1. What are the 3 Work Authorities used by DWP
    Clearances, OKs TO, and Diagnostic Test Authorizations (DTAs)
  2.                 permits the performance of specified work on specified circuits
    Work Authority
  3. Work Authorities are required when any of the following apply
    • When a worker needs to be protected from hazardous energy in order to perform
    • work safely
    • When the crew supervisor, Field Representative, Facility Operations Manager,
    • or Superintendent-level supervisor deems a Work Authority is necessary
    • When work may affect the reliability, capacity, capability, availability, or
    • response rate of the Power System or any component of System Equipment
  4.                   on any circuit requires that it be Disconnected from specified sources of hazardous energy (usually electrical), and remain Disconnected until the Clearance is released, or turned in
  5. True/False

    A Clearance may originate from any Issuing Authority.
  6. When used to describe the preparation of electrical circuits for a Work Authority, means that an open, usually one that is visible, exists between specified sources of electrical energy and the circuit that is being prepared for work. Sources of visible disconnection include
  7. True/False

    A Clearance is required when it is necessary to enter within the MAD of a circuit that is normally energized above 600-V.
  8. MAD 
    • 2'1" - 25"
    • 2'7' - 31"
    • 6'8" - 80"
  9.                       is a Clearance issued on System Equipment that originates from an Issuing Authority. These Clearances are either issued to a Field Representative, a Facility Field Representative, or directly to an Authorized Person performing work (Work Authority Holder).
    Primary Clearance
  10. Permits work to be done by Authorized Persons on System Equipment within the scope of the original Primary Clearance that was issued by the Issuing Authority to the Field Representative.
    Secondary Clearance
  11. True/False

    Multiple Secondary Clearances may be issued to different Authorized Persons based on the original Primary Clearance, so long as the nature of the work and the time to complete the work fits within the scope and time frame of the Primary Clearance
  12. A Local Clearance is a Clearance that originates from a Facility Field Representative. It may be issued in the following circumstances
    On Local Equipment under Local Jurisdiction

    Circuits operating at 600-V and below

    Contained within one Electric Station

    Not otherwise designated as System Equipment

    On pieces of System Equipment on which a Switch, Work, and Restore (SWR) has been issued
  13. A Bid is submitted to the                     
    Area Scheduler
  14. A predetermined time by which the circuit is expected to be returned to normal.
    Estimated Time of Return (ETR)
  15. True/False

    The key word to look for when using this type of “large,” or Boundary Clearance, is including
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