POS Quiz

  1. Name two types of information needed to access an account in POS.
    • Phone number or account number
    • AND
    • Last four of primary's social or billing zip code
  2. T or F
    You can add a FAN number (employee discount code) in POS
    • F
    • Customers can fax in the employee discount request sheet or take their most recent paystub to a corporate store to get this code added.
  3. What feature category do you access to block data on a customer's phone?
    Other data
  4. If you need to remove a phone specific feature, such as iPhone data, do you need to change the imei or remove the feature first?
    You need to change the imei first. The feature code is locked to the specific imei, so that must be changed in order to remove the feature.
  5. T or F
    You can add group features, such as family messaging, on any line of the account.
    • F
    • Group features may only be added to the primary line of the account.
  6. T or F
    An authorized user can change rate plans when he upgrades his phone.
    • T
    • As of July 2010, and authorized user can do all of the same things that the primary account holder can.
  7. Log into POS with this phone number and billing zip code: 570.582.6250 and 19406.
    Demonstrate how to add the unlimited talk/text option and set up auto renew.
  8. You have a customer who wants to do an upgrade with a "619" area code.
    Demonstrate how to determine which market that area code is in and then log into that market.
  9. You have a GoPhone customer who wishes to Port their number into an AT&T contract plan.
    Demonstrate how to do this. Note: seller should use the "change rate plan" options instead of creating a new account and attempting to port the number.
  10. Name two reasons why a customer should have an email address entered in POS
    • AT&T may use the email to contact the customer with account issues
    • Customers can use the email to reset their password if they get locked out
    • Customers can use their email as a form of account verification at a corporate store
    • Customers will receive a survey via email after every transaction
  11. A customer wants to add a line to his individual plan. He currently has unlimited texting but wants to change it to family messaging. Demonstrate how to do this.
    • Key points:
    • Rep should convert to family plan
    • Explain what to do if the customer is porting a number
    • Rep needs to remove the unlimited texting from the primary line and then add family messaging
    • Rep should also ask customer about family data for only $10 a line
  12. You have a customer who currently has a single line and wishes to add his girlfriend and create a family plan account. Demonstrate how to do this.
    • Seller needs to use convert individual to family talk plan option
    • Does new phone number need to be ported from another carrier?
    • If features need to be changed, seller will have to add group features under the primary line
  13. A customer wishes to add a new line to her existing family plan that currently has 2 lines. The existing two lines each have 500 text messages, and your customer wants to add family messaging. Describe how to do this.
    • Seller needs to select add to family plan option to add additional lines
    • Seller needs to remove the 500 messages on the original two lines
    • Seller needs to add group feature family messaging under the primary line
  14. In order to add a line to an existing Family Talk Plan, what is the first link you should click on once logged in to POS.com

    B) Add to Existing Family Talk
  15. In order to change an existing single line into a Family Talk Plan, what is the first link you should click on once logged in to POS.com

    A) Convert to Family Talk
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