Training Division Battalion
  253. Live fire training, will have no more than _ consecutive evolutions without cooling down the burn room.
  254. During live fire training, no vehicles should be allowed within __ feet of the building during live fire training.
    15 feet
  255. Temperatures should not exceed ____ at the highest sensor during live fire training.
    600 degrees
  256. Any damage to building from a live fire training exercise will be reported to the ______
    Training Division Chief
  257. PPE health and safety concerns should be reported to the manufacturer within __ days of the date of the report.
    30 days
  258. __ advanced cleanings in a 12-month period
  259. Burnt of melted portions of the reflective markings exceed _____ of the total area of reflective markings.
  260. If the pressure is _____ PSI or less, recharge to 4500 PSI.
  261. Disinfect facepiece by sponging it with a ___% solution of ethyl, methyl, or isopropyl alcohol, or submerge in a solution of __ tablespoons of chlorine bleach to one gallon of water.
    70%, 2 tablespoons
  262. All SCBA cylinders should be purged of air atleast ___
    once a year
  263. New hose should be marked and placed in service within __ calendar days.
  264. _________ will be notified to make arrangements to pick up replaced hose.
    Battalion Chief
  265. Dirty hose shall not be on apparatus for more than __ hours.
    24 hours
  266. Hose change months?
    March, June, September, December
  267. Tar may be removed using a shop towel saturated with ____?
  268. _________ shall frequently check to make sure hose is being changed and cleaned.
    Battalion Chiefs
  269. 5" hose change, get permission from BC, go out of service, come back in service as soon as ____ has been reloaded.
  270. Fire ground, EN companies should not be put back in service until 700' of 5", a High Rise Pack and at least __ cross lays and/or rear pre-connects.
  271. _______ shall maintain a true and accurate record of all hose and appliances.
    Deputy Chief
  272. What EN's do not have a crash pack?
    EN1,2,3,5 & 8
  273. Annual service test pressures
    Booster = 250 psi
    1.75" = 300 PSI
    2.5" = 250PSI
    5" =____
    200 PSI
  274. With the hose at __ PSI close the nozzle slowly.
  275. Hose service test shall be done each ___?
  276. Halyards are typically 3/8" #1 grade ____
  277. Utility rope size and length?
    75', 1/2" #1 grade manila or kernmantle
  278. Life safety rope size and storage bag color?
    • 150' to 200', 1/2" static kernmantle life safety rope
    • Orange, Red
  279. Water Rescue Rope size?
    100' yellow polypropylene rope, yellow throw bag
  280. If rope, harness, or related equipment comes into question Safety and Training Coordinator notified and Form __, Loss or Damage to Minor Tools and Equipment filled out.
  281. Who does annual rope inspection and when?
    Station 5 B shift in January
  282. Cleaning rope you should use what detergent and agitate how long?
    Tide detergent, 10-15mins
  283. Retired life safety rope can be retired to utility rope under the ___________ Chief.
    Safety and Training Chief
  284. Close hydrants at a pace no quicker than ______
    90 seconds preferably closer to 2 mins, each evolution of hydrant wrench should take 8 - 10 seconds
  285. Flow testing hydrants should be completed once every _ yrs.
  286. What form is fire hydrant work order
    Form #38
  287. 0-9 psi red
    10-35 psi orange
    36-79 psi green
    80-above psi ___
  288. Any equipment being removed from capitol or fixed assets will be screened by the _______and sent via email to the Finance Dept for disposal instructions.
    Deputy Chief
  289. Responsibility of the _________ that apparatus pumps are tested an an annual basis.
    Battalion Chiefs
  290. Pump test completed at _____
    WFPD Gun Range
  291. Fire Administration shall process the NFIRS report and forward it to the State Fire Marshal's office on the _____ with data from the previous month.
    15th of every month
  292. Safety and Training Coordinators will devote a minimum of _ hours each shift at the PSTC.
    8 hours
  293. Who serves as the chair on the Safety, Wellness and Fitness Program and Training Committee?
    Safety and Training Chief
  294. Who serves as the Health and Safety Officer?
    Safety and Training Chief
  295. HCN monitors are on?
    63, SQ2 & SQ5
  296. Any member having a communicable disease exposure will immediately report the exposure to  their ______
    Battalion Chief
  297. The BC will notify Infection Control Officer within _ hrs of an exposure.
  298. On Duty Injury, fill out Form P-40 and it must be submitted to the Administrative Office, through chain of command by the ____
    End of the shift
  299. P-40 should also be submitted to Risk Management within ___ hrs of the injury
    24 hours
  300. An employee should call Risk Management between ____ on the date of his physical to inquire about the results regarding modified duty.
  301. When an employee has been absent for three or more days, they will be required to submit a signed release to ______
    Risk Management
  302. A member can temporarily be assigned to another division for light duty determined by the ________
    Chief of the Department
  303. Per LODD procedures is should be the _____ responsibility to collect firefighters equipment at the time of their injury/death.
    Assistant Fire Marshal
  304. After Chief notifies LODD next of kin a detail will be at next of kin house till day of the funeral and rotated every __ to __ hours.
    4 to 6 hours as determined by the on duty BC
  305. Who appoints CISM Team Coordinator?
    Fire Chief
  306. The CISD consists of ____ phases.
  307. _____ takes place immediately after a critical incident and consist of only __ phases.
    Defusing, 3 phases
  308. Formal debriefings always follow the demobilization within ___ hours.
    72 hours
  309. Defusings should take plase within __ to __ hours of the incident.
    8 to 12
  310. Typical defusings last _____ minutes
    30-45 minutes
  311. In the event of a LODD there will always be a full, seven phase CISD conducted _ to _ days after the funeral.
    3 to 5 days
  312. WFFD will not perform CISD's for itself, but it will provide ___, ____, and ____.
    Defusing, peer support, and demobilizations
  313. Requirements for a CISM team member may include?
    • -Basic Training in CISM(16 hours in Mitchell Model)
    • -Min of 2 years' experience w/ the department in the operations division
  314. All department members will receive a minimum of __ hours of CISM CE annually
    2 hours annually
  315. CISM team members will receive ___ hours of CE each year.
    10 hours
  316. WFFD should evaluate the effectiveness of the occupational safety, health and wellness program at least once every __ years.
    3 years
  317. Occupational safety and health committee shall include BC of Training and Safety __ Captains, __ Lieutenants, and __ firefighters.
    2,2,2 and BC will appoint committee members, one per station
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