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  1. Who is responsible for scheduling district coverage?

    B) Sub-District Commander
  2. Members shall ensure their NARCAN Nasal Spray is not expired, how often?

    C) prior to shift
  3. Who is the Narcan liaison?

    B) FHP's Homeland Security Coordinator
  4. How many days do you have to return medical marijuana ccard after no longer valid?

    A) 5
  5. In regards to medical marijuana statute, _______ means a spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, child, or grandchild, whether related by whole or half blood, by marriage, or by adoption.

    C) Close Relative
  6. When taking suspected Fentanyl into possession do NOT do which of the following?

    D) Let air out of bag
  7. Authorized passenger in vehicles must be approved by who? (FHP 17.11)

    D) Lt or higher
  8. FHP 17.05 (Pursuit):  If the crash involved injury or death, or major property damage, the investigation will be supervised on-scene by the designated _____________.

    A) District Lieutenant
  9. WC Procedures Guide:  When a sworn law enforcement member is maliciously and intentionally injured and thereby sustains a job connected disability which is compensable under Chapter 440, Florida Statutes, the member shall be paid ____ of their pay.

    D) 100%
  10. LEADERSHIP: _____ is critical in order to overcome the inertia of complacency.
    Sense of urgency
  11. LEADERSHIP:  Providing satisfying consequences for on-task behavior and/or dissatisfying consequences for off-task behavior yields _________.
    Improved job performance
  12. WORKMANS COMP:  After being released to return to full duty, how many hours for doctor's appointments and follow-ups are allowed?

    A) 48
  13. FMLA provides up to ____ of job-protected leave to eligible members.

    A) 12 weeks (480 hours)
  14. ________ are known to be capable, but cynical, frequently holding back their own best efforts, or perhaps displaying disgruntled acquiescence.  Type of follower who does what he needs to, but not his best and talks negatively about stuff.

    D) Alienated Followers
  15. How many days to advise Risk Management of death or serious bodily injury of member? (FHP 17.09)

    A) 7
  16. A formal supervisory referral to the MAP can only occur with the assistance and form provided by the _____________ and completion of the _____________.
    MAP Coordinator, Supervisory Referral Form
  17. MAP as a condition of employment can only occur after consultation with the _______ and with approval of the _______.
    MAP coordinator, legal office, division management and with the approval of the Executive Director or designee
  18. Leave, whether sick, annual, or compensatory, must be taken to attend MAP appointments and must be requested in whatever manner is usual in the office.
  19. As part of a Formal Supervisory Referral to MAP, the provider will inform the MAP coordinator of which?

    D) All of the above
  20. FHP 17.05 When a pursuit is initiated and lasts longer than ___ minutes, the on-duty supervisor shall contact the District Commander.

    B) 5
  21. Personnel performing authorized travel away from their official headquarters in a non-training status and temporarily housed at the academy for the convenience of the department may be entitled to _______ during their stay at the academy.

    A) meal allowances daily
  22. Purchases over $2,499.99 and less than $14,999.99 require a minimum of how many quotes?

    C) 2
  23. Who is in charge of ordering domestic violence packets?

    C) District Lieutenant
  24. The department shall issue medical marijuana use registry identification cards for qualified patients and caregivers who are residents of this state, which must be renewed _______.

    D) annually
  25. When do the hours where a member attended a grievance meeting, mediation, or arbitration hearing be deemed as time worked?
    when meeting or hearing is held or requires reasonable travel time during the regular work hours 
  26. All grievance meetings shall be held at times and locations agreed to by the parties except that, unless agreed otherwise, all meetings shall be held within _____ of the grievant's place of work.
    50 miles
  27. If a member is suspected of drug use, who must be notified before the member is subjected to a urine test?
  28. Per PBA contract, when a member is under investigation and it is not suitable for them to work they will be placed on ____
    administrative leave
  29. Four I's of Transformational Leadership
    • Idealized Influence
    • Individualized Consideration
    • Inspirational Motivation
    • Intellectual Stimulation
  30. Under what age is a child considered a minor in regards to firearms laws?
    under 16
  31. A CMV driver can drive for how long after 10 hours rest?
    12 hours
  32. HSMV 3.05  Supervisors are responsible for identifying and reporting incidents of unlawful discrimination.  The must notify _______
    COC and OER
  33. A member cannot accept a gift that exceeds ___ , that benefits the member or his/her family
  34. A member cannot accept a gift that exceeds ___ , that benefits the member or his/her family.

    D) $25
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