1. I thin layer of flowing hot gases that develops under a horizontal surface
    Ceiling Jet
  2. Rapid transition from the growth stage to the fully developed stage is Known as
    Flash over
  3. Type one construction is known as
    Non combustible
  4. Reinforced and pre cast concrete masonry in protected steel frame construction meet the criteria for
    Type one construction
  5. This construction Type requires that exterior walls be constructed of non combustible materials
    Type 3
  6. Type 5 construction is commonly known as
    Wood frame Or frame construction
  7. Assembly occupancy is any structure or compartment that is used for the gathering of
    50 or more persons
  8. What occupancy is a structure that is used by 6 or more persons through the 12 the grade that meets for 4 or more hours in A-day or more than 12 hours in a week
  9. These codes allow one person for every 20 square feet of
    Classroom Space
  10. Laboratories And vocational shops are permitted one person for every
    50 ft²
  11. What can be applied to wood to make its surface fire resistant
    Intumescent coatings
  12. This system of framing Evolveed from the use of tree trunks for framing and is still commonly associated with wood beams and columns
    Post and beam
  13. Glass or thermo plastic panel in a window that allows light to pass
  14. Broad top surface of a column or pellister designed to spread the load hailed by a column
  15. Typical dimensions for the post in post and beam framing when Supporting roofs only are
    6 by 8"
  16. Wood framing systems most frequently encountered are classified into 3 basic Types
    Wood framing post and beam framing heavy timber framing
  17. Studs are continuous from the foundation to the roof
    Balloon frame construction
  18. Horizontal layer of individual masonry units
  19. A stretcher course has bricks placed
  20. A soldier course as bricks placed
    Vertically on End
  21. Single vertical row of multiple rows of masonry units in a wall usually brick
  22. Steel plate located on the exterior of a masonry building to which a tension rod is anchored
    Thrust plate
  23. Portion of the exterior walls of a building that extends above the roof
  24. I wall that is located on a lot line between 2 buildings and is common to both buildings
    Party wall
  25. Non load bearing exterior wall attached to the outside of a building
    Curtain wall
  26. These doors are often used in industrial occupancies as loading dock doors garage doors fright elevator doors or fire doors protecting openings
    Vertical doors
  27. The oldest and simplest detection device that detects the heat from an approaching fire and melts allowing the door to close is
    Fusible link
  28. A window includes a large number of narrow overlapping glass sections swinging outward
  29. Convert energy from the Sun into usable electricity
    Photovoltaic systems(PV)
  30. Test that is the only standardized test method currently universally accepted by building codes
    ASTM E-119
  31. Class I floor finishes can withstand higher temperatures before igniting than blank
    Class II
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