Sex and Repro Health

  1. What is the function of the penis?
    Male sex organ used in intercourse.

    3 parts - root, shaft, the glans (head)
  2. What is the scrotum?
    loose sac that contains the testicles
  3. What is the function of the testes?
    • making testosterone
    • generating sperm
  4. What is the Epididymis?
    Long coiled tube that rests on the backside of each testicle.

    It stores and transports the sperm cells produced in the testes.

    Matures the sperm.

    Contracts to force the sperm through during intercourse.
  5. What are seminiferous tubules?
    masses of coiled tubes that are responsible for producing sperm cells.
  6. What is the Vas Deferens?
    Long, muscular tube that travels from the epididymis into the pelvic cavity, to just behind the bladder.

    It transports mature sperm into the urethra in prep for ejaculation.
  7. What are the ejaculatory ducts?
    empty the urethra
  8. What is the urethra?
    Tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body.

    In males, it ejaculates the semen when the man reaches orgasm.
  9. What are the seminal vesicles?
    sac-like pouches that attach to the vas diferens near the base of the bladder.

    They produce fructose fluid that provides sperm with a source of energy to help them move.
  10. What is the prostate gland?
    The urethra runs through the centre of the prostrate gland.

    It is walnut sized and located below the urinary bladder in front of the rectum.

    Prostate fluids help nourish the sperm.
  11. What are the Cowpers glands?
    Also calld Bulbourethral glands.

    They produce a clear, slippery fluid that empties directly into the urethra.

    This fluid serves to lubricate the urethra and neutralise any acidity that may be present due to residual drops of urine in the urethra
  12. What is prostatitis?
    inflammation of the prostrate and sometimes the area around it.
  13. What is testicular cancer?
    Painless swelling or lump in testicles. To treat the whole testicle needs to be removed as a biopsy could spread it.
  14. How does an erection occur?
    Begins in the brain. physical and/or mental stimulation causes nerves in the brain to send chemical messages to the nerves in the penis telling the penile blood vessels to relax so the blood can flow freely to the penis.

    Once in the penis high pressure traps the blood within both corpora cavernosa. This causes the penis to expand and sustain an erection.
  15. How does ejaculation occur?
    sexual stimulation causes nerves in the penis to send chemical messages or impulses to the spinal cord and into the brain where other chemical messages and sent back to the penis - via the spinal cord - causing ejaculation.
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