BJU World History: AGE OF REASON

  1. Who promoted inductive reasoning with his book Novum Organum
    Francis Bacon
  2. Who promoted deductive reasoning with "I think, therefore I am"
    Rene Descartes
  3. Dualism was constructed by whom? and contained what two realities

    • 1.)mind-spirit
    • 2.)matter-physical
  4. What is Pantheism and who founded it?
    Baruch Spinoza and it says that both spiritual and physical are part of 1 substance called "God"
  5. Empiricism was constructed by who and what does it state?
    John Locke and it states that "knowladge comes from experience and that man is born with a "blank slate" on which experiences are written."
  6. Who is JOHN LOCKE?
    • John Locke believed that man had certine natural rights.
    • Wrote TWO TREATIES OF GOV'T which state
    • 1.) the basis of gov't is consent of the governed and 2.) ppl enter a contract with the gov't.
  7. Who is MONTESQUEIU?
    Montesqueiu wrote THE SPIRIT OF LAWS which promoted the seperation of powers in the gov't.
  8. Who is VOLTAIRE?
    Voltaire is the leading figure of the enlightment and a critic of the abuses in society.
  9. Who is DIDEROT?
    Diderot edited the Encycolpedie
  10. Who is ROUSSEAU?
    • Rousseau is The Father of Romanticism.
    • Wrote THE SOCIAL CONTRACT that says the gov't should be carried out based on the "general will" of the ppl
  11. What is Deism?
    Deism states that the universe is a machine and God served as the "First Cause" or "Grand Architect". Also veiws God as nothing more than a clock-winder.
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