Designing Effective Websites

  1. Which of the following images formats was created by CompuServe, is the most common image type found on the Internet, and is best for images composed of line art and solid colors?

    B. GIF
  2. Which of the following image formats is becoming more widely used as businesses are beginning to share documents created previously in another software application program?

    C. PDF
  3. Which describes the act of making edges that appear to blend into the background and are created by placing around the image edge pixels with colors that fall between the image and its background?

    B. Antialiasing
  4. 130 K would be an appropriate file size for which type of Web page?

    A. Pages in a gaming or entertainment site
  5. Which of the following tips reduces both traffic on the net and download me?

    C. Reusing your images
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Designing Effective Websites
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