DataConnect Quiz

  1. Name the Data Connect Plans and pricing offered by AT&T
    • $35 plan for 200 MB per month
    • $60 plan for 5 GB per month
  2. What tool is available for customers to determine what plan is best for them?
    The AT&T Data Calculator located on This allows the customers to describe how much data they use in terms of email sent/received, streaming music, web pages brosed, social postings, and apps downloaded to determine which DataConnect plan is right for them.
  3. What are the overage charges on the $60/5 MB monthly DataConnect plan?
  4. What pre-paid DataConnect options are available for customers?
    • $15/100 MB - good for 24 hours
    • $30/300 MB - good for 7 days
    • $50/1 GB - good for 30 days
  5. Name two International DataConnect plans
    • Each plan is good for 30 days
    • Each plan also includes 5 GB for use in the United States
    • DataConnect North America (Canada and Mexico) - 100 MB/$109.99
    • DataConnect Global (100 countries) - 100 MB/$139.99
    • DataConnect Global (100 countries) - 200 MB/$229.99
  6. What are the 4 components required to connect a customer's laptop to the internet?
    • 1. The AT&T network
    • 2. A connection device such as an external aircard, a phone with tethering, or an embedded aircard
    • 3. A preparid DataConnect pass or a postpaid DataConnect plan
    • 4. AT&T Communication Manager on the laptop
  7. T or F
    AT&T Communication Manager (ACM) tells you how much data you have used in each session, how much data you have used in your billing cycle, and when your billing cycle ends.
  8. T or F
    ACM can locate and connect the customer to one of AT&T's 20,000 WiFi Hotspots in the United States.
    • T
    • The customer needs to be within range of the Hotspot, and the connection is free!
  9. T or F
    AT&T has the fastest mobile broadband network in the United States.
    • T
    • AT&T's network has been independently proven to be the fastest of the four major carriers.
  10. T or F
    A customer can stream up to 5 movies per month without going over 5 GB of data.
    • F
    • A customer would go over the cap after streaming 2 movies. Customers who wish to watch movies should connect to a WiFi network so they do not go over their 5 GB.
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