Illinois Department of Agriculture Practice Herbicide Label Questions

  1. What group or class is Safari 20 SG Insecticide?
    4A (Page 1)
  2. What company makes Safari 20 SG Insecticide?
    Valent (Page 1)
  3. Are there any animals to which Safari 20 SG is particularly toxic to?
    Shrimp and Bees (Page 1 Environmental Hazards)
  4. What is the REI of Safari 20 SG?
    12 hours (Page 2 Agricultural Use Req.)
  5. How many days does the purchaser have to make a claim for affected crops?
    21 (Page 3 under Limited Liability)
  6. In what order should tank mixtures be added to Safari Insecticide?
    Products packaged in water-soluble packaging, wettable powders, wettable granules (dry flowables), liquid flowables, liquid flowables, liquids, emulsifiable concentrates, and surfactant/adjuvants? (See top left of Page 4 General Info)
  7. Who should you call with questions about calibration?
    State Extension Specialists, equipment managers, or other experts. (Page 5 Application through irrigation systems)
  8. Can you use this product on house plants inside private residences?
    No (Page 7 Ornamental Plants)
  9. What is the product rate when spraying fruiting vegetable transplants over 1000 sq ft?
    0.16-0.32 oz per 1000 sq ft (Page 12 under Product Rate)
  10. What is the A.I. of Safari Insecticide?
    Dinotefuran (Page 1)
  11. What is the hazardous category of Safari?
    Caution (Page 1)
  12. What PPE is required for early entry into treated areas?
    Coveralls, Chemical-resistant gloves, shoes, plus socks (Page 2 Under Agricultural Use Requirements)
  13. True or False? Safari 20 SG is a non-systemic product.
    False (Page 3 under General Information)
  14. When can children and pets return to the treated areas?
    When the spray has dried (Page 5)
  15. What is the intended use of Safari insecticide?
    For Foliar and Systemic Insect Control in Ornamental plants and Vegetable Transplants (Page 1)
  16. Where can Safari be appropriately applied?
    Greenhouse, Nursery, Interior Plantscape, and Outdoor landscapes (Page 1)
  17. True or False? You can use this product to control Cicadas on ornamental plants?
    False (Page 7 under Pest its not listed)
  18. True or False? You can make no more than 2 sprays of a Group 4A insecticides in a 2 month period?
    True (Page 7 see box at bottom of table)
  19. Can you use this product on Evergreens?
    Yes (Page 7 under Crop)
  20. How many square feet will 100 gals. of spray mix treat?
    20,000 (Page 7 under Remarks)
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