1. I thin layer of flowing hot gases that develops under a horizontal surface
    Ceiling Jet
  2. Rapid transition from the growth stage to the fully developed stage is Known as
    Flash over
  3. Type one construction is known as
    Non combustible
  4. Reinforced and pre cast concrete masonry in protected steel frame construction meet the criteria for
    Type one construction
  5. This construction Type requires that exterior walls be constructed of non combustible materials
    Type 3
  6. Type 5 construction is commonly known as
    Wood frame Or frame construction
  7. Assembly occupancy is any structure or compartment that is used for the gathering of
    50 or more persons
  8. What occupancy is a structure that is used by 6 or more persons through the 12 the grade that meets for 4 or more hours in A-day or more than 12 hours in a week
  9. These codes allow one person for every 20 square feet of
    Classroom Space
  10. Laboratories And vocational shops are permitted one person for every
    50 ft²
  11. What can be applied to wood to make its surface fire resistant
    Intumescent coatings
  12. This system of framing Evolveed from the use of tree trunks for framing and is still commonly associated with wood beams and columns
    Post and beam
  13. Glass or thermo plastic panel in a window that allows light to pass
  14. Broad top surface of a column or pellister designed to spread the load hailed by a column
  15. Typical dimensions for the post in post and beam framing when Supporting roofs only are
    6 by 8"
  16. Wood framing systems most frequently encountered are classified into 3 basic Types
    Wood framing post and beam framing heavy timber framing
  17. Stats are continuous from the foundation to the roof
    Balloon frame construction
  18. Horizontal layer of individual masonry units
  19. A stretcher course has bricks placed
  20. A soldier course as bricks placed
    Vertically on End
  21. Single vertical row of multiple rows of masonry units in a wall usually brick
  22. Steel plate located on the exterior of a nice and re building to which a tension rod is anchored
    Thrust plate
  23. Portion of the exterior walls of a building that extends above the roof
  24. I wall that is located on a lot line between 2 buildings and is common to both buildings
    Party wall
  25. Non load bearing exterior wall attached to the outside of a building
    Curtain wall
  26. These doors are often used in industrial occupancies as loading dock doors garage doors fright elevator doors or fire doors protecting openings
    Vertical doors
  27. The oldest and simplest detection device that detects the heat from an approaching fire and melts allowing the door to close is
    Fusible link
  28. A window includes a large number of narrow overlapping glass sections swinging outward
  29. Convert energy from the Sun into usable electricity
    Photovoltaic systems(PV)
  30. Test that is the only standardized test method currently universally accepted by building codes
    ASTM E-119
  31. Class I floor finishes can withstand higher temperatures before igniting than blank
    Class II
  32. What is Steiner Tunnel Test?
    most commonly used method for evaluating surface-burning characteristics of materials.
  33. What is smoke developed index?
    A measure of the concentration of smoke a material emits as it burns.
  34. Common path of travel is considered to be down the center of a straight corridor and a ____ foot radius around each corner?
  35. Horizontal exits require fire walls of fire-barrier walls with at least a 2-hour fire resistance rating. A 1 1/2 hour fire-rated door assembly would be installed in the fire barrier to permit movement between the 2 compartments.
  36. Doors serving as components of a means of egress should be atleast how wide?
  37. To operate panic hardware, causing the latch to release by applying a force of no more than ___ pounds?
  38. Setting a panic door in motion my applying no more than __ pounds?
  39. Stairways must be atleast __ inches wide?
    44, unless less than 50 people use it then it may be atleast 36" wide
  40. Landings must be provided so that no flights of stairs are greater than?
    12' high
  41. New ramps must be at least __ inches wide with a maximum slope of 1 to 12.
  42. The maximum length for a single ramp is __ feet w/out a landing?
  43. Emergency lighting system must provide the proper amount of illumination for __ mins. Floors must be illuminated at no less than _ foot-candle at floor level. A reduction of .2 foot-candle is permitted in auditoriums.
    • 90 mins
    • 1 foot-candle
  44. Illuminated signs should be placed so that no point in the exit access is more than 100' from the nearest visible sign. The letters on the sign should be at least __ inches high and principal strokes at least 3/4" wide.
  45. The bottom of a floor proximity sign must be between _ and _ inches.
  46. Required width of the means of egress is .3 inches per person for stairways and __ for ramps or level exit components.
    .2 inches
  47. Hazardous occupancies width for exits use .7 inches for stairways and __ for ramps or level exit components.
    .4 inches
  48. One-half diagonal rule is used to determine exit placement.
    When 2 exits are required they should be located no less than half the length of the overall diagonal dimension of the room.
  49. Dead-end corridor?
    when a corridor has no outlets to a means of egress and is more than 20' in length
  50. Fire lanes and fire apparatus must extend to w/in ___ of all portions of the building?
  51. Vertical clearance over a fire lane?
    13' 6" minimum
  52. Fire lanes and fire apparatus access roads must be a minimum width of __?
  53. Angle not exceeding _ degrees for angle of approach or departure?
    8 degrees
  54. Gates across fire access lanes must open to a minimum of __?
  55. Intrinsically safe?
    equipment designed and approved for use in flammable atmospheres that is capable of releasing sufficient electrical energy to cause the ignition of a flammable atmosphere mixture.
  56. Fuel loading/unloading stations must be located at least __ft from storage tanks?
  57. 5 conditions for a dust explosion to occur?
    Fuel, Confinement, Dispersion, Heat and Oxygen
  58. Combustible dusts are grouped and classified in 3 different groups
    • Group E- Metal dust
    • Group F- 8% carbonaceous
    • Group G - Flour, grain, wood, plastic, and chemical processing
  59. Flammable solids have an ignition temperature of less than __?
    212 degrees Fahrenheit
  60. AST's stands for?
    Aboveground Storage Tanks
  61. A pressure/vacuum vent(PV) must terminate at least __ ft above grade and __ ft from lot lines?
    12', 5'
  62. ESFR sprinklers used for warehouse protection require at least __ psi at the most demanding sprinkler?
    50 psi
  63. Primary feeder mains = 16" pipe
    Secondary feeder = 12' pipe
    Distributors = __" pipe
  64. On a fire hydrant the clearance between the bottom of the discharge and the grade(ground) should be at least __ inches?
  65. Deluge sprinkler systems?
    Consist of open sprinklers attached to unpressurized pipes. System activates when a detection device in the protected area senses a fire.(No thermally sensitive device in this system)
  66. Preaction Sprinkler system?
    A thermally sensitive device activates this system.
  67. Spacing for sprinklers in a residential system is at a maximum of __ sq.ft.?
  68. Maximum allowable distance from a wall in residential sprinkler system is _ ft.?
  69. Standpipe and Hose Systems
    Class I = Firefighters(2 1/2" hose connection)
    Class II= Trained Building Occupants(1 1/2" hose, nozzle, hose rack)
    Class III= Combination (__)
    2 21/2" hose connection and 1 1/2" hose connection for trained people
  70. Standpipe fire hose valves should be located so any part of a floor is within __ ft. of the standpipe hose connection?
  71. Actual standpipe hose connection can only be no more than how high from floor level?
  72. There should be at least how much room between sprinklers and stored materials?
    18 inches
  73. Extinguishers under 40 lbs. should be installed so the top is not more than _ft above the floor?
  74. Extinguishers over 40 lbs., except wheeled type, the top should not be more than __ ft above the ground?
    3 1/2'
  75. Clearance between the bottom of extinguisher and the floor should never be less than _ inches?
  76. Dry chemical storage containers that are less than 150 lbs should be hydrostatically tested every __ yrs?
    12 yrs
  77. Projected beam application smoke detectors are particularly useful in buildings where a large area of coverage is desired, such as in _____________?
    churches, atriums, or warehouses
  78. Manual pull station fire alarm devices should be mounted between 42-48" above the floor and a travel distance to the station should not exceed ___ ft?
  79. Visual notification devices should be installed in corridors that are less than 20' wide, mounted within __ ft of the corridor and must not be spaced more than ___ft apart on center?
    • 15'
    • 100'
  80. A memo is designed to serve as a permanent record of decisions, be somewhat informal, and contain one of three main communicative elements?
    • 1. Direction
    • 2. Advice
    • 3. Information
  81. Health care facilities, emergency evacuation drills are conducted _________ on each shift, and every member of the staff must participate.
  82. Health care facility evacuation Phase 1 activities uses acronym REACT of Race
    • Remove                      Remove
    • Ensure                        Alert
    • Activate                      Confine 
    • Call                            Extinguish
    • Try to extinguish
  83. At normal ambient temperatures materials can ignite and burn at oxygen concentrations as low as __ %?
  84. Conduction
    transfer of heat through or between solids that are in direct contact.
  85. Convection
    Heat transfer by circulation within a medium such as a gas or a liquid.
  86. Radiation
    Heat transfer by way of electromagnetic energy.
  87. Fire Triangle
    • Oxygen
    • Fuel
    • Heat
  88. Fire Tetrahedron
    • Chemical Chain Reaction
    • Oxidizing Agent
    • Heat
    • Reducing Agent
  89. Malfeasance
    commission of an unlawful act; committed by a public official
  90. Negligence
    Failure to exercise the same care that a prudent, reasonable and careful person would under the same or similar circumstances.
  91. Misfeasance
    Improper performance of a legal or lawful act
  92. Nonfeasance
    Failing to perform a required duty
  93. Ordinance
    Local or municipal law that applies to persons and things of the local jurisdiction
  94. Code
    A collection of rules and regulations that has been enacted by law in a particular jurisdiction. Codes typically address a single subject area.
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