1. Smoked Salmon Dip
    Wonton chips, Mari’s golden flowed
  2. SE Asian Style Braised Beef Bao Buns
    Chili, lemongrass and coconut
  3. Kusshi Oyster Rockefeller
    • W abalone, clam spinach and mushroom
    • Three to a serving
  4. Crab cakes
    • Wasabi koji sauce, corn and heart of palm
    • Order of 3
  5. What is Abalone?
  6. Kona lobster rolls
    Served in a house made pretzel bun
  7. Ahi nachos
    Served w an avocado sauce and house made wonton chips
  8. Ahi poke chirashi
    Spicy ahi tartare, uni, ikura and crispy rice chips
  9. What is uni?
    Sea urchin
  10. What is ikura
    Salmon roe
  11. What is chirashi?
    “Scattered” or dis-assembled
  12. Farmers salad
    Mari’s garden greens, ms. Cheng’s tofu, local veggies and a yuzu miso vinaigrette
  13. What is yuzu
    A yellowish citrus fruit originally from China but cultivated in Japan and Korea.
  14. Caesar Salad
    garlic anchovy dressing and crispy chirimen
  15. Mochi Crusted Mrs Cheng's Tofu
    Housemade banchan, soy yuzu kosho vinaigrette
  16. What is Yuzu Kosho?
    • A pasty Japanese condiment made from fresh
    • chiles (most often green or red Thai or bird's eye chiles) then
    • fermented with salt along with zest and juice from yuzu
  17. Mochi crusted kona compachi
    yellowfin fish served with banchan, soy yuzu kosho vinaigrette
  18. Big glory bay Salmon
    vegetable medley with mentaiko potatoes and ponzu
  19. what is ponzu?
    A tart-tangy flavor similar to a vinaigrette made with citrus juice of sudachi, yuzu, and kabosu and vinegar), soy sauce, sugar or mirin, and dashi
  20. truffle braised shortrib
    veggie mix of broccoli, cauliflower carrot and potatoes
  21. pan roasted Bristol bay scallops
    dried scallop gravy, ginger scalllion relish and braised cabbage
  22. Dinner Teishoku
    • Miso honey glazed butterfish
    • Truffle short rib
    • Bristol Bay scallop and kauai shrimp
    • Local veggie banchan
  23. 12oz Brandt Brand Beef Prime Grade Ribeye
    roasted potatoes and a veggie medley and topped with a wasabi peppercorn sauce
    • crab cakes
    • baked kusshi oysters
    • caesar salad
    • big ass tomahawk steak
    • potato gratain
    • roasted veggies
    • MW steak sauce
    • dessert sampler
    • 1) 5 small bites
    • 2) Moshi crusted kona kampachi (yellowfin)
    • 3) Grilled kona lobster with a bristol bay scallop
    • 4) truffle braised shortrib
    • 5) creamsicle brulée

    • Can add foie gras as an additional course in between 1 & 2
    • japanese wagyu beef as the beef alternative also a choice for upcharge
  26. Crémant de Loire - Dom de Baumard
    Carte Turquoise is fruity, very fresh and crisp sparking
  27. Prosecco - Col de'Salici
    Light, acidic, fruity like apple, pears and peach
  28. Chard - saintsbury
    • bold, oaky and on the dryer side of chards
    • serve w fish, pork or vegetarian
  29. pinot grigio - elena walch
    • very classic Pinot Grigio style. But has enough body to support the acidity.
    • Serve with shellfish, mushrooms
  30. reisling
    • drier, acidic riesling
    • served with pork, shellfish, or spicy
  31. Sav Blanc - Astrolabe
    • lighter, dry and crisp fruit forward wine
    • Serve w shellfish and goat cheese
  32. Rosé - Ameztoi
    Tart, light bubbles and acidic. top 1% of rosé
  33. Cabernet - bishop's Peak
    • Bold, full-bodied and dry
    • serve with beef and meat
  34. pinot noir - lola
    • drier smooth pinot noir
    • serve w meats
  35. Malbec - altocedro
    • more on the bold, smooth and dry end
    • notes of dark fruits, tobacco and oak
    • serve with beef
  36. syrah/cab blend - dom de triennes
    earthy, cherry and blackberry
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