Intermediate CSS3 & HTML5

  1. Which required tags in HTML define the metadata section of the page?

    B. <head>...</head>
  2. If you put a meta tag in your page with name="description" and then some words in the content attribute of that tag, where will those words mostly likely show up?

    A. In search engine results
  3. What would be the main reason for using a wrapper div in a page layout?

    B. To constrain the width of the page layout
  4. A style rule that has * as its selector applies to which elements on a page?

    C. All elements
  5. A page layout where the content always fills the full width of the browser window, no matter how wide or how narrow, is called what type of layout?

    B. Fluid
  6. Which of the following was a common screen size for early smartphones?

    D. 320 x 480
  7. A site that has m as the host name in its URL rather than www (such as instead of is usually an alternate website that's designed for what?

    D. Mobile devices (small screens)
  8. Which of the following in a <link> tag would be considered a CSS3 media query?

    B. media="screen and (max-width:779px)"
  9. Suppose you have a style sheet for printer-friendly pages, and you want to prevent the nav bar from showing on paper. Which CSS property:value pair could you assign to the navbar to prevent it from showing on the printed page?

    A. display:none
  10. Why might you prefer to use display:block over display:table-cell to display multiple columns on a narrow screen?

    C. You can stack the columns vertically with display:block
  11. Which of the following best describes the effect of the CSS3 descriptor transform: scale(2) on the element to which it's applied?

    C. Double the size of the element
  12. Abbreviations like -moz-, -ms-, -o-, and -webkit- in front of CSS properties are called what?

    C. Vendor prefixes
  13. CSS styling for time durations and how an effect applies over time are generally referred to as what?

    D. Transitions
  14. Which transition timing function provides a fast start and then slows down toward the end?

    C. ease-out
  15. How long would a duration of 500ms be?

    D. Half a second
  16. In terms of the Internet, which term best describes the role of the smartphones, tablets, portable computers, and desktop computers we all use to browse the Web?

    B. Client
  17. In addition to CSS and HTML, all Web browsers can execute code written in what language?

    A. JavaScript
  18. Which of the following is a popular JavaScript library hosted by Google?

    B. jQuery
  19. Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server, and ASP.Net are all products that are associated with what company?

    B. Microsoft
  20. Which of the following is an open source operating system?

    D. Linux
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