MttM - Les Miz Medley

  1. Do you hear the people sing, singing the
    song of angry men?

    It is the music of a people who will not be
    slaves again.

    When the beating of your heart echoes the
    beating of the drums,

    There is a life about to start when
    tomorrow comes!
    On my own, pretending he’s beside me.

    All alone I walk with him till morning.

    Without him I feel his arms around me.

    • And when I lose my why I close my eyes and
    • he has found me.
  2. (In the rain the pavement shines like

    All the lights are misty in the river.

    In the darkness the trees are full of

    And all I see is him and me forever and

    (and I know it’s only in my mind that I’m
    talking to myself and not to him

    and although I know that he is blind, still
    I say there’s a way for us.

    I love him, but ev’ry day I’m learning all
    my life I’ve only been pretending.)
    Without me his world will go on turning.

    • The world is full of happiness that I have
    • never known.

    • I love him, I love him, I love him, but
    • only on my own.
  3. Take my hand and lead me to salvation.

    Take my love, for love is everlasting.

    And remember the truth that once was

    to love another person is to see the face
    of God.
    Do you hear the people sing?

    Lost in the valley of the night?

    • It is the music of a people who are
    • climbing to the light.

    • For the wretched of the earth there is a
    • flame that never dies.

    • Even the darkest night will end and the sun
    • will rise.
  4. They will live again in freedom in the
    garden of the Lord,

    They will walk behind the ploughshare,

    They will put away the sword.

    The chain will be broken and all men will
    have their reward!
    Will you join in our crusade?

    Who will be strong and stand with me?

    • Somewhere beyond the barricade is there a
    • world you long to see?

    Do you hear the people sing,

    Say do you hear the distant drums?

    • It is the future that they bring when
    • tomorrow comes. Ah! Tomorrow comes!
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