City of WF civil service

  1. A veteran has served a minimum of how many days of active duty
  2. Who shall give notice to members of the commission of their meetings
  3. At least how many hours before given notice of a meeting
    72 hrs
  4. In case of emergency or urgent public necessity in which case the director shall give how much notice of a meeting
    2 hrs
  5. Each member of the commission holds office for a staggered how many year term
  6. The employee's notice of appeal of a disciplinary action shall be filed in writing with the director within
    240 hours after receiving the notice of the action from the department head
  7. An employee may with draw his or her request for an appeal at any time
  8. If request for documents is refused then a request may be filed with the director requesting the commission to issue subpoena duces tecum, at least how many days before hearing?
    10 days
  9. If an applicant elects to appeal a failure of medical or psychological examination the applicant shall submit written notice of appeal to the director within
    240 hrs of initial receipt of notification
  10. Class C misdemeanor warrants must be cleared with in how many days
    14 days of notification of existence of warrant
  11. Class A or class B misdemeanor, except for marijuana, may result in temporary rejection if w/in past ___ yrs
    10 yrs
  12. No unlawful consumption of marijuana within the last
    2 years
  13. Conviction of dwi, dui within past 10 yrs or 4 or more events of reckless driving within the past 36 mos.
    Can be cause for rejection
  14. Cause for rejection of fire fighter application has exercised poor judgment skills with in the past
    5 years
  15. A combined score of 70% on the human relations and mechanical sections. What is the minimum score for each section?
    75% on human relations and 65% on mechanical
  16. The actual conduct of every examination shall be under the direction of the?
    Director who shall be responsible to the commission
  17. Who has the authority to designate a test administrator?
  18. The police and fire chiefs shall appoint at least how many additional monitor(s) for all physical ability testing and monitoring of Ergometrics testing
  19. An applicant who desires to have military service credit of 5 points added to a passing test score of 70% or better shall provide an original
    DD-214 During the application process showing a minimum of 180 total days of active military service
  20. Who may cancel or postpone a scheduled entrance examination for sufficient cause
    The commission or director
  21. Any examinee taking an entrance exam displaying any dishonest means shall have their exam confinscated and voided law the test and ministrate or the test by the test administrator, and they shall report the action to the
  22. An applicant who needs special arrangements shall submit a request in writing to the director at a time to be determined by the
  23. How can a tie breaker be resolved for entrance exam
    Highest examination raw score prior to additional veterans points

    Highest TCFP certification level

    Most number of years of active paid full-time service

    Other certifications

    By lot as determined by the director
  24. During the probationary period employees do not have chapter 143 civil service status but rather are employed at will.
  25. In the event more than 90 days elapses between the occurrence of the vacancy and a permanent promotion into the vacant position the successful candidate shall receive retroactive pay to the
    91st day after the perminent vacancy occurred
  26. For promotional exams a fire fighters prior service with the City does not count toward meeting the 2 year requirement established
  27. How many qualified candidates in the next lower position with 2 years service shall sit for a promotional examination
  28. Check in for a promotional examination the examinee shall provide proof of identity with a valid
    Driver's license
  29. What is the 1st tie breaker for promotional exam
    Highest examination raw score
  30. What is the 2nd time breaker for promotional examination
    Most recent continuous seniority in the position immediately below the position for which the exam was given
  31. What is the 3rd time breaker for promotional exam
    Highest Civil service entrance exam score
  32. What is the 4th tie breaker for promotional exams
    Seniority with the respective department in a certified position
  33. 5th tie breaker for promotional exam
    Coin toss
  34. Each candidate shall be given a reasonable amount of time to review the test questions they missed not to exceed how long
    2 one hour sessions
  35. The period of review of missed test questions begins the 1st business day after promotional examination grades are posted and is limited to
    5 business days during which an appeal may be filed
  36. A copy of each appeal submitted, the appealed question, and the appropriate source reference sheet shall be received by the?
  37. Over rule the answer key means
    A ruling which sustains the appeal of a promotional exam question shall require the Director to accept 2 or more answers
  38. Ruling of sustain the answer key means
    Rejects the appeal presented to the commission, shall require the director to accept the answer on the answer key
  39. A ruling of eliminate the test question
    Is a ruling which rejects the test question related to the appeal of a promotional exam question shall require the director to disregard the question and its answer
  40. If the chief has passed over an individual on an eligibility list and the passed over individual is the only remaining person on the list
    The eligibility list is deemed exhausted and the director may immediately initiate procedures to conduct an eligibility exam if a vacancy exist or is anticipated
  41. In the fire department, each day of accumulated sick leave is equal to
    12 hours for shift employees and 8 hours for administrative employees
  42. In the fire department each day of accumulated vacation equal to
    12 hours for shift employees and 8 hours for administrative employees
  43. Cause for removal or suspension may be for drinking of intoxicants while on duty or intoxication while
    Off duty
  44. An employee who has agreed to work off suspended time in return for pay from accumulated leave time. In order to request working off suspended time the suspended employee shall make a written request to the respective department head within
    240 hours after receiving the notice of suspension
  45. If an action is subject to appeal, the employee may file an appeal. In the event of an appeal the employee shall give written notice to the
    Director within 240 hours after receipt of the disciplinary notice
  46. If an employee elects to submit an appeal to a hearing before the commission, the commission must hold the appeal hearing within
    30 days of the withdrawal of the request for a hearing examiner
  47. At any time after filing of the notice of appeal the employee and fire chief may mutually agree to withdraw the appeal from a hearing examiner and submit the appeal to a hearing before the
    Commission. The mutual agreement shall be made in writing and filed with the director.
  48. The location and accommodations for a hearing or appeal shall be arranged by the
  49. All subsequent matters raised by the appealing employee or the department shall me coordinated through the
  50. An employee may receive an estimate or anticipated cost for an appeal upon written request to the
  51. Any request for a continuance must be filed with the director or the hearing examiner at least
    3 business days before the date of the hearing
  52. A problem or concern regarding the manner in which the opposing party or their representative is handling a particular disciplinary appeal should be brought to the attention of the
  53. Mediation and arbitration rules and processes do not apply to any civil service
  54. Any employee wishing to subpoena documents must immediately serve upon counsel for the city a copy of the subpoena in order that a motion to quash if deemed necessary may be filed and heard by the commissioner by at least how many days before the hearing
  55. How many copies of documents or exhibits to be considered by the commission at the hearing shall each party bring
  56. During the hearing process "the rule" may be used to ensure one witnesses testimony is not influenced by another's testimony
  57. During a hearing the city shall make the 1st presentation of evidence and testimony.
  58. A witness is subject to reasonable and relevant cross examination by the
    Opposing party
  59. Who has the discretion to control the length of time of any particular session as well as the amount of time provided for recesses, breaks, lunch hours etc during hearing procedures
    The commission
  60. A written order containing the decision of a hearing shall be prepared and signed by whom prior to adjourning the hearing
    The commissioners
  61. The commission's consideration of whether there is probable cause to support the department heads recommendation for demotion does not require an evidebtiary hearing.
  62. All employees must notify their department head of any arrest, and any misdemeanor charge or felony indictment within how many hours of it's occurence
  63. Only a disciplinary action concerning an indefinite suspension, a suspension, a promotional passover because of disciplinary history or a recommended demotion is appealable to a
    Hearing examiner
  64. In a disciplinary appeal conducted under chapter 143, the hearing examiner shall have the same duties and powers as would the
  65. Line of dut illness or injury leave shall be considered temporary leave and not exceed how long
    One year
  66. Employees who are out on injury must provide a
    TWC form 73 any time there has been a change in work status and the city's P-10 form after each doctor's visit to the department head
  67. Employees on injury more than the number of days established in rules must notify their chief or his designee of their status how often
    On a weekly basis
  68. Determination of the employee's mental or physical fitness for duty shall not be subject to
    Commission or hearing examiners review
  69. City owned equipment shall not be used for outside employment, unless permitted by whom
    Department head
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